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2015 Monaco Grand Prix

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As usual there weren’t many overtaking moves in the Monaco Grand Prix and the few which did take place involved a bit of contact.

That was certainly true of Daniel Ricciardo’s pass on Kimi Raikkonen late in the race, which prompted a furious response from the Ferrari driver. Ricciardo wasn’t the only target of Raikkonen’s ire during the race – as in the previous race he treated the radio channel to some bleep-ridden ranting about backmarkers.

Raikkonen was far from the only driver to complain about traffic around Monaco’s tight streets, however. His team mate did as well – suggesting it cost him a chance to get in front of Rosberg – as did Jenson Button. Those being lapped were no happier – Roberto Merhi complained he was being given instructions to let cars past long before they reached him.

But potentially the most significant radio conversation of the race was not broadcast by FOM. Lewis Hamilton and his Mercedes strategists discussed whether he should come in during the Safety Car period provoked by Max Verstappen’s crash.

Hamilton and Mercedes have said he was originally told to stay out. However Hamilton responded that the condition of his tyres was “not good” and following further discussion the decision was taken that he should come in.

The consequences of that decision became instantly clear to Hamilton when he rejoined the track in third place: “I’ve lost this race, haven’t I?”

Here are all the team radio messages which were broadcast during the Monaco Grand Prix.

Update: Further radio communications from this race were subsequently released and can be found here:

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2015 Monaco Grand Prix team radio transcript

PRValtteri BottasJonathan EddollsThis message was played 25 minutes before the start on the pit lane feed, then during the formation lap on the main feed.
Balance feels OK and the track seems to be a bit better than before. The tyre is biting better.
PRJonathan EddollsValtteri BottasOK that’s good. All looks good in data.
PRLewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonThe car is definitely sliding around a bit through the low-speed, the rear’s sliding. So… the front end generally feels quite good.
PRLewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonPole sitter Hamilton watched footage of previous starts including last year, when he lined up second on the grid behind Rosberg, who he shared the front row with this year.
Just looked at last year’s start, obviously pointing to the right.
PRPeter BonningtonLewis HamiltonAffirm. In Nico’s case your line-up last year was perfect. Where you are today you just want to be careful you don’t go right over the pit exit because that is a bit slippery. You want to stay just to the left of that exit line.
PRJosh PeckettWill StevensThe track temp is hotter than it’s been in any other session so far, which is good for us using this tyre. No issue with the weather from our side.
PRLewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonJust want some guidance, really, what to do with the balance because the balance felt a little bit understeery there in the high and felt good in the low, perhaps a little bit too strong on the front, but generally felt good.
FLMarco MatassaCarlos Sainz JnrSainz started from the pit lane on super-soft tyres.
The first stint I can tell you right now the target is to go as fast as possible and to overtake as many cars as possible. Then we will start speaking about the situation when we will have [soft].
FLJonathan EddollsValtteri BottasSo you’ve done a good job. It will be seven burn-outs when we do them.
1Felipe MassaDave RobsonI finish, man. It’s finished.
2Fernando AlonsoMark TempleI touch with Hulkenberg in turn five, I think it is OK, check anyway.
2Mark TempleFernando AlonsoOK, understood, we’ll keep an eye on it.
2Nico HulkenbergBrad JoyceGot hit on the rear-left, just check the car, think it’s OK.
2Brad JoyceNico HulkenbergCopy, keep pushing, can’t see anything in the data.
2Nico HulkenbergBrad Joyce[Unclear]
2Brad JoyceNico HulkenbergSee if you can get the car back, we need a front wing.
2Carlos Sainz JnrMarco MatassaSainz passed the Manor (previously Marussia) drivers soon after starting from the pits.
OK Marussias cleared.
2Marco MatassaCarlos Sainz JnrWell done mate, keep going.
3Dave RobsonFelipe MassaSo we had a look at the car, everything is OK. The car is all good. So let’s just settle in, see what we can do on this set.
4Simon RennieDaniel RicciardoHow is the balance Daniel?
4Daniel RicciardoSimon RennieNot too bad. Just got to look after the rear a little bit.
4Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsUnlike most drivers, Bottas started the race on the harder soft tyres.
Now the pace is similar to the car in front. Tyre still getting better.
4Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasCopy. Good feedback.
4Mark SladePastor MaldonadoWe think the brakes are OK now.
4Pastor MaldonadoMark SladeThey are not OK.
5Pastor MaldonadoMark SladeI’m losing the pedal.
5Mark SladePastor MaldonadoYou need to do some lift-and-coast if you can please.
5Xevi PujolarMax VerstappenOK we think Maldonado ahead is struggling so put pressure on him.
6Mark SladePastor MaldonadoWhat’s happening is that the rear brake-by-wire system’s not working but the rear brakes are working You’re going to have a long pedal, and you’re going to need to keep the rear calliper temperatures under control. So you’re going to need to do a reasonable amount of lift-and-coast, Pastor. Lift and cost please.
6Pastor MaldonadoMark SladeCopy.
6Max VerstappenXevi PujolarGot him.
6Xevi PujolarMax VerstappenGood job.
7Tim WrightSergio PerezVerstappen is through on Maldonado, we expect him to close the gap behind, but your pace is good.
7Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasMode six. You are in the window. Give me feedback on the pace if you can.
7Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsLosing a lot to the cars in the cars in front. But they obviously have [super-soft], me [soft].
8Xevi PujolarMax VerstappenThe pace group ahead is slightly faster. For sure we can increase a bit the pace.
9Sergio PerezTim WrightHow is the pace?
9Tim WrightSergio PerezPace is good, you are still pulling a gap to Verstappen, it’s good.
9Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonFront-left brake is still on the warm side so any more management would be good.
11Gianpiero LambiaseDaniil KvyatHow’s the balance, Dany?
11Daniil KvyatGianpiero LambiaseAll OK so far. A little bit [unclear] on the rear.
11Riccardo AdamiSebastian VettelGood lap, keep pushing like this. Faster than Hamilton, Hamilton lap 20.3.
11Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsThis is the pace at the moment we have with these tyres. Can’t go quicker.
11Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasCopy that.
12Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonLast lap data was good.
13Marcus EricssonErik SchuivensEricsson was stuck behind Bottas.
We’re losing a lot of lap time here, guys.
13Erik SchuivensMarcus EricssonCopy that, Marcus. We’re assessing the situation. We currently have traffic around the rear [unclear].
13Jenson ButtonTom StallardLosing a bit of grip front and rear. [Unclear] braking, high speed, hard braking, I have too much rear.
14Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonWhat can I do to save these brakes? Having to drive so slow right now.
14Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonIt looks like we’re very safe on rear temp if the balance can handle it. A little bit more rearward on [brake balance] would help.
15Nico HulkenbergBrad JoyceHulkenberg was making his way past the Manors.
He’s going straight at the chicane. Braking really late and going straight.
16Marco MatassaCarlos Sainz JnrScenario five, scenario five now. Racing Ericsson out of the pits.
16Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonBy lap 16 Hamilton was 4.1 seconds ahead of third-placed Vettel.
Are we gapping the cars like expected?
16Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonSo check diff high speed. Not pulling the gap to Vettel quite as quickly as we need.
17Fernando AlonsoMark TempleI think the [super-soft] is much faster right now.
18Tony RossNico RosbergSo this is lap 18. Just start closing the gap to Lewis.
18Simon RennieDaniel RicciardoRicciardo was given the standard notification that the team intended to pit him in the event of either Safety Car situation.
The window is open for Safety Car and Virtual Safety Car.
18Daniel RicciardoSimon RennieUnderstood.
19David GreenwoodKimi RaikkonenHow are the tyres, Kimi?
19Kimi RaikkonenDavid GreenwoodTyres are OK apart from [unclear]. There is no point to go closer to the car in front.
19Gianpiero LambiaseDaniil KvyatLet’s start to close the gap to Vettel ahead if you can. His last lap was a 20.9.
20Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonBrakes are now coming under control. You can reduce lift-and-coast.
20Sebastian VettelRiccardo AdamiFront wing plus half a degree.
20Mark TempleFernando AlonsoMassa and Grosjean have pitted behind on the [soft]. We need to be quicker than them. I’ll give you pace info at the end of this lap.
21Tony RossNico RosbergImportant you start closing the gap to Lewis just in case there’s a Safety Car.
22Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasThe cars in front are struggling on the [soft] tyres.
22Marco MatassaCarlos Sainz JnrWhat about the tyres and balance.
22Carlos Sainz JnrMarco MatassaOK. I’m managing the tyre a lot at the moment. So tyre phase one or two.
22Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonThe brakes good?
22Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonThe brakes now under control.
23Tony RossNico Rosberg[Soft] warm-up looks a lot better than we thought. Vettel is a threat from the undercut so push to get a gap.
23Tony RossNico RosbergFront brake temperatures are getting hot now so just come rearwards on the brake balance if you can, otherwise we’ll need some fuel saving for brakes.
23Gianpiero LambiaseDaniil KvyatSolid job so far. Keep it sweet, keep it consistent.
24Felipe MassaDave RobsonFor information the rear is not 100%.
24Dave RobsonFelipe MassaOK Felipe understood, copy that.
24Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonHamilton was constantly managing his brake temperatures as he came in and out of traffic.
How are my brakes?
24Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonOK Lewis we are now approaching the limit on brakes.
26Daniel RicciardoSimon RennieStatus nine. Starting to lose the rear also.
27Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonGap now at 4.3. Both cars 20.8.
27Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonOn the main feed only “I lost a lot of time in that traffic” was heard.
How come? I lost a lot of time in that traffic?
27Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonSo Nico’s just clearing the traffic as well now.
28Marco MatassaCarlos Sainz JnrWe have a similar scenario to before for blue flags. Try to take the occasion and overtake Ericsson.
28Sergio PerezTim WrightI think we need to reduce the front wing for the [soft]. I’m having some understeer in the low-speed.
30Sebastian VettelRiccardo AdamiI’m close now.
30Tony RossNico RosbergSo push hard Nico, push now.
30Tony RossNico RosbergSo currently on lap 30. Need to get past Ericsson. Not going to be long.
32Tim WrightSergio PerezSo we will stay on this tyre longer and see where our gaps are. Good job.
32Sergio PerezTim WrightThis is all I have.
32Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonBy lap 32 Hamilton was 8.3 seconds ahead of Rosberg and over ten clear of Vettel.
Are other people having deg?
32Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonIn terms of degradation it is low, looks like everyone’s on the same slope.
32Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonReason I’m asking is because I’m pulling away a second a lap and my tyres feel good.
32Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonYeah, sure thing Lewis.
32Tony RossNico RosbergSo you’re doing a good job Nico, just keep us advised on the tyres.
33Xevi PujolarMax VerstappenVerstappen lost over 25 seconds with a slow pit stop which dropped him down the running order.
We’ll have to close the gap and attack these guys ahead now. Nothing is over here.
34Riccardo AdamiSebastian VettelGood lap Sebastian. Rosberg lap time 20.5, keep pushing like this.
34Tom StallardJenson ButtonHow are the tyres?
34Jenson ButtonTom StallardStruggling a lot more with the rears now.
35Fernando AlonsoMark TempleAlonso was given a five-second time penalty for colliding with Hulkenberg shortly after the incident on the first lap.
Why we have the penalty?
35Mark TempleFernando AlonsoIt was the incident with Hulkenberg at the start. But thanks to your pace it hasn’t affected us, so great job.
35Fernando AlonsoMark TempleOK. Leave it.
36Daniel RicciardoSimon RennieJust really struggling with the rears in high-speed now. Starting to get close to a cliff.
37David GreenwoodKimi RaikkonenBox this lap, keep pushing, these sectors will count.
38Sebastian VettelRiccardo AdamiWe didn’t make it.
38Tony RossNico RosbergYou’re in front of Vettel, good job.
39Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonBrake temps should come under control now we’re in free air.
41Sebastian VettelRiccardo AdamiOK it was a shame we lost more than a second behind a Manor, behind Merhi I think. Otherwise the gap could be a bit closer to Rosberg.
41Riccardo AdamiSebastian VettelYes, agree, copy.
42Carlos Sainz JnrMarco MatassaExplain me why Ericsson pitted.
42Marco MatassaCarlos Sainz JnrWe think he’s on an alternative strategy and we may find him at the end of the race.
42Dave RobsonFelipe MassaSo we’re on the [super-soft]. Cars around us are all on [soft]. Let’s keep pushing on.
44Fernando AlonsoMark TempleAlonso retired.
The gearbox seizes, can you check what we can do?
44Mark TempleFernando AlonsoOK Fernando can you switch off the car on the left-hand side and the right-hand side.
45Jenson ButtonTom StallardWhat happened?
45Tom StallardJenson ButtonJenson we don’t think it affects us.
46Tim WrightSergio PerezRicciardo is struggling ahead, he is on the same strategy as you.
46Jenson ButtonTom StallardThese guys are really bad at getting out of the way today. He hasn’t moved for a whole lap now.
46Tom StallardJenson ButtonUnderstood, he has blue flags.
46Roberto MerhiNicholas PerrinnMerhi complains he is being warned about blue flags to let the leaders past long before they catch him.
Don’t tell me [unclear] blue flags, please tell me when the [unclear] close because I’m looking to half a lap or one lap in the mirror and they are not behind.
46Nicholas PerrinnRoberto MerhiCopy that, Roberto, we have to tell you when we get the message from race control.
47Tom StallardJenson ButtonForce India and Red Bull, similar pace to us, but higher deg.
49Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonEverything OK?
49Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonYep everything’s fine Lewis, just keep doing what you’re doing.
50Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasHow many more laps do you think on this tyre?
50Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsIt could be up to ten laps.
51Tim WrightSergio PerezCheco we need fuel save level one all stops, all braking points.
52Daniel RicciardoSimon RennieWhat times are Dany and Kimi doing?
52Simon RennieDaniel RicciardoYou are quicker than them at the moment.
52Tim WrightSergio PerezRicciardo has picked up his pace, we think he was managing, we just need to manage our race now.
55Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsSo what’s the plan, are we stopping or not? I’m losing more and more the rear.
55Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasWe would like to try to go to the end. Obviously it’s going to be very difficult but if we stop then we’ll gain nothing today.
56Kimi RaikkonenDavid GreenwoodCome on, where is the blue flags? Do I have to [censored by FOM] try to overtake him or what? Lapped car.
56David GreenwoodKimi RaikkonenUnderstood, Kimi.
57Xevi PujolarMax VerstappenGood job Max, so next one will be Grosjean.
57Max VerstappenXevi PujolarMaybe it’s good I stay behind Vettel because it’s easier to overtake.
57Xevi PujolarMax VerstappenAgreed, stay there.
57Tony RossNico RosbergJust be cautious with Bottas and Sainz in front, they are racing for position.
58Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasRS mode, first gear, easy into the box, and brakes.
Romain GrosjeanSituation is you have Rosberg and Vettel behind. And behind them is Verstappen, you are racing Verstappen, be careful when Vettel pass you. Verstappen is on new super soft and very fast. So you are racing Verstappen.
60Josh PeckettWill StevensWe are OK to continue with the front wing.
60Will StevensJosh PeckettYeah we’re OK to continue but I’ve got no grip whatsoever.
61Brad JoyceNico HulkenbergWe’re going to get blue flags for Kvyat soon. That will be a real disaster so we need to get past Sainz and you need to push as hard as you can now. This is a critical phase. This is for a point, possibly two.
Romain GrosjeanVery well done. Keep Verstappen behind now.
62Xevi PujolarMax VerstappenOK push the engine.
62Daniel RicciardoSimon RennieLosing time behind the Sauber.
62Simon RennieDaniel RicciardoUnderstood. We’re on to Charlie.
63Erik SchuivensMarcus EricssonOK Marcus I think your pace is good but I’m afraid we have to let him by.
63Gianpiero LambiaseDaniil KvyatTyre update when you can, Dany.
63Daniil KvyatGianpiero LambiaseIt’s all good.
64Xevi PujolarMax VerstappenVerstappen and Grosjean collided, bringng out the Safety Car.
You OK, Max?
64Max VerstappenXevi PujolarI’m OK.
Romain GrosjeanOK Romain?
65Romain GrosjeanJulien
Damage or not?
Romain GrosjeanWe are looking, keep going at the moment, he just crashed into you.
65Romain GrosjeanJulien
He’s a [censored by FOM] that Verstappen. That was stupid.
65Tony RossNico RosbergPick up Safety Car. You are the leader at the moment. Lewis pitted. So it’s most important, get those tyres up to temperature, yeah?
65Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonHamilton pitted and having been in the lead fell to third place behind Rosberg and Vettel.
I’ve lost this race, haven’t I?
65Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonNot if they lose all their tyre temp. You’ve got very good [super-soft] on the car at the moment.
67Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonAt first it was unclear whether Hamilton had come out ahead of Vettel or not.
What’s happening, guys?
67Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonWe’re just reviewing the video.
67Sebastian VettelRiccardo AdamiI was in front at SC1, I was in front.
67Riccardo AdamiSebastian VettelOK, copy. Stay in front then. OK we can see from the TV, was clear, was clear from us, looking into the videos.
68Sebastian VettelRiccardo AdamiStill a lot of debris at turn one.
68Riccardo AdamiSebastian VettelYeah copy that. OK, stay on the racing line.
69Tony RossNico RosbergJust give us advice on what you can see in turn one. Are thy repairing the barrier? Just give us an idea of how long the Safety Car will be.
69Nico RosbergTony RossNo, doesn’t look like they’re working there.
69Tony RossNico RosbergNo weaving Nico, let these cars get through.
69Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonLewis can you let us know who was ahead when you crossed Safety Car Line Two?
69Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonNico was ahead. I was alongside Sebastian.
69Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonRoger.
70Sebastian VettelRiccardo AdamiThis is like sending swimmers to swim with weights on their legs, this makes no sense. We need at least two, three laps at better pace to get a bit of temperature, I mean this is a joke.
70Tony RossNico RosbergSafety Car is in this lap, Nico. Remember you control the pace.
71Tony RossNico RosbergCheck your brake balance, Nico.
72Kimi RaikkonenDavid GreenwoodRaikkonen was unhappy about the manner in which Ricciardo passed him at Mirabeau.
Did you see what that guy did? He just pushed me off the, off his front. He just hit me then I went wide, so, that’s not very nice. If that’s not a penalty then nothing is penalty. You can push each other off the line.
73Gianpiero LambiaseDaniil KvyatDaniel behind on fresh [super-softs] on a different strategy, OK?
73Simon RennieDaniel RicciardoOK Daniel we will be released to attack the cars ahead.
73Gianpiero LambiaseDaniil KvyatDo not hold him up, let him through now please, now.
73Daniil KvyatGianpiero LambiaseOK, OK.
74Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonImpossible to pass.
74Riccardo AdamiSebastian VettelOK good, he is saying that it is impossible to pass you. That’s good. Keep going like that. Keep your head down. Six laps to go.
75Riccardo AdamiSebastian VettelOK another good one, well done, keep doing.
76Simon RennieDaniel RicciardoOK mate you need to get stuck into these guys early.
76Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonStrat mode five and you have strat mode two available.
76Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonPlease stop talking to me, please.
77Daniil KvyatGianpiero LambiaseHaving moved Ricciardo ahead of Kvyat to allow him to attack Hamilton, Red Bull swapped the positions back as Ricciardo was unable to make the move.
Is Daniel making any progress?
77Gianpiero LambiaseDaniil KvyatYou don’t need to worry about that at this stage, Dany. You focus on getting to the end as quickly as you can.
78Simon RennieDaniel RicciardoThis is the last lap. If we don’t overtake any cars we will be asked to give the position back to Kvyat.
VLNico RosbergTony RossWoohoo! Yes!
VLTony RossNico RosbergWell done! Three wins in a row. Well done, mate.
VLPeter BonningtonLewis HamiltonSorry about that Lewis, mate. Just going to have to have a word with the pit wall.
VLRiccardo AdamiSebastian VettelYes, yes, P2, great drive, well done mate. Bravissimo.
VLSebastian VettelRiccardo AdamiGrazie ragazzi, grazie, forza Ferrari.
VLSimon RennieDaniel RicciardoIt was a good effort, it was worth a go. Shame it didn’t work out in the end.
VLDaniel RicciardoSimon RennieYeah understood.

Lap: Refers to lap message was broadcast on. There may be a delay between messages being said and being broadcast. PR = pre-race; FL = formation lap; VL = victory lap.
Message: Repetitive or irrelevant messages omitted. Notes in italics. Highlights in bold.

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Monaco Grand Prix data

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112 comments on “2015 Monaco Grand Prix team radio transcript”

  1. So, conveniently, the only thing that’s missing is the pre pit-stop radio?

    1. Go figure.

        1. Thanks a lot, Keith. Much appreciated. =)

    2. ColdFly F1 (@)
      27th May 2015, 18:01

      another reason they should release all radio messages.

      I’d also like to read what Bottas and Sainz said when Verstappen sneaked by.

      1. Do you realise how many thousand messages there would be if EVERY message was released? I can’t see that being feasable.

        1. @joetoml1n, they don’t have to broadcast or release transcripts for all the the exchanges. Just the pertinent ones will do. You know, like the exchange between driver and pitwall that decided the race victory.

  2. Ah I was hoping to find out what exactly was said before Hamilton’s last pit… I guess we’ll never now then :(

  3. It’s a shame Hamilton’s “these tyres are going to lose a lot of temperature” message was not broadcasted. It was very likely one of the most crucial messages of this season.

    1. @atticus-2
      Indeed. The situation would seem very different, if Lewis hadn’t told us about the messages. I wonder if we often miss radio messages that are as crucial as these ones.

      1. Well said.

    2. @atticus-2

      It was broadcast on LIVE TV. I heard it and I was barely paying attention.

      1. @neiana You mean you heard it live, or via the Official F1 app, or somewhere along these lines? Or just when Lewis recited it afterwards?

        (Because I’m under the impression that Keith includes all officially broadcasted messages here.)

        1. @atticus-2 it was “broadcast on LIVE TV.” Not sure how I could make it clearer. Perhaps I should say, I heard the radio broadcast while it was happening. I heard it while the race was in the background (I was reading blogs at the time because Monaco is usually boring as heck!)

          1. @elio @atticus-2

            After attempting to find it on youtube as well as a download of the race and being unable to, I must assume that I dreamed it. The problem with that is I don’t read interviews, I don’t listen to them and I only watch F1 from lights out to checkered flag.

            I would not have known anyone mentioned that communication when I initially started posting about it a few days back.

        2. @neiana Haha, sorry, I just kind of thought you were watching on some random channel that was actually called ‘LIVE TV.’ Sorry, dude. :)

          OK, so we have here a message that was broadcast and @keithcollantine did not include it? (Are you 100% sure David? Because I’m not really that hell bent on making a fool out of myself here by calling out Keith for nothing.)

          1. @atticus-2

            oh! haha! Hey I get it, I understand the confusion now :)

            I watched an “English stream” which typically is exactly the same as what people in the UK get to watch. I distinctly recall seeing the Merc team in the pits, then Hamilton being told to stay out, then Hamilton responding with something negative about his tires (after the SC period they would be low temperature). I didn’t understand the entire statement. I wrote above that I couldn’t find it on youtube or in a Sky Sports download of the race, either.

            I remember being on skype with my wife at the time and watching the accident on replay (I was not viewing the race during the actual crash) and making some “oh! ouch!” kind of noises and she asked what happened. Then I saw Merc team in the pits and switched back to whatever I was doing before (skype / blogs) then hearing the radio communication and getting excited that Monaco might produce something interesting.

          2. *sigh*

            Much ado for nothing.

            It’s not the end of the world though, so no problem.

  4. As expected, this transcript doesn’t include the vital part of communications between Hamilton and his team during the SC car period.

    Curiously, my comment on the Mercedes AMG Petronas facebook page requesting the release of the radio transcript during the SC period to the fans (placed last Monday, in a very educated manner) so we could have the truth of the facts, was misteriously deleted as soon as quite a few other people there backed up my request and asked the same.

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      27th May 2015, 14:09

      @elio – They act like this and then moan that people start conspiracy theories! If what they said was true, surely they’d want everyone to hear the team radio!

      1. Exactly my thoughts, @petebaldwin

        But I can understand Mercedes attitude… It’s easier to share/put the blame on a 100+ staff (pitwall team, strategists and even management people), than make a multimillion investment who made a wrong call look bad. At the end of the day, this is exactly what happens in a lot of corporations worldwide in a similar situation.

        In my very own opinion, Hamilton’s new contract -besides his obvious #1 driver status (he openly stated that in a post race interview to SSF1 – “I like to be the team leader”) might have clauses that puts way too much decisive power in his hands. In the heat of a critical moment, perhaps a few people at the pitwall were afraid or didn’t want to “deauthorize” Hamilton when he kind of disputed the “Stay out” advice the team gave him moments earlier ?

        1. Ted..? Ted Kravitz? Is that you?

          This is the kind of wild speculation he’d come out with based on over-analysing one statement by a driver.

          I’m not convinced that saying “I want to be the team leader”, is the same as saying “I’m the contracted number one driver, and nobody on the pitwall can question my decision”.

          1. Maybe you should read again what I wrote, @cdavman

            Lewis never said “I want to be the team leader”. What he said was ” I like to be the team leader “, actually… Which is totally different.

          2. Either way, my statement still stands. You’re reading way too much into one line. It doesn’t mean he has obvious number one driver status, or that the pitwall are afraid to question him. That is pure speculation.

        2. @cdavman

          I’m not reading too much into anything. When Lewis Hamilton himself says “I like to be the team leader”, there’s definitely no room for any other interpretation… It speaks pretty loudly.

          And I never said that #1 status means the team has to gift Hamilton any wins, especially when his team mate is also fighting for the WDC. In that respect, Mercedes is probably the fairest of all the current teams.

          As for my statement that the pitwall might be a bit “afraid” of Hamilton to question him, it still and totally stands. Especially in the light of the events of the last Spanish GP, where Hamilton openly questioned the team strategy after the race, was petty to his pitwall crew and ignored the team order to consolidate his position (“Naturally, I *ignored* that”, said Hamilton to SSF1 after the Spanish race) and Mercedes kept totally silent after Hamilton’s heavy criticism of the team.

          1. Yeah. I’m not surprised at what happened in Monaco after Spain frankly… In light of their radio transmissions that race and his statements to press after the race.

    2. @elio As always we’ll have to wait for the end of season DVD to get the full picture.
      By the way I’m also interested to hear what they told Lewis on the radio when he stopped in the cool down lap.

    3. @elio

      Find a replay and watch it. I had the race on in the background and I heard it. To be fair, all I heard was “stay out” and “not good. tires…somethingsomethingsomething” and then something similar to “wait” and then “come in.”

      But I wasn’t even paying attention and I heard it. Did you watch the race? You should have heard it.

      Although, it was being aired at the same time one of the announcers was speaking.

      1. @neiana

        I watched the whole race live on SSF1 and re-watched it 6 more times since then.

        I don’t know which live broadcast of the race did you watch ? Because none of the team radio communications you mentioned in your comment went live.

        1. @elio

          Pay more attention. As I said, I believe it was when an announcer was speaking.

          1. Dude, stop it! You’re spreading misinformation and no one is willing to call you out on it. FOM releases the same feed to everyone. Each station can manipulate it slightly but the radio transcripts are the same across the board. The messages you are claiming to have heard were not aired! Those are quotes from Hamilton and Wolfe that were taken after the fact by reporters. So kindly please stop it. You did “dreamed it.”

          2. @sudd Quotes that I would not know about because I do not watch anything outside of lights out to checkered flag in F1. Not do I typically read columns especially if I saw the race.

            Anyway, if you want to quote my “dreamed it” you could at least fix the grammar. You’re just on a nonsensical rampage I guess. Oh well.

          3. @neiana

            Sorry David, but now your’re just being stubborn. It’s just *impossible* you heard those critical radio messages during the *RACE, LIVE* broadcast because that simply never happened. Period.

          4. @elio see my other response where I tagged you. I didn’t think it was necessary to type the same reply twice but I see it may have been.

          5. @neiana

            Ooops, didn’t see that one until now. All good, then. =)

  5. Mercedes are acting like the bad call on Sunday was a one off. It wasn’t, just an escalation of bad calls made intermittently since Hungary last year.
    I suspect this wont be the last dodgy call Mercedes will make this season.
    Once Ferrari begin to close the gap, the cracks in the Merc strategy team will be all the more visible.

    1. Should be very good for the neutrals.

    2. Sometimes i think Toto Wolff is not up to the job at all.
      I can’t imagine Ross Brawn and his approach on the team screwing up a race like this.

      But this we’ll only see when the other teams catch them. The way it is now is easy to be chief. The car is so good that if a driver isn’t happy, the other will be, and also the team, obviously.

  6. This is like sending swimmers to swim with weights on their legs, this makes no sense. We need at least two, three laps at better pace to get a bit of temperature, I mean this is a joke.

    Interesting that in the middle of this Vettel can think of analogies:)

    1. LOL Right? Even on radio, he talks in really long sentences….

  7. 32 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington Reason I’m asking is because I’m pulling away a second a lap and my tyres feel good.
    32 Tony Ross Nico Rosberg So you’re doing a good job Nico, just keep us advised on the tyres.

    So Hamilton is pulling away a second a lap and Nico’s engineer is happy with his pace? HAad they completely given up any chance of victory and thought only of defending against Vettel??

    1. Looking from
      timing comparison laps 27-30 Lewis was pulling away but 31-34 Nico was faster (but not 1s/per lap). The differences in speed are so big that there were probably backmarkers involved.

      26 1:20.755[1] 1:20.853[2] -0.098 -4.396 18
      27 1:19.876[1] 1:21.525[2] -1.649 -6.045 19
      28 1:19.903[1] 1:21.250[2] -1.347 -7.392 20
      29 1:19.854[1] 1:20.642[2] -0.788 -8.180 21
      30 1:19.748[1] 1:20.626[2] -0.878 -9.058 22
      31 1:21.014[1] 1:20.503[2] +0.511 -8.547 9
      32 1:20.148[1] 1:19.937[2] +0.211 -8.336 10
      33 1:21.076[1] 1:20.512[2] +0.564 -7.772 11
      34 1:21.254[1] 1:19.995[2] +1.259 -6.513 12

      1. Thanks for the data @hmmh. Puts a good context to the radio messages.

    2. It’s possible that was all part of Mercedes strategy, that the driver in second place was supposed to hold up the rest of the field and allow the Merc in front to open a big gap. I notice that after the safety car Nico had no problem in opening up a sizable gap to Seb in a few laps. So Nico may well have been doing a “good job” on lap 32 in the context of Mercedes race strategy.

      1. As Seb told Martin Brundle at the podium interviews, after the scheduled round of pitstops, while Lewis was speeding, he and Nico were indeed on “tyre management” mode as they were aware that in Monaco, a Safety Car situation can happen all of a sudden and that would be an advantage for them on the restart.

        So when the SC was actually deployed, Hamilton realised his prime tyres were in much worse condition for a restart than the ones on Nico’s Mercedes and Seb’s Ferrari and felt vulnerable. And that’s why he was so vocal on his concerns about the condition of his tyres condition to the Mercedes pitwall, disputed the “stay out” advice of the latter and that might have contributed for that gigantic team error which costed him dearly.

        1. That’s exactly what I thought. So Rosberg’s and Vettel’s slow pace was actually very advantageous to them in the end…
          After people kept commending Lewis for winning at the slowest possible speed in the previous races, this was interesting…. This is Monaco anyway, if you are not emulating Senna why would you be pulling a gap? In the end, yeah, it was almost Senna-esque.

        2. so if hamilton did not change his tyres maybe rosberg would have caught as hamilton could have struggled with worse tyres??

          1. Exactly, @dubaemon

            After the restart and even knowing that it’s very difficult to overtake in Monaco (not “impossible” as some people claim), Hamilton could have been vulnerable to Rosberg and probably Vettel.

            Rosberg was (is) fighting for the WDC, on overall better condition soft tyres, in a equal car and with the advantage of the DRS on his side. Remember how fast he put a temperature on his tyres after the restart and quickly opened a gap to Vettel ?

        3. Very astute analysis! Makes sense, although I think given this was Monaco Hamilton wouldn’t be too worried if Nico & Seb were behind him in tyres that were as old as his but less worn. What also contributed to him disputing the “stay out”, was his assumption that Nico has pitted or will pit having seen Mercedes mechanics in the pit lane.

        4. So how would Hamilton know the condition of NR and SB’s tires? This is all speculation, what Hamilton thought was that they both went to SS under the SC. People would say anything to make the other drivers appear smarter than LH. He queried his pace advantage over the others thinking it was unusual degradation by the others, which shows that he was not pushing. The traffic was the factor.

      2. That was because the Ferrari is bad at heating up the tyres quickly (while the Mercedes is the best car in the field at heating up the tyres quickly, part of why it is much better in quali than the Ferrari). After the safety car everyone’s tyres were cold, so the Mercedes’ tyre warm-up advantage gave Rosberg a strong pace advantage over Vettel. Mark Hughes talked about it here.

  8. “If that’s not a penalty then nothing is penalty.” Right on, Iceman

    1. i too couldn’t believe ricciardo got no penalty for that. he wasn’t anywhere near alongside, he just tapped kimi’s right rear with his front left. alonso was a lot more alongside hulkenberg and he still got a penalty (admittedly he did slide a bit).

      oddly hulk didn’t think it was a penalty, but i think kimi was rightly annoyed.

      1. Spot on!

  9. The teams can’t coach the drivers on their gear shift points, but they can coach them on managing their brakes? Doesn’t make sense to me. If they’re supposed to drive unaided then let them manage their own brakes.

    1. The thing with the brakes is that its not just about the brakes now because the brakes are linked to the ERS systems & the fly-by-wire braking system.

      Because of that the driver has a lot less feeling for what condition the brakes are in while the telemetry there getting in the pits gives exact details about temperature, wear & the overall condition the braking systems are in.

      Without this information the driver likely would not know there was a problem until they failed completely which could result in a massive accident.

    2. They are allowed to coach them on things that are a potential safety hazard or stuff that can cause mechanical problems. Do you really think it’s a good idea to let driver’s brakes fail and cause massive accidents?

      1. That’s a false choice you’re positing. There are alternatives to either (a) allowing the team to assist the drivers in extracting maximum performance from the car and (b) massive accidents. For instance, the team could be allowed to tell the drivers “brakes are critical, you need to slow down” if safety is the concern. (And when safety has been a concern that’s just what Merc have told their guys) That’s obviously not what’s going on here though. You’re using “safety” as a fig-leaf to allow Mercedes in general, and in your case Hamilton in particular, to get around the rules.

      2. Or let the car inform the driver.

  10. An interesting race strategy Report from James Allen with an even more interesting observation.


    It’s tempting to think that Hamilton didn’t just want to win Monaco, he wanted to dominate it and he said after the race of his pace relative to Rosberg, “I blew him away.” This had been his objective for the weekend and it is possible it was behind his concern over the tyres for the restart.

    @KeithCollantine Just Curious . What is stopping FIA from publishing some transcripts after the race ? It would have been a little more interesting in light of the above perspective to hear the radio conversation !!!

    1. The season review DVD, that’s what.
      Available just after Christmas, with the lamest title ever.

    2. Rosberg and Vettel both said that they had exactly the same concerns about the tyres after the restart and though that it would be like driving on ice. However they didn’t inquire about pitting as they didn’t have the option since they would lose track position. And it later turned out that the tyres heated up after the safety car quicker than expected so it wasn’t even a problem in the end anyway.

      1. thought*

        Also I don’t see how Hamilton pushing earlier in the race would have affected his concern for the safety car. He said that the thing he was concerned about was being on cold tyres after the restart (due to losing tyre temperature behind the safety car), which had nothing to do with degradation (degradation was very low in the race, strategists said that you could probably do the entire race on one set of softs).

        1. Yeah but his tyres could have been degraded MORE compared to the guys behind him because they weren’t pushing and they were doing tyre management, and moreover he thought they would be on supersofts for some reason… They always warn about road side screens and such, that they distract the drivers. LOL

    3. @tmax FOM have the rights to the broadcast material, so it would have to come from them. Beyond that there’s the huge amount of time it would take to transcribe all the messages – keep in mind that even with the drivers we get the most messages from, what we hear is just the tip of the iceberg.

      1. @keithcollantine Thanks for the update. I totally udnerstand that a lot of hardwork go from your end to transcribe these message from Audio to Text form. It always puzzles me what is the criteria used by FOM to publish some and not publish the others.

        I was wondering if the media had provisions to request the FOM for certain portions of the messages. But yeah this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  11. Do I have to [censored by FOM] try to overtake him or what?

    Yes, you do. It’s your job. If you don’t like it, [censored by Bullfrog] off back to rallying.

    1. It would have been his job if the cars lapped didn’t HAVE to let the faster driver pass.

    2. Wrong move, man!
      Your not allowed to blind hate Kimi! Ever!

  12. What can I do to save these brakes? Having to drive so slow right now.

    How does that not fall under driver coaching? And it’s a constant with both Mercedes drivers, their brakes are clearly a weak point in the car. Fortunately for them they are allowed to work closely with their pit wall in managing the issue.

    1. I think that brakes are considered essential to safety, so the teams are allowed to help the drivers manage them and avoid a failure that could be dangerous.

      1. Then they should rewrite the rules, which currently ban driver coaching with respect to “application of brakes in general” and “car stability under breaking”. But as long as the rules are what they are, Mercedes (in particular) are clearly violating them on a regular basis.

        1. I tend to agree.

          Honestly, I hope they just scrap the rule.

        2. I think it just goes to show how ridiculous these radio rules are.

          Either ban everything (Which I wouldn’t want as I love hearing the radio) or let them say whatever they want. What we have no opens up grey areas & is just confusing as your constantly having to question if something is allowed or not & you also get blatant bits of code such as what we heard on Thursday practice.

    2. Isn’t the driver coaching just supposed to be about stopping drivers from asking how to go faster or something? Like braking points, suggested gears, which line to use, etc.

      1. Isn’t the driver coaching just supposed to be about stopping drivers from asking how to go faster or something?

        That’s precisely what Hamilton is asking. “Having to drive so slow right now”, so help me with my brakes so I can go faster.

    3. I think the radio rules are perfect as they stand. The team can help a driver operate the complicated systems on their car, but not tell him how to drive faster or beat his opponents (strategy aside.)

  13. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
    27th May 2015, 16:45

    “He’s a [censored by FOM] that Verstappen. That was stupid.”
    Man, Grosjean is an angry F1 driver IMO.

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      27th May 2015, 18:07

      Heat of the Moment – he didn’t refer to any body parts after the race. @iluvsoundtracks

    2. that’s rich coming from the “first lap nut job Grosjean” and he was already in 2nd season and received a race ban! But as @coldfly said, it was the heat of moment and adrenaline

      1. Rich? This is not an ordinary situation in life where you shouldn’t judge others in general, especially if you are not better. That’s professional racing and his life is on the line there along with Max’s. He’s not the same accident-prone guy now anyway. Moreover you are right that it is heat of the moment stuff.

  14. here is a conspiracy theory for you Mr Toto,

    Nico’s radio man, Tony Ross, told Nico, ham was in the pits and he was leading the race now and to catch up to the Safety Car,

    now if Nico had been told to slow up a bit and hold Vettel back Ham would never have lost that 1st position,

    Mr Toto, confliction of interest right there, Tony Ross lost Mercedes a 1st 2nd finish,

    so his preferred driver “Nico” could win, what do you say about that???
    dont give me any bull about its his duty to help Nico, because your the one saying we loose together and we win together, but in this case its very one sided.

    1. @lethalnz

      They have said before the driver’s are both equal. That means whenever one has a chance to win, take it. To tell Nico to slow down and end up in second place, that is absolutely making one driver higher than the other.

      In addition, there is a required minimum speed and maximum speed under safety car.

    2. @lethalnz

      if Nico had been told to slow up a bit and hold Vettel back Ham would never have lost that 1st position

      Wolff explained why that wasn’t possible yesterday.

      1. Why didn’t you tell Rosberg to back off to into the first corner when Hamilton was coming out to get him past Vettel?
        “Because the Sporting Regulations say you cannot drive “unnecessarily slowly” behind the Safety Car.”

        that might be correct but we are only talking the length of the starting grid and the first corner, how you can he be penalized for add 2 to 3sec to your track time?
        anyway Tony Ross new if Nico closed that gap he move into first, he even made the gesture with a “YEAH” at the end of his broadcast, i doubt Tony realized he was also put Vettel into sec when that happened. still the point is Tony as a team player lost a sure 1st 2nd finish.

        1. @lethalnz

          Even if Hamilton considers himself the #1 driver of the team, at this point Rosberg is still fighting for the WDC, owes nothing to Lewis and was fully entitled to take this win. If the team and Hamilton messed up with the latter’s pitstop, it’s not Rosberg’s problem.

          And as for Mercedes, in the end it doesn’t really matter if they make a 1-2 in every race because the W06 is such a dominant of a car they will end up snatching the 2015 WCC, anyway.

        2. Tony’s job would surely be to serve Nico’s interests above all. Someone else – above Tony – should keep an eye on the Teams best interests, totally. In many organizations people have functions, where they are sometimes even working against the whole, but if You are not egocentric to a certain degree, then You are not performing up to Your best – a bit like the Liberalism vs. Communism discussion.

  15. Lap:21
    From:Tony Ross
    To: Nico Rosberg
    “Important you start closing the gap to Lewis just in case there’s a Safety Car.”

    What is the meaning of this? Why do they want Rosberg to be close to Hamilton in case of SC. Moreover, why didn’t they want the same thing at the end of the race? There was a considerable gap at the time.

  16. maarten.f1 (@)
    27th May 2015, 18:28

    Interesting to see/hear Sainz referring to the Manors as Marussias :)

    1. I guess everyone is confused what to call them, including the drivers…

  17. It was very unnecessary for LH to pull such a gap. Especially considering his early on brake issues. Morever, before the SC Rosberg and Vettel were doing tyre management. This guy is supposed to be “finishing at the slowest speed possible”. Imo Rosberg very much deserved the win with the way he was calm throughout SC period while Hamilton got slightly panicked and pushed the team for a pit. And don’t tell me he didn’t…. I am not saying it’s completely his fault, the team should’ve known he wouldn’t be in front anyway. But considering what he said about the pit wall after Spain GP, it is not inconsiderable that they preferred to indulge whatever Hamilton wanted.

  18. the real meat of the matter is missing from these transmissions.

  19. I am surprised by the number of people who are commenting on what’s missing considering the “important” radio call was broadcast during the airing of the race. Maybe there are a lot of people who don’t watch the race or who don’t watch until the end, or who turned it off in the middle because Hamilton was too far ahead… but anyone watching the race at that time heard the communication between Hamilton and the pits.

    1. @neiana, so explain to us how @keithcollantine and rest of the world for that matter missed it, Mr. FOM?

      1. (Ian Parkes – Autosport) Question for Lewis. First of all, can you gives us just some idea as to how you’re feeling right now. Obviously we see you’re very low, very down but just express in your own words how you’re feeling. And, secondly, when that Safety Car situation unfolded, did you not at all question whether to come in or not? Bearing in mind, regardless of the situation with the tyres, track position is ultimately king in Monaco.
        LH: I can’t really express the way I feel at the moment. So I won’t even attempt to. You rely on the team. I saw a screen, it looked like the team was out and I thought that Nico had pitted. Obviously I couldn’t see the guys behind so I thought the guys behind were pitting. The team said to stay out, I said “these tyres are going to drop in temperature,” and what I was assuming was that these guys would be on Options and I was on the harder tyre. So, they said to pit. Without thinking I came in with full confidence that the others had done the same.

        Will that be enough? @sudd

        1. You totally misinterpretated @sudd ‘s answer.

          @neiana David said those critical radio messages were actually heard during the *LIVE* TV broadcast of the race, but that never happened. The rest of the world only knew those radio messages actually existed when Lewis and Toto talked about it *AFTER* the race, in press conferences and interviews.

          Will that be enough @evered7 ? ;)

          1. @elio Oh! Got it! Will watch the race again this evening. Had it in the back of my mind to do it at the weekend, but these discussion have got me thinking. Hence a re-run will help.

        2. Very interesting that he kept repeating these 2 sentences to everyone asking:
          “I can’t really express the way I feel at the moment.”
          “You rely on the team.”
          His speech to media was more level-headed than what we’ve seen from him until now, so it was a nice surprise. But his behavior in and out of the car along with that second sentence was a the complete opposite.

  20. I think this is not too complicated answer from David for Kimi’s question…

    1. @saubers1 I think this driver/RE pair looks good. David doesn’t go chattering unnecessarily and is there to listen to Kimi’s rant while not offering anything blunt in response. He is a listener :)

  21. since kimi’s just leave me along , everyone being cool right now

  22. He’s a [censored by FOM] that Verstappen. That was stupid.

    Looks like someone got Grosjean’d.

  23. From the Monaco Video edit-

    Mercedes To Lewis “Safety car, Safety Car. So We Are Staying out.
    Lewis “Are yo sure it is the best thing to stay out? These tyres have lost there temperatures. Everyone is going to be on options now.”
    Mercedes – “OK Copy Copy, Box Box.”

  24. Last time Hamilton talked to his engineer was at lap 49 and then on lap 65, after his pit stop. As I can see, Hamilton didn’t ask to pit – there is no conversation between him and his engineer before his lat pit, while Mercedes says that Lewis asked to pit… what is really going on? Missing something???

    1. @peterpan It’s explained in the article. See paragraph four.

  25. Yeah, i really think here there’s something missing.
    Here you can clearly hear the TR where Hamilton asks for pit.

    Quite strange that such an important TR has been missed, huh?

    1. As it says in the article, this is all the messages which were broadcast during the race.

      As it also says in the article, that message can be heard in the highlights video put up by FOM after the race. That link is also in the article.

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