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Formula One’s official tyre supplier Pirelli is hoping to be granted an extension on its current deal which expires at the end of next year. Is this motorsport director Paul Hembery putting their case to Ferrari’s new man at the helm Maurzio Arrivabene?

That’s up to you to decide – let’s find out who can come up with the best caption for this picture.

Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below. A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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61 comments on “Caption Competition 77: Ferrari and Pirelli”

  1. In an effort to prove how sticky future compounds will be, Hembery goes for the glue on the hand practical joke…..

    “Looks like were stuck together for the next 5 years!”

  2. Arrivabene: Can you make our super softs with a yellow marking?

    1. HAHA! winner!

    2. Winner right here.

  3. Now, when I say grip, this is what I mean…

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      30th May 2015, 14:45

      good one.

    2. Very very good !

  4. “Awesome deal. Lets just be sure this wont turn into ‘tyre gate’ because I like my job”

  5. Arrivabene: “Don’t take this the wrong way, but your recommendation to pit during the SC would be a stupid idea. No one would be dumb enough to do that.”

  6. Paul pleas for an exclusive extension but it falls on muffled ears as Moe dreams of the Bridgestone exclusive years.

  7. MA: How about going a little soft on me?


  8. – I want YOU in the next Pirelli Calendar!
    – Sure, my wife will be proud.

  9. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 40 victories!!! (@)
    30th May 2015, 14:04

    I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse…

    1. Hahaha, nice one!

  10. Arrivabene: Its ok Paul, I forgive all your past sins. Now, Say 10 Hail Mary’s and build me some great tyres for the Ferrari.

  11. Hembrey: please help, they want to bring others… we’re desperate.
    arrivabene: relax, relax, you make ferrari money, ferrari make money for you.

    1. “No money, no honey”

  12. ”Can you please give Mercedes tyres which will er… blow up!”

  13. Please allow us to use the leftover red paint Paul.

  14. ColdFly F1 (@)
    30th May 2015, 14:50

    PH: “we’ll follow suit and shoot the next calendar with male models!”

  15. Feel this restless heart, Paul? It’s these grid boys, Paul!

  16. ‘Give Ferrari better tyres or I break the other one…’

  17. No Paul, I don’t think we’re getting any heat into these hands

  18. – You feel the heat, Paul?
    – Yes…
    – Well, that’s how it feels when the president of Ferrari is breathing down your neck! …well that came out all wrong…

  19. Arrivabene: “Not now, i’ll take that bribe later..”

  20. Mark Campbell
    30th May 2015, 15:58

    Hi Paul I’m choking for a smoke any spares?

  21. Paul Hembery : Maurzio stop, I ll talk to Kimi……..

  22. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
    30th May 2015, 17:14

    Arrivabene: “Good choice of compound… This will be sure to confuse Hamilton!”

  23. Paul: Bless me father because I’ve sin.
    Maurizio: I’m not a priest my son, I’m GOD

  24. “Satander”

  25. Your hands are so soft Paul, they’re like, ummmm, last year’s supersofts.

  26. “Maurizio, pls give back my raincoat…I don’t wanna get wet when it rains!”

    “Don’t worry Paul, it’s sunny today…”

  27. What Hemberly said “I got you the new tyres you ordered for your Ferrari. They’re the same as Kimi has. They will give a really super soft ride. These should last until you get your new Ferrari. If you give me the keys I’ll have it all done before the end of the race?”
    What Arrivabene heard “zzzz zzzz zz tyres ….. zzzzzzFerrari zzzzzz Kimi …. zzz super soft …. last until zzzz end of the race”.

  28. Paul: Maurizio, quickly, come here and hold my hand!
    Maurizio: Is it a McHonda, innit?

  29. AJ (@fifthlion)
    30th May 2015, 20:02

    Arrivabene: “Here Paul take this. It’s the designs for the old bridgestone tyres!”

    Hembrey: “But, but Bernie said…!”

  30. Maurzio : “I’ll always be there for you,…till, Michelin do us part”

  31. Maurzio: Do you remember when Bridgestone made those special tires for Michael? Ummm… could you?…

  32. Arrivabene: “hold my hand Paul, I am really “tyred” that I almost fainted”.

    Hembery: “then don’t be so soft or you will easily overheat and faint for real”.

  33. Hembery: “Please don’t break my arm, Maurizio!”

    Arrivabene: “We’ll see. It depends on your tyre choice for the rest of the season.”

  34. Paul: I really miss those grid girls Maurzio. (Crying)
    Maurzio: me to me to Paul, let’s hold on tight and hopefully nothing worse will happen to this sport if you know what I mean. (Crying too).

  35. Hembrey: “So, just to confirm, you need punctures for both Mercedes drivers in Canada?”

  36. When we enter a tyre war with Michelin, we shall do to you, Maurizio, what Bridgestone did to your team.

  37. Coming from the tobacco industry Paul, I can completely understand the business model of providing a product that is destructive if used heavily.

  38. Arrivabene: “My highest level contacts within the Vatican assured me that the chineses will let you remain in F1.”

  39. “Don’t take it personally, Maurizio, Bernie slags off everybody.”

  40. Bless me father, for I have sinned

  41. “Here’s my pass Maurizio. Just keep it on the low-down where it came from”.

  42. Catered Ham
    31st May 2015, 5:23

    You know i LOVE you, yes? so PLEASE give Mercedes the shredding tyres

  43. “Paul, this is the key to my beloved company car, use it wisely and remember that it came from red team in Italy and not the silver one in Germany!”

  44. “Don’t worry, our tyres have a chance to last more than 4 laps.”

  45. Maurizio to Paul :
    “You have your deal, give us the tyres we need and we will take care of the rest”.

  46. “Paul, this is just for you to keep and spend as you like. Now…I’m not saying you have to….. just think about how much racier your tires will be with the PM crest on the sidewalls. In exchange, you keep the monopoly to say….2020. Capisce?”

  47. “This conversation lasted longer than your tyres do, Paul.”

    1. Haha perfect!

    2. Amazing caption

  48. Sepp Blatter has personally endorsed our tyres

  49. I am tyred of thinking of a caption.

  50. Hembery: So will you stay with Pirelli? Arrivabene: No, actually I’ve already called Bridgestone.

  51. Let’s pray together that Michelin does come back to competition anytime soon…

  52. I’ll break one of your fingers for every crappy set of tyres you give us.

  53. Listen Paul…all is not lost…l understand that the bloke in the Bibendum outfit retires in November…

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