Rate the race: 2015 Canadian Grand Prix

2015 Canadian Grand Prix

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293 comments on “Rate the race: 2015 Canadian Grand Prix”

    1. I hear you mate. That DRS was especially terrible at this race. Too easy overtaking without any rush or intensity….. FIA please ditch it for 2017 if not 2016….

      1. If they would just add more underbody tunnels and ground effects, then we could get rid of the HUGE, COMPLEX front wings and they wouldn’t need DRS and it’s fake passes. Those front wings are killing the sport!

        1. 1000% correct.Are they really that retarded who ever makes these idiot rules about those wings? This season it is way harder to follow another car with new noses + these huge stupid wings.

        2. @john-h, @daved – DRS could work just fine, just give them two minutes of DRS for the entire race. Done.

          1. That would probably work better…making it similar to the “push to pass” they have in Indycar where they get to use it 8 times a race.

            But I’d still rather they just fixed the reason it’s even needed. Those front wings are so complex (and expensive!) that anytime they get in dirty air they become totally useless. So it’s impossible to get up behind a car and pass. Underbody effects are not nearly as sensitive to dirty air and would allow much closer racing.
            My God, they all complain about costs…yet spend $20-$50 MILLION per year on trying to tweak those front wings. And they’re so big that they stick out and get broken anytime they touch another car and your whole race goes away.
            There is NO redeeming quality to those stupid front wings yet nobody talks about reducing their size/importance/expense. I find that stunningly stupid.

          2. @xtwl Meant to tag you for the above comment.

          3. Yes, the “overtake button” solution used in other series (Brazilian stock car comes to my mind) with a limited number of uses allowed could work much better than DRS-zones.

      2. no one seams to understand what DRS is there for,
        do you want other slow cars holding up faster cars?
        like Vettel/Massa coming through the pack?
        how did them manage to make it back to the front?
        and another Rosb within 1sec of Ham did you see him get passed?

        you’re all clutching at straws with no thought about the driver that has the same straight line speed,
        if you want to watch cars follow the leader around and around then sure get rid of DRS but i can tell you as a long time F1 fan more races than not will end up just like Monaco which ends in a crash or a procession,

        i do agree some tracks need tweaking, but to get rid of it full time is just asking for boring races.

        1. @lethalnz I’m sure we all understand the concept of DRS and what it is intended for. But you are ignoring the heart of the problem which is that F1 has a problem if the fix is to go too far the other way and create fake passes with the thinking that that somehow appeases the fans. You see, getting rid of DRS is not asking for boring races if they tweak other things rather than trying to tweak DRS like that is going to make a difference to those who understand these passes are not memorable nor noteworthy. Smaller wings on more reasonable tires, and using ground effects for downforce rather than wings, would go a long way toward us seeing driver vs. driver passes of skill rather than driver vs victim due to a button that opens a wing. And these days at some tracks a driver can barely even get within the DRS required time gap without ruining his tires. Drivers cannot push to their limits nor the cars’ and that makes no sense in the pinnacle of racing.

          1. when you start to understand F1 and what the teams do to make their cars go faster do the straight in a DRS zone you might just see its near impossible to pass one another,
            go read about what teams do about speed down the straight,

          2. Kroon (@kroonracing)
            8th June 2015, 18:42

            “Fake passes?” Do you mean passes by a slower car only able to pass due to DRS? Wouldn’t the just overtaken, faster car be able to repass then?

    2. Hear hear… Seb and Massa would’ve finished in the points anyway but they’d have worked for it… instead of being given the places midway through the straight…


    3. In this track the DRS effect is even worse, as the two zones are consecutive, the driver at back uses it at the first zone to overtake and at the second to create a gap.

      1. The passes were nearly universally complete at the final chicane.

    4. Yeah, but then coming close enough to use the DRS was hard. I was amazed Ferrari was actually able to overtake all those Mercedes cars. I thought Vettel would have surely gotten stuck behind one of them. I actually thought he would get stuck behind Hulkenberg! But he overtook him in a very interesting manner actually….
      A complete aerodynamic overhaul is necessary though….

    5. I saw 2 overtakes without DRS Hulkenberg after the start after turn 2 i saw it from above and several laps later Max outbraked i think the lotus of Maldonado but the rest was all DRS so 1 + 2 overtakes make 3 really boring i was even hoping for a crash which normally i don’t because of the possiblilty of harm. If i missed the other overtakes please tell!

    6. Vettel was a bit impatient and didn’t want to wait another lap for another DRS zone to just breeze past. He went for it out of DRS zones too, which is actually much more pleasurable for the viewer but we got used to DRS I guess. Or Mercedes breezing past simply because they are a second faster. That sort of thing looks much less aggressive and more cleaner, so people talk about how clumsy the attacks out of DRS zones are. True that it would be smarter for him to wait a few more laps or DRS zones, but not for our pleasure.

  1. Some good moments but I’m not sure about most of the race because I fell asleep

    1. And the best moment was the marmot on track! Good thing Massa weaved a little bit to the right, poor creature ;-)

      1. He should have been appointed honorary steward, that little thing.

      2. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 40 victories!!! (@)
        7th June 2015, 20:55

        @gdewilde that little brave animal deserves the DOTW.

        1. Dodger Of The Weekend?

          1. +1!!! LOL

    2. This was the first race this year i didn’t fall asleep in. Not because of the racing mind you. I think it was more to do with the 4am start here in Oz and that id put a coffee on at about 4.30. Then the birds started squawking endlessly at about 5.15 ruining any chance I had of a nap.

      Things I liked:
      Watching the river run from the helicopter shots.

      Things I didn’t:
      Electronic clutch assisted bite point starts – Removing 90% of the drama of a start
      Aero dependent lap time – Removing the ability for cars to follow closely and actually race
      Constant coaching over the radio turning the race into an economy run- Removing the variables of driver style
      DRS – Painting over the aero cracks
      Tarmac run off- Ruining the reward for accuracy and allowing drivers without the talent to get away with it
      Pay drivers – Wasting fuel on centre stage
      Digital advertising overlays on the track – Pathetic
      Semi automatic gear boxes – Removing a variable and a driver input
      20 cars instead of 26

  2. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
    7th June 2015, 20:32

    This is has got to be one of the worst f1 seasons of all time, another very dull race.

    1. +1 extremely boring season overall… glad I didn’t shell out for a GP trip this year

      1. @marlarkey I’m going to Silverstone this year. I hope both Mercedes engines explode (I’ll try to make it happen.) and both Ferrari cars somehow have a mega fight.

        1. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
          7th June 2015, 21:37

          Please do this.

        2. @xtwl

          I hope both Mercedes engines explode (I’ll try to make it happen.)

          Don’t go saying things like that! You’ll get brought up on terrorism charges!!

    2. disagree i think this has been a good season so far.

      certainly way better than the crap we were stuck with 10 years ago.

      1. I thought people liked the 2005 season?

        1. I can’t remember it very well but I’m pretty sure it was better than this borefest

          1. Erm, it really wasn’t. It was 9/10 Alonso or Raikkonen vying for the win. Only thing that was exciting that years was McLaren’s reliability.

          2. 2005 was better than 2004 because Alonso and Kimi were fighting to end Schumacher’s run of consecutive titles but it was not that great.

        2. 2005 was quite interesting. 2004 was boring (nope, very exciting! :D) or 2002 maybe. Ferrari all the way.

      2. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
        7th June 2015, 20:49

        2005 was decent from what I remember, and not one boring team having such an advantage over all the other teams.

        1. Regardless of the racing, at least it sounded good in 2005 and had some atmosphere – making it automatically better than the nonsense they call F1 these days. Honestly, I don’t care what anyone says – these engines have killed A LOT of what made F1 what it should be, ear shatteringly AWESOME! Like I said, even if the racing is crap, at least it would sound good!

        2. 2005 was fantastic as they had the rule that the tyre had to last the whole race. So the end of the race was brilliant. And the racing was real as you it was your own fault if you had burnt out your tyre. Go watch Imola, Europe, Spa and Japan a few off the top of my head that were classics.

          Ferrari convinced FIA to change rules back for 2006, luckily the sport had Fernando Alonso so 06 was a good season still. Otherwise it would of been just like 02 & 04

      3. LOL 2005 had some classic races. McLaren Mercedes fireworks was interesting. Raikkonen was just too fast.

      4. Eh…. 2005 was a really nice season without real dominance. Like how it should be. I think 2002 was the season you’re looking for. But please admit: this year and most of last year are utterly boring….

    3. Agreed. 2014 was actually quite exciting overall I thought, but 2015 has returned to the processional “racing” of past seasons. It’s made infinitely worse by the woes of Renault and Honda. And now Bernie et al are scrambling like lemmings heading for the cliff to bring excitement back by artificial means like refueling. Sorry state of affairs.

  3. Oh my god. That was horribly boring.

    Seriously, F1 can’t get worse. 4.

    1. Liam McShane (@)
      7th June 2015, 20:39

      If F1 can’t get worse give it a 1 not a 4. I think sometime people don’t understand how these rating systems work. 5= an average race.

      Race gets a 1 from me. No real racing and ridiculous fuel saving. You know there’s an issue when the commentators are saying it’s closer to endurance racing.

      1. @motor_mad Yeah my mistake about that four.

        Boring race, after the early charge of Massa nothing really live it up the race. I miss last year’s F1 for some reason.

      2. @motor_mad

        I agree in that if it can´t get worse, that would be a 1. However, while this wasn´t a particularly entertaining race, I don´t think it comes close to Indy 2005, which to me is the race that marks the worst till now.

        Today was just slightly below historic average. A DRS-drive-by on the straight isn´t more or less entertaining than cars following each other, and we have seen a three-digit number of races where that happened.
        Could have been better if Kimi had kept it together on his outlap.

      3. @motor_mad I use 6 for an average race.

    2. I gave it 4 because it did have some moments of good action… I race with no moments of any note would be 1-3

    3. If it’s boring you, switch off. That is literally the only thing that will get the message across to Bernie, Jean and co. because it takes money out of their pockets.

      This is the second race of the year that I’ve not watched because I already knew which team would win it 18 months ago, as did most of us. I stop by F1Fanatic to confirm it was as yawnworthy as I expected, and that’s the sum total of my f1 involvement at this point, after having watched almost every race live for nearly a quarter century.

  4. Dull. DRS, hard tyres, no action of note. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. but I thought the tyres were too soft, now they’re too hard, people can’t make their mind up

    2. Weren’t these the two softest compounds that Pirelli has?

    3. what do you mean hard tires

      1. @alfa145, I would guess that would be a reference to the fact that Maldonado managed to get over 50 laps on a single set of tyres, whilst many others also got more than 40 laps from their sets too. As bezza695 says, whatever tyre choices Pirelli makes, it seems that people will complain either way…

    4. I’m not going to start complaining about the tyres. Most of us have been griping that they were degrading and the cause of bad racing and for once they were not the dominant factor….so I’m happy with that.

      We all keep looking for gimmicks to make the racing exciting. Some fans want DRS, some want refueling, some want us to spin a wheel to determine how long a pit stop will be while Bernie wants sprinklers to make fake rain. WTH, people? No. Just simply NO.

      If we ever want to see racing again, get rid of the downforce from the huge front wings and do more underbody aero that is not so sensitive to “dirty air” so they can get up behind each other. Then use wider tyres and more mechanical grip. We’ll all be amazed at the racing and their will be no need for silly gimmicks. No tyre degrading, no refueling, no DRS…just good racing.

      I’m beating a dead horse here, but I’m going to keep on talking about that d@mn front wing and why it’s destroying F1 until others start to listen.

      1. +1 You know what, I think those chunky front wings must be making drivers nervous about overtakes anyway. That’s another minus.

        1. Absolutely! They are so big and stick out so much that any contact and they get damaged….and your entire race goes away. You have no choice but to dive into the pits for an extra 10 second stop to replace the whole assembly or you ruin your tyres trying to run without it.
          And oh. my. God….I’ve heard it estimated that the teams literally spend 10’s of millions of dollars playing with those twiddly bits of carbon fiber on the front wings! Talk about a good way to cut costs!

    5. There were actually overtakes out of DRS zone.

  5. F1 has some serious issues to resolve after yet another boring race.

  6. 7. Plenty of racing in the midfield and watching Massa and Vettel move through the field for 5th and 6th was fun. A more enjoyable race to watch then most of the others despite no battle for the win.

    1. Agreed, good battles all through and there was always the chance of a fight for first. 7 from me.

    2. Pity Hamilton didn’t have a teammate of the same caliber in say Alonso or Vettel. Nico is just plain average.

      1. I also believe that Nico is just not a driver who has what it takes. And I didn’t like how Mercedes is manipulating Nico to back off each time he closed up the gap to Hamilton. They really want Hamilton to win smoothly this year.

        (‘Please Nico, you have to back off, because of … (brakes, fuel, whatever) for the next 10 laps, after that you have a possibility to attack Hamilton’ – 10 laps later: ‘Sorry Nico, you will have to back off a few more laps, otherwise …’)

    3. Agreed. for me getting a lot of that action from on boards helped make it feel exciting too @dragon86

    4. There was some action and I would vote a 7, but I have higher expectations from Canadian GP. So it’s a 6 for me.

    5. Well said @dragon86, though the mercedes were so far ahead because they both were close to the limit, so it did feel like an extended fight – they just both kept it together. Nicer than someone winning with half a minute to spare. I gave it an 8.

      1. You realize Mercedes won with half a minute to spare?

  7. 5. One of the most boring Canadian GPs I’ve ever seen. Only Massa’s pass on Ericsson and Hulkenberg’s spin provided any excitement.

  8. That should have been a fantastic Grand Prix. It flopped massively. DRS was too powerful (recurring theme in 2015) and the tyres were too hard (recurring theme here).

    1. but I thought that’s what everyone wanted as they were sick of too soft tyres

      1. Seriously! Everyone has been griping about the tyres being too soft and going off…now we’re going to gripe because they didn’t???

        1. +1 I was pleased they warmed up quick enough,but didn’t go out too fast. Exactly how it should be.

          1. I agree, the tyres were nearly spot on. The only thing I could say is that it would have been better if the super softs would not last half distance. As it was, without the both compounts rule, they could probably have done the race on 2 sets of super softs, and if they had brought mediums, someone might have managed to do the whole race on one set.

            What happened, by the way, to the gap between the compounds they used to have in each race?

          2. Sometimes compounds behave different than you expect, like Bahrain and Canada. I think Raikkonen was on supersofts almost all race long whereas Vettel was on softs all along. That was probably why they ended up so close in the end.

    2. @craig-o Agree with you on here. This race had potential, but for some reason all settled down after 20 laps. Really disappointing race.

      1. The drivers couldn’t push as they were all in fuel conservation mode for this race, so they all ran to a pace. Terrible racing.

      2. Vettel was pushing till the end, almost caught Raikkonen.

  9. DRS killed what could have been some actual fights through the field.

    This season shows perfectly why F1 needs to be competitive and also why it needs to allow the drivers to fight instead of just blast passed each other. Make the cars easier to follow behind, remove DRS, less lift and coast, slightly better tyres and give F1 teams a fairer distribution of money. These solutions are there, so why aren’t they properly discussed by the guys in charge? I really don’t get it.

  10. Boring, and all the DRS-passes were just awful to watch. 3/10.

    As a Kimi-fan, I’m really starting to hope he’ll retire after this season…

    1. Issue with drivability related to the engine. I suppose he can’t really predict that. Otherwise it was a normal race for him with a Ferrari goof up.

      Why he went on SS should be interesting to hear. Vettel was flying on Softs to have a representation of the pace given by those tires.

      1. Kimi just said in interview for Finnish MTV3 that he had the same issue in hairpin on both his outlaps from pits (I guess he was better prepared second time).

        On the attack in the end he said that their speed was pretty much dictated by amount of fuel today so he had to save fuel and not go after Bottas.

        1. @hmmh Thanks for that piece of info. Seems like Kimi would have been on 3rd place without much issues if not for the spin and subsequent cook up of the tires.

          With fuel being critical, nothing much one could have done chasing a race.

    2. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 40 victories!!! (@)
      7th June 2015, 20:57

      @diceman yeah, what’s going on with Kimi? he should retire while we still have a decent opinion of him.

    3. That was not fully Raikkonen’s fault guys. Chill. If Ferrari want the championships they have some way to go and things to sort out.

  11. Boring race, 4. A shame for the mcLarens, both drivers seemingly loosing patience. Kudos to Bottas and Massa, Vettel a bit less due to this ignored red flag.

    1. Not intended as an answer, sorry.

  12. 1 AM here. I wonder why I stayed awake :(

    Nothing really happened other than some stupid moves by a few experienced drivers.

    Gave a 6 though. Vettel managing some moves along with Massa helped.

    Thinking it should have been a 5 as I type.

    Good Night!

    1. +1, I too voted 6.

      Vettel’s charge through the field was the only thing that kept me a bit intersted, otherwise I would have slept. But now I wonder if he had his usual grid position, we might have got a good race for the front. Kimi was average in this race.

      1. @mjf1fan probably should take Ferrari’s pace with a bit of salt next time. I was too excited to see the times and ended up staying awake for the race. Better judgement next time.

        But it was nice to see them get the fastest two laps of the race however insignificant they maybe.

        1. Yeah it was nice to see both of them getting top two flaps in race.

          I think next time it would be Mexican gp when i will have to be awake late night to watch the race. I am hoping it would be much more entertaining to watch. ( Would be estatic to see a Ferrari win there :D)

  13. I decided to not watch F1 races anymore and did so for a couple of ’em. And then came back again to see what’s up as it’s Canadian GP, and seems like my decision was right, I didn’t miss anything. Now I’m firm on my decision not to watch any of the races and just follow the points results saving me tens of hours hopefully. Good Bye F1 2015! See ya next year.

    1. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 40 victories!!! (@)
      7th June 2015, 20:58

      @functor give the trophy to Lewis already. Nico is not a real challenger and he may never become one.

      1. Can we just give a couple of trophies to Hamilton and Mercedes, then go back to racing please?

  14. Just an okay race. Expected kill more spice given it is Canada .

    No Safety car or reliability issues and tires are very durable. So no big drama there .

    Gave a 5.

    1. Yeah the race was just fine, not sure why people get so angry about it. You’re exactly right, I feel like the race was just a safety car away from being good, if we had a safety car in the last 10-15 laps would have made it an 8 or 9 I feel (would’ve been good to see Vettel against Kimi).

      1. and if we’d had some challenges for the lead it could have been an 8/9 also. Coulda/woulda/shoulda but it wasn’t so it didn’t rate very high.

    2. I’ve long since decided that this scale is on a curve. DRS did it’s job, but there was little to care about otherwise. Would have gave it a 4, but the Marmot gave me enough of a chuckle to bump it up to average.

  15. This is the closest I ever got to falling asleep during a race. F1 needs to axe the number of engineers used for strategies, their calculations to perfection make the races so predictible and boring.

  16. This is the closest I ever got to falling asleep during a race. F1 needs to axe the number of engineers used for strategies, their calculations to perfection make the races so predictible and boring.

    1. Ich think the Monaco GP would disagree with you

      1. Yup, there came something unusual, they made a mistake and it immediately got the race more exciting. But as long as a race goes along without any incidents it’s got almost no spark.

    2. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 40 victories!!! (@)
      7th June 2015, 21:00

      @hunocsi I am actually having more fun now, replying and writing lots of times. And believe me, I almost fall asleep too, even having the race from 1pm to 3pm here!

    3. Well did you think Vettel would have ended up ahead of Massa after his first pit stop?

      1. Ted Kravitz said on Sky before the start that engineers told him a two-stopper would be faster around here, and also knowing the Ferrari’s pace compared to Williams, yes I thought.

  17. Well that was boring. There were some interesting bits, like watching Massa and Vettel come through the field and Rosberg trying to catch Hamilton. However, the former was pretty much spoiled by DRS (it was always a question of “when”, not “if”) and the latter fight never really materialised, as Hamilton just managed to always keep the gap at around 1.3 seconds.

  18. Last year’s race was exciting! This race was the exact opposite. 5/10 for me.

  19. Pretty dull. A couple of good battles, but most of the time, racing was crushed by DRS. Aside from Räikkönen’s. Hülkenberg’s and Grosjean’s mistakes, nothing too thrilling happened after the first dust had settled.
    It looked as though we might get to see some action between the Mercs, but when Rosberg came close, he had to save his brakes, and when Hamilton pushed, he had to start saving fuel. So they were pretty much stuck with each other. A rather disappointing stalemate instead of a showdown.

    1. when Rosberg came close, he had to save his brakes, and when Hamilton pushed, he had to start saving fuel

      I wonder when it will dawn on people that this is the Mercedes code for “maintain your positions”?

      1. F1 would be far better if engineers on pit wall couldnt tell the drivers anythin in the race

      2. Thank you for calling me “people”. I think the main reason for this brilliant insight not yet dawning on me is my dislike for tinfoil hats. For now, at least.

  20. Rather boring for Canada – Vettel and Massa made it interesting as expected. Though I think Ferrari had the pace to annoy Mercedes without all the problems/mistakes.

    1. Only one of Ferrari’s cars has somethink. Raikkonen doesn’t deserve anythink, he is not capable of somethink special, he is just a driver number 2, it doesn’t matter who is his the gay in the other car.

  21. 5/10 boring for Canada but some good moments like Massa v Ericsson.

  22. How many dull uninteresting races do we need to witness before it becomes clear we need fuel strategy to add some interest? Honestly, the last 3 races have been the dullest i have ever seen and i’ve been watching for 20 years.

    1. How many dull uninteresting races do we need to witness before it becomes clear we need fuel strategy to add some interest?

      @racectrl Yes because we never had any dull races with refueling did we?

      Fuel strategy does nothing but make the racing worse, less close racing, less overtaking & less action on track.

      1. Strange that some of the most epic and closest championships took place when there was refuelling. ’94, ’96, ’97, ’98, ’99, 2000, 2007 & 2008. I think you would hard pushed to find anyone who thought those races were more boring than what we are experiencing this season.

        1. That has absolutely NOTHING with refueling but it has more with not having one team so dominant and cars could actually follow each other and gain from slip stream instead losing downforce because these stupid wings are so dependent on driving in clear air.

          1. I’m sorry but refuelling had everything to do with those years being close. It gave the teams more strategic options to compete against each other, otherwise it would’ve been follow the leader to the flag in the predictable fashion we see nowadays.

            Also, dirty air has been a big issue from 1997 onwards so your point is invalid.

          2. @racectrl Refuelling had nothing to do with them being close championships. They were close championships, but there were never any cracking races. Take the 2007 season for example. 90% of the time, the driver on pole, won. Besides Germany, which race was exciting? They were close championships, but that was only due to one circuit favoring one team more than the other. 2010, 2012 and 2014 were even better seasons which were just as close.

          3. @mashiat – Nurburgring 2007 was the last race i watched and it was fantastic! I love watching the cars go flat-out without saving fuel, tyres, and being able to come into the pits and fuel short/long to jump the guy ahead. I’ve yet to work my way through the other races but from memory Fuji, China and Japan were far from boring.

            2010 was great because it had competitive teams and a new set of rules to learn. I can recall the second half of 2010 being fairly predictable, ending in a disappointing last race of the season. 2012 had a great last race, i’ll give it that. 2013 to present has been pretty awful.

          4. @mashiat – Sorry, that should’ve read Fuji, China and Brazil.

          5. Fuji was a race with torrential rain. Rain always makes races more interesting, nothing to do with refuelling. And everyone remembers China with Hamilton going off on the way into the pits. Surprise surprise there was rain during that race too. There were only a handful of completely dry races over the entire 15 years or so we had refuelling where it brought something interesting. It doesn’t need to come back.

        2. I see you’ve made a pretty fundamental error there. Having a close championship does not mean the RACING was any good. In 2007 especially the racing was dull as ditchwater, it was the fact there was 4 drivers across two evenly matched teams that kept the championship alive until the final race which made it interesting. The races themselves weren’t that entertaining. Added to that 2010, 2012 and 2014 were all very good seasons. 2013 had a lot of good races too although Vettel walked the championship.

          1. I’ve been re-watching 2007 and the racing is far from dull. Flat-out racing from start to finish, loads of drama and incident and real racing (No DRS) Also, as a said before it was very important that the closely matched teams could run different strategies to compete against one another.
            For instance, what could Rosberg have done differently today to beat Hamilton? Nothing. If he had pitted for fresh tyres then Hamilton would’ve done the same. The only option he had was to overtake him and lets be honest; We could run that race another 20 times and Hamilton would win every single one. Boring, dull, predictable. There is no strategic racing anymore; It’s basically MotoGP without the great racing.

          2. @racectrl And what could he have done differently with refueling?

            Like Mercedes have both of them on the same tyre strategy they would have had both of them on the same fuel strategy.

          3. I don’t agree. In 2007 the racing was not that interesting. The things that made it worth watching were certainly not a result of refuelling. Close cars with 4 good drivers, the emergence of Hamilton, Mclaren’s implosion with Spygate and a tight championship. Most of the races were processional. Nurburgring was good, but if I remember rightly it started raining which brought in the extra variable which helped Alonso win. By strategic racing I guess you mean drivers waiting for the pit stops to overtake because it was impossible to do so on track. That’s not the F1 I want to see again. I don’t want what was served up today either, I want cars that can run close to each other without chewing gum tyres or the silly gimmick that is DRS. But refuelling is not, and will never be the solution.

        3. @racectrl The championship fights may have gone to the final races in those years, But that doesn’t mean the actual racing was any good from race to race.

          And I seem to recall plenty of people complaining about most of the races been super boring in those years due to a lack of on-track action/overtaking thanks to bore-fueling moving the racing to the pit lane bore-fuel strategy.

          We had good championship battles that went down to the final races in 2010/2012 & even in 2014 & we didn’t have refueling those years & I personally believe 2010 was a far better season/championship fight than any of the years you listed.

          1. People have always been complaining about F1 ever since it became difficult to follow another car. At least refuelling gave the teams a chance to compete compared to follow the leader we get today.

            2010 was an unusual season were you had 3 competitive teams all in the hunt for the title. I honestly think it was just one of those seasons that comes along once in a blue moon were everything aligns perfectly, but having said that i can recall the second half of the season becoming very predictable once the teams got on top of the new rules. Also, don’t forget Bahrain and the last race of the season being an absolute snore fest.

          2. At least refuelling gave the teams a chance to compete compared to follow the leader we get today.

            @racectrl It was even more follow the leader with refueling because they just used pit strategy to jump cars in the pits rather then racing them/overtaking them on track.

            For the faults F1 has currently at least we see the racing & most the overtaking happening on the track rather than in the pits.

            Just look at the stats, Overtaking plummeted from the 1st race we had refueling (Brazil 1994) & stayed at record low’s right up until the 1st race it was banned (Bahrain 2010 which despite complaints actually featured more overtaking than previous Bahrain GP’s).

        4. Michael Brown
          7th June 2015, 22:10

          Those were close years despite refuelling. It`s obvious that overtaking went down since refuelling was introduced. I think the people who are campaigning for it don`t remember how rare overtaking was back then.

          As for close championships without refuelling, there`s 2010, 2012, and 2014.

    2. @racectrl

      How many dull uninteresting races do we need to witness before it becomes clear we need fuel strategy to add some interest?

      What we need are some evenly matched cars/different cars capable of winning races, like we had in 2012.

      1. Those years are rare though so when it isn’t ultra competitive we need some diversity in strategy to create something interesting.

    3. Refuelling was terrible. You are in the minority wanting it back.

    4. @racectrl

      How many dull uninteresting races do we need to witness before it becomes clear we need fuel strategy to add some interest?

      I´ve caught myself thinking it was nearly as bad as it was with refueling.

  23. I thought it was a good race, there was a lot of action in the mid-field, a lot of passing & a bit of tension at the front at times.

    7/10 from me.

    maybe those whining about it been the worst canadian gp & all that should go back & watch the races from 10 years ago, they were truly awful… racing is far better now because we actually see close racing & passing.

  24. It’s a shame to see so much negativity, maybe we should focus on the positives – multiple overtakes, cars coming from the back and a good track instead of talking down our favourite sport…

    1. well at this rate it’s not going to be my favourite sport for much longer

    2. @glynh, I agree, I thought it was a decent race, and I am a bit dismayed to find that there are so many people giving it a 4 or less. I wonder what these people are expecting. If you watch other, ‘purer’ series like FR3.5 or WEC, these races can be quite processional as well.

      Of course, it could have been better. I was hoping for a mix of one-and two-stop strategies, for the podium places and maybe even for the race win, but that did not materialize. Another problem of Formula 1 in 2015 is that the top teams are too far apart. If we could have Ferrari, Williams, and Mercedes fight for the win, then this could have been a very good season. As it is, Mercedes are too dominant, and I find Hamilton-Rosberg less entertaining – so far- than it was last year.

      To those who cry “DRS”! I have come to agree. Back in 2011, I was moderately positive about it, due to the fact that catching sometimes also meant the possibility of passing (one driver catching another could be quite unexciting if you knew there was no way a pass was going to happen), but now I find that the DRS passes are often quite silly (where is Graham Chapman when you need him) and give little satisfaction.

  25. It was okay. Perhaps didn’t live up to usual CGV expectations but a fairly average race by any standards. Had some good moments, a few bits of action, a tense moment or two up front… but whatever. I’d still rather watch a dull F1 race than gameshows, talent shows or the usual rubbish they have on TV on a Sunday night.

  26. They need to:

    – get rid of the engine/gearbox limits and rev limits so they can blow them up
    – get rid of blue flag rule
    – reduce DRS or eliminate DRS
    – make a wider range of tyres and let them use as many of them as they like

    Any other things that would get drivers racing ???

    1. “get rid of blue flag rule” that would be a mistake

  27. I may be the only one and I would love to understand why in the comments bellow. I enjoyed the race. For me 7/10. Yes it wasn’t awesome, but com’on! Spain, China and Mónaco were worst!! What do you want from a race? Always a SC, more overtakes (see Vettel from 18th to 5th and it wasn’t all in DRS), more battles (we had a lot today, there are more cars in the grid than 1st!!), more crashes?! I just want to understand. Yes Merc are dominating, but there’s more cars out there, more team battles. It’s just lately fans of the sport want an epic race every weekend and F1 isnt’t like that (we can count with onde hand only how many we had last 10years). I’m really curious!

    1. For me the biggest turn off are those DRS passes. I don’t mind races being processional from time to time and the lift and coast doesen’t really bother me that much because I believe that it was always a part of F1 racing but we weren’t aware of that before but I just can’t stand DRS passes. I would rather have races without DRS in which we see fewer overtakes because I prefer quality over quantity. Everytime there is a potential battle for positions I hope to see a real fight but most of the times I’m left disappointed. And that’s what ruined todays race for me, too powerful DRS.

      1. @kashi13 Thanks for the answer! And I slightly agree with your view. But maybe, in yesterday’s race, if we didn’t had DRS we wouldn’t see some great battles in T13/14 or T1. Yeah, the ones that were made during the long straight were dull, but the rest I enjoyed. I think the sport firstly needs to solve other problems (cars need to be faster, tires too, less influence of dirty air) before taking away DRS.

        1. I wasn’t in my PC yesterday to comment if you are wondering the different names lol…. so I went with my real name instead my account.

  28. I feel for Alonso im a huge Ham fan but this kills me seeing this happen to him.You can see he is annoyed i liked the Vet fight.

    1. geoffgroom44 (@)
      7th June 2015, 21:27

      totally agree.I’m also a Lewis fan, but I really really don’t like to see Alonso in this situation.

  29. DRS ruins racing again, no battles at the front. Vettel and Massa provided some excitement but most of the passes were so easy that it did little to lift the rating. 5

  30. Never rains when you want it to, gave it a generous 5, time to but some lead in the Mercs?

  31. Race? What race?

    1. @fixy 2015 Canadian GP.

  32. 4/10

    Many people remember the 1988 Season as boring (McLaren domination), but the 1988 Canadian GP was more exciting than this! There was a race for the lead :-O

  33. why is Hamilton receiving so much more info than Rosberg… isnt driver coaching the way Mercedes told Hamilton the meters to lift and coast? Is there a penalty for that? and if that the case what is the penalty…

    1. Both Merc drivers get constant coaching on the use of their brakes, which is supposedly banned. If the FIA was interested in “leveling the field” and making things more competitive rather than presiding over another Merc coronation, all they’d have to do would be to ban the constant brake coaching.

  34. I’m really sure that this race deserves 1/10. The most boring season since 2002/2004.
    I don’t want to know the reca winner before even the start of the race. I think that even 2004 races were more interesting because we had different racers on pole. Now we have drivers padara rather than a race.
    Rosberg is in fact not cabable to achefent something more than 2 place. Only Vettel and Alonso are capable of something , but they need beter cars. Raikkonen is just 0 and is probably the most overrated driver nowadays.

  35. I’m not the biggest fan of DRS (I hate it just as much as a lot of others) but I feel it needs to be mentioned that most of the real easy passes were more a result of the Renault’s/Honda’s having really bad straght line speed.

    When we saw Mercedes & Ferrari powered cars racing DRS didn’t make things that easy at all.

    1. Indeed. When we had the Renaults between each other (and Alonso defending) or Ferrari vs. Mercedes DRS was far less of a bother @gt-racer.

    2. agree on that. I was about to say it myself. Lack of power from Renault and Honda made it look much worse than it actually is.

    3. Agreed. I was quite surprised to see Ferrari not getting stuck behind a Mercedes frankly. I was seriously expecting Vettel to get stuck behind Hulk.

  36. I gave it a 3. That was a pretty terrible race. DRS was so strong it was a joke. And nobody was really pushing, you can just tell from the onboard shots that no driver is really going at ten tenths.

  37. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 40 victories!!! (@)
    7th June 2015, 20:50

    I think it’s time to start rooting for refueling. It can give cars more possibility to go to the limit. And something must be done in order to allow the chasing car not to overheat and actually go for the car ahead. I don’t know if that can be possible changing the shape of the rear wing, the diffusers, or something else, but I think it needs to be done.

    1. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 40 victories!!! (@)
      7th June 2015, 20:51

      …PS: and leave the tyres hard. That is something good at least. Now the “hard” tyres need cars to be pushe to the limit, not the “lift and coast” joke.

    2. Refuelling wouldn’t have helped this race in any way, apart maybe from the McLarens not having to do quite as much fuel saving.

      Fact is, everybody under fuelled their cars a lot, because no one expected to see a race without any SC periods. With refuelling they would still have had to coast or do an extra stop. If they don’t want to come in for new tyres, what makes you think they would be more happy to make an extra stop for fuel (which takes far longer) @omarr-pepper

      1. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 40 victories!!! (@)
        7th June 2015, 21:19

        @bascb oh, but I don’t mean to make refuelling obligatory as pitstops, but necessary by reducing fuel tank capacity. Cars would be lighter (more speed) and wouldn’t be saving fuel (more speed again) and maybe going into full power would permit real overtakes instead of all this DRS situation.

        1. They would still be saving fuel in order to be able to make it through the race with “one less stop” @omarr-pepper because its often faster, and less risk, than doing that extra stop

      2. Everyone wasn’t underfuelling; this race was pretty marginal on the full 100kg of fuel @bascb. Hamilton used 99.22kg, Räikkönen 99.42kg. Screen cap from the race here.

        1. yes, you are right, @jethro. I stand corrected in that point.

  38. Enjoyed that – pretty good race!

  39. It was as I’d imagined. Mercedes power is still well in front, only 3 non Mercs on the top 10. Merc had no brake issues or hybrid issues. Seb had his difficulties overtaking Merc cars but it was possible and he achieved the maximum possible.
    Childish Romain.

    Some surprises to me which add up to the weekend.
    I wasn’t expecting that Ferrari was going to do so well, actually able to overtake.
    Mercedes still under-fuelled their cars, I find it strange the graphic suddenly jumped to 99kg by the end, it should have been 98.7kg if you were to follow the avg of 1.41 which was displayed on screen. Taking in consideration the tanks have 100kg plus space for sighting and in-lap, and that this track is power sensitive it’s surprising.
    Some cars appeared to run out of fuel..


  40. Normal race.
    Good action from Massa and Vettel.

  41. I don’t know what to rate these races anymore. Last couple of races I have rated between 5 and 7, I think this race was something like that as well. I don’t know. It’s just.. another one of those races.

    It’s all so routine nowadays. Reliability is spotless for all top teams. Mercedes is quicker than the others, so they qualify ahead of the rest, drive away from the field and finish one-two. Hamilton is quicker than Rosberg, so he qualifies ahead of him and then manages the gap just enough so that he finishes ahead of Rosberg, the gap being comfortable but not too big. Just lift and coast it home, Lewis.

    But then there was the fight for P3. Raikkonen spun at the hairpin, falls behind Bottas and pits for different tyres. Will he take P3? No, because the Williams engineer told Bottas over the radio they calculated it was not going to happen.

    Vettel and Massa qualify right at the back. Will they make up ground during the race and make it into the top six? Well, yes, of course, I mean, they have DRS so they can quickly cut their way through the field. All the pre-race excitement of two top cars out of position, all vaporised after about twenty laps.

    IS there going to be a safety car then? Not very likely, because none of the driver are actually pushing – you have to be pretty unfocused to make a mistake. Just make the DRS passes and get the car home, guys.

    It’s just all so routine. This is the first weekend in a number of years where I stopped caring about Formula 1. I missed Q1 and Q2 because I couldn’t be bothered to switch on the TV. I didn’t know the starting grid beyond P7 because why would it matter, the cars will finish where they belong in raw pace anyway. In short, I really doubt whether I’m an F1 fanatic anymore. Someone needs to realise F1 lacks a long-term vision.

    1. Nick (@theawesomefish)
      7th June 2015, 21:14

      This guy gets it.

    2. I feel your pain.

    3. @andae23 This sums up my thoughts far more coherently than I did a few comments down. I’ve been feeling the same way more and more recently, it’s just all so calculated and (as you say) routine. You can even hear the commentators are bored, trying their hardest to wring a story out of the damp rag that has become modern F1. It makes me sad because it has been a huge part of my life since almost as long as I can remember (I’m 20 now so this is about my 15th season following F1), but it really isn’t what it was. It’s never been perfect but recently is has just been dumb decisions followed by even dumber decisions, and I’m not sure how long it’ll last until there is a mass exodus of fans from the sport.

      1. Can you imagine how i feel watching F1 from 86’….this is absolute disaster….even worse then Schumi dominant 01 and 02 season when i missed most of the races…

    4. I couldn’t have summed it up any better. COTD right here

    5. That last paragraph is just the same as me, I just wasn’t interested, it was always going to be the same…exactly as the OP has written.

      I watched a bit in between doing various jobs, years ago you wouldn’t have got me away from the TV even in the Red Bull years.

      It just seems so formulaic.

    6. I’ll admit i spent more than a few minutes contemplating not watching the rest of the season, it was that bad. Infact i gave Sky my 31 days notice on Saturday for money reasons but after today’s race i know i made the right decision. That is why i have been pushing for refuelling. It may not be the answer we are looking for it but it would be something and that’s all i need right now because if this continues i won’t be a fan anymore.

    7. @andae23 Aside from the last paragraph, this post sums up my feelings exactly.

      There was just zero tension throughout the entire event.

  42. Jeez Nico ! He lost because it was “just the qualifying” that prevented a win.. on what planet, if he was on pole and got a good start I’ll bet Lewis would have hunted him down and passed to win.

  43. 6/10

    Good drives from Vettel and Massa provided pretty much the only real action. Yet another 90 minute advert for why we need to get rid of DRS. All of the interesting battles were extinguished before they really began because instead of racing they were just breezing past each other. It wasn’t completely dull but it was just typical of the rut F1 is in at the moment; DRS overtakes, too much fuel conservation, cars not really able to run closely, and far too much predictability. Almost every race this season has been a total anticlimax, the potential is there for a good season but there are too many fundamental things that are wrong with the sport. Canada is usually the most exciting race, and I think 5 years ago it could have been. Having drivers out of position on the grid like Vettel and Massa were would normally create incredible racing, but the past few seasons have seen overtaking turn from a carefully executed art to something that can happen at the push of a button. With every race I can feel the spirit of the sport, and everything that drew me to it in the first place, diminishing more and more.

    In the plus side it was nice to see Bottas on the podium again, he’s very good at quietly going about his business, hopefully Williams can build on this into the coming races and try and get more on terms with Ferrari.

  44. I found it tedious & boring.

    It wasn’t this bad when Michael Schumacher was wining every race, even though he was pummelling everyone else the races were somehow exciting (imo).

    1. because back then they pushed all the time… now it’s conserve that, save on this, look after those and so on. sucks.

  45. The race was boring. There were couple of great manoeuvres (e.g. Massa on Sainz or Verstappen in the first corner, I forgot).
    3 points. DRS killed the racing. Fuel saving killed the race, too.

    1. And now also brake saving.

  46. Not a great race but not so bad.
    Great race for Vettel, Massa, Maldonado, Ericcson.
    Good race for Hamilton, Rosberg, Bottas, Hulkenberg, Kvyat.
    Bad race for Raikkonen, Grosjean, Verstappen, Alonso.

    1. @jorge-lardone Kimi would’ve finished well on the podium if it wasn’t for that spin where he was not at fault.

      1. Sorry, I miss something?
        Was Arrivabene who was driving the car? Vettel? Gutierrez?
        Was Kimi? So…it is HIS fault!!!

        1. By that logic, it was totally Hamilton’s fault for Monaco this year or Canada last year?

          The car had an issue and caught Kimi unaware on his first outlap but he anticipated during the second and managed it. Nothing more he could have done there .


        2. @jorge-lardone So to put @evered7 comments in four words and answer your question, yes, you missed something.

  47. Come in boys and girls. Vent your personal frustrations and complain about how horrible F1 has become. Just a quick question; has it occurred to you guys that you don’t have to watch the sport or comment in a F1 site if you don’t like Formula 1? Just a thought…maybe I’m missing something. At this rate you guys are going to give up professional motorsports and not just F1. From DTM to Indycar, GP2, Super Formula…they are all implementing some form of DRS, or “push to pass” system to help with overtaking. If you guys drop off the motorsports grid, I say good riddance. Nobody needs fair weather fans.

    1. @sudd I love dogs, I really love walking with them, playing, I love everything about dogs. I don’t like seeing dogs in pain but that doesn’t mean when I see one I’m going to stop loving dogs.

      1. @axtwl, Great analogy bro. I read some of your posts, and I’ve decided to put you in the basket of “My fav team/driver is not winning, so F1 sucks.”

        If that was a boring race then I would conclude:

        1. People have the wrong expectations for open wheel racing. Perhaps touring cars would be more suitable for them.

        2. People based their ratings of a race based on who is the winner and who else accompanies that winner.

        By F1 standards that was a 7.

        1. There was a fight for win until the final 10 laps. Nico had brake issues, Hamilton had fuel. That was all the info viewers had. So when the gap was hovering 1.5-2.5 seconds, the race was tense.

        2. Bottas 1st podium. It was due to Kimi/Ferrari mistake so he fought for it and the argument could be made that he pushed Kimi/Ferrari into a mistake. Which is all part of racing.

        3. Vettel and Massa drive through the field.
        4. Good run by Maldo. Could of resisted Vettel much harder, but played it safe for good points. Sign of maturity. Something positive we all want to see.

        5. Decent racing from the mid to back markers.

        So, my question is given all that, what is making people go to the extremes and saying the race was a 1 or 4? My guess is that they are used to getting a little carnage from Canada and want to see Mercedes off the podium.

        1. 1. Hamilton was controlling the pace all the time and Rosberg did not get close to him once.

          2 . Bottas first podium of the year is hardly an exciting point. Did he come through from the back in an inferior car making an incredible drive to the podium? No. He just got it gifted on a plate by the raikkonen spin.

          3.Vettel and Massa use DRS to fly past the midfield with ease. Only a couple of cars put up a decent fight but when DRS makes it so easy what’s the point in defending?

          4. Maldonado had a solid race but did that make the race any more interesting? Nope.

          5. Most of the passes were DRS assisted and none of them were particularly spectacular. The faster cars just got past and that was that.

          I’m not sure if you were watching a decade ago but F1 feels incredibly predictable and less exciting compared to back then.

        2. Bottas 1st podium. It was due to Kimi/Ferrari mistake so he fought for it and the argument could be made that he pushed Kimi/Ferrari into a mistake. Which is all part of racing.

          The gap between Kimi and Bottas was at 4.3 seconds before the pitstops. Steadily increasing. Kimi had an issue with the engine map and hence the spin, nothing to do with Bottas pressuring him.

          If fans are only to voice positive opinions, then we need not have a rate the race poll at all.
          There have been 8+ ratings for some and 4+ ratings for other circuits. We are just calling a spade a spade and not being artificially happy because ‘one’s favorite driver won’ :)

          The argument goes both ways @sudd

          1. @evered7 On top of that every single voting has seen people vote 1 but a vote rarely goes by when even on average or bad races some people vote it a 10.

          2. @xtwl those are the ones who voted for Chilton as DOTW week after week I suppose :)

      2. @sudd – My favourite driver is not even in F1, my favourite team hasn’t won since 2012 and that was a horrible win. Your assessment could not have been more wrong about me.

        I also voted the race a 6. An average race. Nothing I’ll remember in 2016. Fans who vote lower than 5 are people venting their frustration with all right to do so as the sport is losing itself quite rapidly. This hardly has anything to do with any team or driver.

        Sure people base their rates on who wins that has been since this poll was introduces. You’re last two points are nothing but your view on things, others see it as ‘DRS ruined it’.

        My analgoy was indeed perfect. I love watching F1 but the sport is losing it self and its true nature, but that won’t mean I will give up on a passion that I have had for over a decade.

    2. @sudd. Not sure I follow your logic. Are fans not allowed to complain about a sport they love? Perhaps it is they are not fair weather fans that they are hurting so much. Besides, what positives did you add to this forum about the sport?

    3. I’m a fan of F1 in a similar kind of way to how I’m a fan of a football club. You support the sport in the bad times as well as the good times. But if you think people aren’t going to voice their concerns of the way the sport is at the moment, you need to get real.

      1. @deej92, you seem like a reasonable person. There is nothing wrong with criticism. In fact I welcome it. But won’t you agree F1 fans are a different breed? They will be the first to jump ship and tarnish their own sport given the opportunity. That is the very definition of fair weather. Using your own words: “You support the sport in the bad times as well as the good times.”

        Can you point to a period when the F1 community supported itself during a bad time? Small grid count, DRS, engines, noise, penalty system…etc. You name it F1 fans will always complain to the point where their criticism is not productive and can’t be taken seriously. People are complaining about DRS in Canada, what do you thing they’ll do when we get to a track when fast cars get stuck behind slow cars because of the aero effect?

        1. But we do like, actually love F1… that’s the reason people are bothered, because they care.

          As for your last comment, its been obvious for many many years that more mechanical grip and less aero dependence would negate the need for gimmicks like DRS, that turn races into a time trial.

          1. @john-h, I find that hard to believe. People are not complaining because they want the sport to be around, they complain because their team or driver isn’t winning.

            Let’s say we follow your logic and reduce areo to just basic front and rear wings. Lap times will instantly increase. How do do you suppose we bring them back down again? Let me guess, Bigger and more grippy tires. But what if big sticky tires are not enough to reduce lap times? Let me guess again, high reving V8s and V10s.

            You see what you realize immediately is people are advocating for a regressive formula. Back to the good ol days attitude. This isn’t NASCAR where you can get by on tradition. F1 is technology based and has always been. Low downforce and big engines will never be the future of F1. This isn’t 1985. I suggest people who keep advocating for these things come to grips with the reality.

          2. @sudd firstly, I’m a Hamilton fan.

            Secondly, your guess is wrong. The V6 hybrids are great, its just the fuel and rev limits. We don’t need to go back to V8s or V10s at all, that would be completely the wrong thing to do.

            F1 has got it right by balancing things more towards the engine, but they need to reduce these Gillette razor front wings and make the tyres wider. I’m not saying no aero, just less.

            And I have a firm grip on reality thanks.

        2. I have faith that the majority of people here aren’t complaining about F1 because their favourite driver or team isn’t winning (remember people complained in the Red Bull years as well) but because they actually care about the racing and F1’s future.

          I think most fanatics in this community are not fair weather fans and they will stick with the sport in bad times, which I think we are currently in. F1 will never be perfect, but they/we just want F1 improved. I think that’s reasonable.

          Regarding DRS, personally I’m not a fan but probably don’t hate it as much as some. I think the racing so far this year would have possibly been even worse without it. Sometimes, like today, it is overpowered though. Research into the aero, which the boffins will undertake soon, would hopefully deal as best they can with the problem of the cars struggling to follow one another and therefore DRS would not be required.

    4. @sudd I’m sorry but everyone should be able to express an opinion. I’ve been following F1 for at least 15 years (so about 3/4 of my entire life) so I don’t think “fairweather fan” is accurate. Most of the people voicing their disillusionment at the current state of F1 are people who have been following it for years, and have been witnessing the decline of the sport that they have given a lot of their life to following. I’ve been visiting this site pretty much every day since 2007 and have seen so many avid fans come to the same conclusion. Obviously you’re entitled to your view as much as I am mine, but as someone who has had F1 consume almost my whole life, I want to stick around to see F1 get fixed, not just give up on it.

  48. I gave it a 6/10. It was pretty good, but a bit sub-par for Canada. But good battles and cars drifting a wee bit.

  49. 7 decent race, feel sorry for Fernando, a class driver in a garbage car.

  50. This was one of the worst Canadian gp – Borring !!!!! – I am on the verge to quit watching F1 anymore. Single Team is dominating every grand prix – what a waste. Season 2005-2006 were the best I remember so far !

  51. If F1 can’t produce a reasonable race at Montreal then there’s no hope for the sport. Seriously wondering why I still bother with it.

    1. @thegazmeister Its not as if every race at Montreal was good.

      2001/2002/2004 were not that good from a racing point of view & I don’t recall 2005 been that good either. Likewise I can’t say I remember much from the 1997/1994/1992 races from the perspective of good racing.

      In fact thinking back Montreal only tends to be exciting when we had a safety car or 2, Most (of the races here that didn’t feature a SC tend to be dull.

      1. I can’t disagree with what you write, but by the standards of the modern Tilkedromes Montreal is a decent circuit. It’s one of the ever-decreasing ranks of real race tracks left in the sport.

    2. Seriously wondering why you’re still here… @thegazmeister

      1. Seriously wondering what you feel that comment has brought to the discussion?

  52. How are 2015 ratings shaping up so far versus 2014 or other years ?

  53. So, eh. The most average of average races I guess. Nothing spectacular except for that one overtake Massa pulled on the Sauber. Was worth three replays apparently, shows what state F1 is in.

    I know they have to save fuel and tyres but is that now also all we can talk about after the race, it properly getting boring. Why didn’t Ted ask Hamilton about those four or five lock ups in the hairpin?

    Rosberg again not up to the mark of Hamilton, another thing we’re slowly getting used to. Lucky for him the Mercedes is good enough to garuantee him second place. Bottas got a lucky podium there, had nothing to do just drive the laps, I’d be worried I’d fall asleep if it weren’t for the pitstops and doubling other cars. Kimi also didn’t do anything spectacular. Vettel had a great race overtaking and taking the right risks. Strategy wise I don’t know, I would’ve started him on the softs, find some free air to punch some 10 laps on the ss and then go on another set of softs, but who am I. Massa also had a great race but in the end he had to nurse the ss like he had to also drive them home to Brazil…

    Oh, if two cars can start from P15, and last, and still round up the top 6 it’s getting predicatble and the gaps between the teams is just getting ridiculous.

    McLaren, what are Button and Alonso doing. If they don’t have nightmares of the Honda already, they must look at Webber his smile and think ‘I made one hell of a wrong choice here’. ‘I believe in the project’, amateurs yeah…

    As I said, average race, nothing new. A proper 6.

  54. Boo.


  55. 4/10 below average. DRS overtaking does not make good races. I’d rather have a full race with no overtakes but solid, fair defensive driving than 400 DRS passes down a straight that make me think I’m watching a motorway.

  56. Boring at the front, minor skirmishes in the middle ranks and although I hate to say it Vettel had a very good race. All in all pretty bog standard for this season. FIA need to seriously look at the spec rule book when a race is decided on brake fatigue and fuel consumption. What a crock, we need to see racing, wheel to wheel nose to tail bumper to bumper stuff.

  57. I went for 4pts i gave it an extra point for the excitement that the groundhog being on track added.

  58. F1 got lucky that vettel and massa had a bad day in qualifying, if they had got their normal top 5 positions from the start there would have been less than 10 passes in the whole race and it would have been an even bigger snorefest. i rate this race a 2 for that reason vettel saved it from being a 1, its time to ditch the power units and start again with everyone having the same engine.

  59. utter pish. 2

  60. Graham (@guitargraham)
    7th June 2015, 21:18

    got the result i wanted with both lewis and bottas but the race was “meh”. 5

  61. geoffgroom44 (@)
    7th June 2015, 21:21

    I was utilising the live timing here on F1fanatic.No tv and no video stream.I didn’t find it boring at all. It was very fascinating to watch drivers lap times. Seeing where they were on a charge or just sitting back.Watching experts respond to another driver’s surge. All at 58 metres per second! Remarkable how close the lap times are in F1.
    The twitter feeds are also a lot of fun and some good info.
    The sport is all about driver skills, vehicle development and reliability. When one team gets this combo right, why do folks complain that it’s boring?

    1. so your saying its not boring if you dont watch it, thats genius

  62. I think any race where the words fuel saving or tyre saving is gonna be a boring race and is totally against the antithesis of F1, bring back refuelling, get better tyres, make the power units more standard and f1 will suddenly improve.

    1. bring back refuelling

      @robsmith why?
      to get more racing in the pits & less on the track, No thanks!

      Also there was still tyre/fuel saving when we had bore-fueling as drivers needed to extend there fuel stints to do the boring pit-passing we saw through the whole bore-fueling era.

  63. I didn’t watch the whole race ….. I was literally watching paint dry in the hallway :-|

    I’ve just heard some quotes from Alonso: “We look like amateurs” …and …. “I lost power. Nothing is working” … LOL :). I now rate the race a 5/10 … as Alonso made me laugh!

    I feel Alonso and Button could exit F1 at the end of the season ……

  64. Getting closer and closer to ditching my Sky Sports subscription. Then I can watch the BBC highlights, and get BT sport instead so I can catch Indycar instead. F1 is just not a spectacle anymore.

  65. Dave (@daveforbergmail-com)
    7th June 2015, 21:26

    Lift and coast.

  66. Victor (@victorandrei1999)
    7th June 2015, 21:27

    It is the most boring race i have ever seen. All the overtakes were on DRS zones ,there were no crashes and there were 3 retirement due of some magical V6 engine issues. I wasted my time for nothing. It is for the first time in my life when I really don’t want to see anymore F1. The degradation of this sport is incredible.

  67. An uncharacteristic boring race from Montreal. Just goes to show how much of a poor effect the current regs are having on the sport.

  68. 5

    + a few spins, Massa and Vettel did well coming through, groundhog action
    – lift and coast, mostly a procession

  69. It was okay. I gave it a 6, for the midfield battling.

  70. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    7th June 2015, 21:39

    Really quite boring which is surprising given it was Canada.

    Although the technological feat of it is impressive, Mercedes’ advantage is rather strangling any anticipation or excitement. Barring any reliability gremilins – which look totally under control – it’s fair to say a Merc will be on pole and win the race. Also as Rosberg appears to have no answer to Hamilton’s pace it’s fair to say this will be the easiest championship ever won.

    Didn’t they used to say in F1 anything can happen – and it usually does? I think it’s ended up being a bit too predictable now.

  71. I gave it 5……What is all this lift and coast business??? Its a RACE not a economy drive….they will be giving out a point for the best mpg next…..and the Honda engine should be developed in a B team…..we are missing 2 of the best drivers racing……rant over!!!!

    1. What is all this lift and coast business?

      Something that has been a part of F1 & other motor sport categories for decades.

      Only reason you hear more of it now is because we hear more team radio when in the past we didn’t get to hear any.

      There used to be a saying used by drivers like Jackie Stewars, Prost, Lauda, Fangio, Moss & many other greats… That saying been that the object of a GP was to win the races at the slowest possible speed to look after the car, manage the tyres, fuel & the like.

      This talk about how all this fuel, tyre, lift & coast & all that is something new is completely incorrect…. Its been going on in F1 forever!

  72. Earlier today I watched the BTCC coverage on ITV4, thought it would be a nice warm up to the F1. I enjoyed the BTCC far more. Drivers were allowed to push to the max on a tough track. Yes there was some ropey driving but on the whole it was a more entertaining watch.

    Perhaps having 2 or 3 shorter races with mixed up grids, added weight to some cars, and less restrictive rules might be the way to go. I dunno.

    Love F1, but hate how it is at the moment. No one seems happy with ho w it is. Even those on the podium.

    I rated it a 2 as a semi protest.

  73. I actually think that fuel is the biggest drama on F1..
    Drivers can´t push the car to the limits to fight each other and that takes out part of the excitement..

    There is just to much fuel saving..

  74. 8 – For Lewis win and for the cars coming from behind – Vettel and Massa – Want to improve Formula 1 Show?
    – half reverse grids like GP2 and points for pole position and fastest lap. Too bad for Lotus with Grosjean’s mistake…

  75. Boring

  76. A pretty decent race, though I meant to vote 6/10 and not the 7/10 I clicked on.

    The race was pretty typical of the times; I really would like to go back to 2010 or 2012 levels of excitement, but the current package sadly prevents this is many ways. Still, it’s miles above the dread I watched during the refuelling era, so I’ve got no idea what on earth people are talking about when they say they weren’t this bored during 2002 or 2004. TV directors were worse (showing P1 for 75% of the race) and most overtaking was strategic.

    Personally didn’t feel DRS was as terrible as it has been here before, but still terrible.

    I am absolutely done with F1 pundits on Twitter, though. These people want to get paid for talking about F1, but do nothing but whine. I keep watching the races because I like F1, but then I go on Twitter and some guys who think they’re as funny as Sniff Petrol go on how even IS is less terrible than F1 right now. I thought the complaining during the Schumacher era was bad in the media, but this is entirely new ground. Mind you, it pains me when I read a comment like @Andae23‘s and others, who are legit disappointed fans who just want the best for F1. But I find it rather odd there are people who make ‘funny’ F1 sites and try to win ‘best cynic’ every race.

    1. I am absolutely done with F1 pundits on Twitter, though. These people want to get paid for talking about F1, but do nothing but whine. I keep watching the races because I like F1, but then I go on Twitter and some guys who think they’re as funny as Sniff Petrol go on how even IS is less terrible than F1 right now.


  77. When even the Canadian GP becomes a snoozefest, I cannot justify spending all this time every other weekend anymore. From now on, I’m just gonna read the review first and then watch the race if seems to be worth it.

    2/10. Saved by Massa’s move on Ericsson.

    1. I agree, pretty poor by Canadian standards. You’d think F1 would at least adjust the DRS zones from year to year and get them right. I’ll pick and choose which GPs to watch from now on – Spa and maybe Austria or Silverstone, forget about the rest. Looking forward more to Hülkenberg’s next race.

      Why couldn’t Massa just go up the inside, like Verstappen did?

  78. 6.

    At least it helped burn some spare time in anticipation for Le Mans. :)

  79. Pretty boring, a 4
    If Haas is smart, they sign Simona Di Silvestro all the attention will go to them and she is worthy of F1.

  80. I think some people here just look the race for the first top 3 spots, really! If you follow the sport as much as you claim we can’t have an epic race every weekend, can we? We never had (well there are maybe 1 or 2 seasons like that in the last 10 years, but still). Everybody here knows Mercedes is in another league, so why not look for the rest? It wasn’t amazing, no! But it was a decent race with some good overtakes and errors from teams keeping us in doubt for some places in top 10 (Ferrari bad pit stop, Grosjean mistake, Kimi spin and so on). For me it was way better than Spain or Monaco, so 7/10.

  81. I was at the race and, for the most part, it was boring. We really needed a safety car or something to make it more exciting.

    Rated it 5/10

  82. In some ways races were good 2012 until mid 2013. Tyres are so durable now theres virtually no mention of them. Everyone had a go at them now look. DRS not needed with 2012 tyres. I though the high deg tyres were good its just when they got harder it brought them too close to saving a stop by driving to a delta. Now they are a non issue and back to single seater aero issue and fuel saving. No drs and tyres that you might as well have a go as they do not last long enough no matter what you do?

  83. This race deserves about 6, otherwise it compared with the previous ones I rated only for 4. It was very very boring, simply awful race.

  84. I gave it a 5. Just average. Poor for Canada.

    Seeing Alonso doing all he can to defend with his McLaren but ultimately continue to struggle massively makes for very painful and uncomfortable viewing. I think the lack of Alonso and Button towards the front end of the grid is also having a detrimental effect on the 2015 season.

    Just a little message though: 2015 has been a bit of a dull affair so far, but don’t lose faith, people. Fingers crossed for better races to come. F1 will get better.

  85. I was going to give it a 7, but then there were grid girls which added a point. Look what that did for Vettel…

    1. Look what that did for Vettel…

      Lol! He sure was feisty :) @uan

    2. I m sure he really cares bout that …

  86. Neil (@neilosjames)
    8th June 2015, 1:39

    At the end, I realised I’d only been out for one cigarette. That level of abstinence indicates I have to award it at least a seven. My head thinks so too, largely thanks to the midfield and some good racing (Massa/Ericsson stood out).

    (I had five during Monaco)

  87. Brogan Fraser
    8th June 2015, 2:15

    I honestly cant understand the negativity that some of you are displaying.
    Its like you have no real memory of how boring some races really use to be!
    They say you remember the past with rose tinted glasses, which I think is what is going on here!
    The Schumacher days…I am sorry to say….were boring…at least we have 2-3 drivers going for the win this year!
    “Oh but fuel saving” – Yes they were doing fuel saving in the previous turbo days also, Ive heard multiple drivers talk about it. Is it possible that perhaps they just talk about it more now??

    Ultimately, If you dont like it, dont watch it, then I wont have to read your complaining about it.
    It seems like some of you just want something to complain about – 2013 it was Vettel always winning (Schumacheresque is it not?) 2014 – It was the sound of the cars, 2015 – How boring the races are.
    I want to read constructive interesting comments, not just the same old boring comments about DRS, Fuel & Tyres.
    In before – “But thats all formula 1 is these days” – Its not, dont be stupid.

    1. @Brogan Fraser, Here here!!!

      1. Brogan Fraser
        8th June 2015, 8:09

        Thanks very much Guy!
        Im glad Im not alone in this opinion!

    2. Most of us are here because the 90s/00s were largely great and hooked us on the sport but do you believe the same is happening now? I think the real damage will be seen in 5 years time when most have moved on (unless the show improves)

      I agree with you that tyres and fuel saving isn’t a major concern but I do believe that DRS is single handedly ruining the sport. I can deal with a boring race but when nearly every potential battle is ruined by DRS I lose the will to live. Everything else is just fans taking their frustration out at not having good honest racing anymore IMO.

  88. Another borefest so I gave it 4.

  89. I am getting so brassed off at the constant stream of negative comments from so called F1 fans these days. I’m sorry, but if you felt that race was boring, I have to question why you watch the sport or indeed if you understand it. That was a fine race, a classic no but it had its moments and it had a number of good sub-plots that played out well. If you cant see that it is your loss and you should look elsewhere.

    If you want all action, short fun races watch RallyCross, Touring Cars or junior single seaters. I would say watch WEC but if just over an hour and a half of F1 cant hold your attention how will you last through 6/8/12/24 hours of nuanced Motorsport? That goes for all endurance actually. There may be something for you out there, but I don’t think F1 is for you.

    1. @geemac Please enlightened me on what good moments or sub plots that I have missed here then. All I can see is every car has no real threat or battle from their closest rival. Hamilton and Rosberg never really challenged on track or even threatened by undercut. Bottas only got in front of Kimi because the latter spun, and they both never get near one another before or after the switch to make a real threat. Lotus was running their own race, until Grosjean make his mistake and it not even because he was in threat from someone else. Vettel and Massa slices thru the field easily as shown by practice times and never battle with one another. So please do tell me.

      1. Well you saw the championship challenger well handled by his team mate. You saw 2 fast cars slice through the field. You saw Massa setting up and then putting a great move on Ericsson. You saw 2 multiple world champions going wheel to wheel. You saw a future world championship challenger managing his pace expertly on slower tyres in a slower car to hold off a world champion in a Ferrari. You saw battles for position practically all the way through the field. You saw varied strategies. What more do you want?

        It cant be Suzuka 2005 every race. Just because a race isn’t the best race of all time doesn’t mean it is boring.

        1. @geemac I saw a championship challenger having no threat at all by his team mate because they both know he has much more on bag and virtually no threat at all unlike China where there’s real threat from Ferrari if they back down too much. I saw 2 cars out of position slice thru the field without any difficulties that may jeopardized their races. They both get into their final position which is just behind Mercedes and their own teammates with plenty of laps to go which means they also never threatened to lose their reasonably maximum points without SC from where they were starting. Massa and Ericsson is a good wheel to wheel but its poor performance from Massa since he has much better car and they also touched a bit at the rear as the replay shows. So I’m not really excited about that. Alonso and Vettel is also quite good for the 1st time but Vettel also on much faster car and he admit he misjudged that Alonso will simply let him pass. The second time they met Vettel pass Alonso much more easily even without DRS because he know Alonso will try to defend (and proved that he don’t have any chance to defend at all). I saw Bottas and Raikkonen never threaten each other. The switch is simply because Raikkonen spun. Its pretty much nothing compared to the pressure he has when defending his position from a Ferrari multiple times already this year.

          So yeah this race is boring. Not all races are great like you said, but also there is a boring race and this is one of them. If you think I just hating the race, you’ll see I easily put what I found exciting in other rate the race articles, even calling Hamilton managing the pace brilliant in China.

          1. @sonicslv

            On the battle at the front and the battle between Raikkonen and Bottas, instead of bein negative it annoys me that people can’t see them for what they are. Between Hamilton and Rosberg what we are seeing is a driver, one of the best of all time, showing why he is the best by never ever letting his team mate, who is no slouch, get a chance to get by him. That takes massive skill. Between Bottas and Raikkonen, yes Raikkonen spun but Bottas managed the gap between them all race to mak sure he stayed ahead, despite being in a slower car and being on the slower tyre. That again is noteworthy.

            On Massa and Ericsson, what you fail to acknowledge is that the Saer was on the quicker tyre, so the top speed advantage Massa had was negated by the better traction Ericsson was getting off the corners. Again, this is a nuance that few F1 “fans” will acknowledge. We saw a battle because there were different strenghts and weaknesses to the cars, that was a good thing. Would you prefer it if Massa had he just breezed by.

            On Alonso and Vettel, yes it only lasted two laps, buut the fact the battle did last two laps was down to the skill of both drivers involved. Had a lesser driver than Alonso tried to put Vettel in the same position there would have been contact. So yes this is noteworthy.

            And saying that the safety Car would have added something is also nonsense, because if it had have come out and had Rosberg got by we would have had calls that the win was artificially taken away from Hamilton.

          2. @geemac I still disagree with you.

            On Hamilton and Rosberg, there is no real battle because Rosberg is never in position to legitimately threat Hamilton. Both Mercs can drive faster than that and we both know it. Even Keith has an article when Hamilton himself admit he never felt in any danger from Rosberg. Last year (before the brake problems) or China this year is better example of showing how someone manage a gap in front.

            On Raikkonen and Bottas, like I said Bottas did nothing. Look at the lap time chart, Bottas chart shows a steady slope. And if you compare it with Raikkonen it never follows the Raikkonen lap times fluctuations, which shows Bottas is never reacted to Raikkonen to manage the gap. Does him prepare for the attack in case Raikkonen catch him? Definitely, but it never happens as Raikkonen is never close enough. The extra pit stop provide more than enough breathing room for Williams.

            On Massa and Ericsson, again you’re wrong. Sauber is in option but it is fact that option and prime don’t have big difference at that time. Again, look at the chart and see that the next lap after Massa pass Nasr, Nasr time is 1:21.36 while Massa 1.19.36. That is 2 full seconds difference. Also they running side by side for few corner actually negates your argument that Nasr has better traction, it shows that Massa has same or better traction (Merc engine advantage could account for the tire grip difference).

            On Alonso and Vettel, I think you overrate it too much. Any driver with enough experience as them is expected to not making contact. Also once Vettel realize its harder to overtake McLaren at the chicane he just set up to out dragged him on the straight.

            And lastly I never said SC should/would added something. If you read my comment, the only thing I said is Vettel and Massa get into their final position which is the most they can expect without SC, as in they can’t catch any Mercedes, Williams, or Ferrari cars but have passed all other teams.

          3. @soniclv It is strange, but I have to disagree with you too. I think we have both made our points and further discourse is just going to be futile.

            That said: On Bottas, why do you think the gap fluctuated? Raikkonen pushed a bit, then Bottas responded. It didn’t always happen the next lap, but it happened.

            And in Massa/Ericsson: Watch the replay again, out of 2 Ericsson got almost a full car length ahead of Massa before Massa’s better power got him through. My point on his traction was more than valid.

          4. @geemac Yes, lets agree to disagree ;)

            Also on Kimi/Bottas: Which gap is fluctuated? Bottas is surely responding to Kimi after his pit stop, but he stop responding to Kimi lap times after Kimi pit again for options.

            On Massa/Ericsson: after watching the replay again I concede that Ericsson got better traction but I also noticed 2 things: Massa need to have slight correction on last corner which means he get on power a bit later than normally he would and they have slight touch (Ericsson rear right to Massa sidepod) but probably this hurts Ericsson more and why Massa can easily pass him after.

        2. Thanks for explaining why this race certainly was worth watching; I fully agree @geemac

    2. @geemac Thanks!! Sometimes I think I’m the only one seeing the races with “real” eyes! Like I said in my comment above, F1 was never about epic races every weekend. Maybe people nowadays just look the race for the top 3 but there’s much more in a race to look out! Giving this race a 1, 2 or even a 4 just show how some fans really don’t understand the sport! It wasn’t a classic for sure, but it was way better than Spain or China!

      1. Glad Im not the only one @key75 and @bosyber.

  90. 3/10.

    Nothing really special, even with Vettel and Massa starting from back don’t lead into good show. For all to think that refueling makes races dull because it make on track passing number low, this is an example where we have lot of passing but none of them feeling special and the race still dull. Actually, refueling may give something more to watch or expect for this race. The sad thing is this is the close to perfect F1 race when faster cars can go ahead of slower cars easily with or without DRS and it does makes a dull racing.

    1. DRS doesn’t help that much for a Ferrari to overtake a Mercedes.

  91. Watching Vettel climb up the pack from essentially last place to finish well within the points at 5th even after a slow stop was brilliant. Masa got to work as well which was lovely to watch… and Maldonado actually finishing a race?! In the points no less.. Lotus must be ecstatic having two drivers actually finish in paying positions.

    The action up front was less enthralling, of course, but overall there were some great moments.

    ..Also Renault and Honda.. how the mighty have fallen.. If Canada was rough I can’t see Austria being any better.

  92. David (@ringridder)
    8th June 2015, 5:53

    Not every race can and should be ‘exciting’. However the Canadian GP can deliver so much more and I was quite sorry I stayed up. DRS too strong and thankfully that marmot came away with spying on that Williams. Rosberg could have chased Hamilton until Monday…

  93. 2. One for Massa’s battle at the start of the race and one for the beaver on track.

    Bernie is wrong about having sprinklers, what they actually need is cute and/or ferocious animals trackside.

    Who wouldn’t opt to watch a family of beavers building a dam or a bear chasing a deer, instead of cars sitting one and a half seconds behind each other so they can lift and coast safely without ruining their tyres?

  94. Dire, and what makes it worse is this is the one track that always delivers good races. Doesn’t make me feel to much excitment for the rest of the year. DRS has taken all the tension and excitement out of battles for position. I turned off after 20 laps, 1/10.

  95. Gave it a six. It wasn’t a snooze fest. But, it just wasn’t a thriller either. We were spoilt last season with amazing racing, we can’t have it all sadly.

    Hopefully, Austria gives us some action!

  96. How can the ratings be above 5. It was simply a borefest at best.

  97. People say fans ‘forget how boring it used to be’, but at least it was pure. If a driver couldn’t pass another, that was that. If he did manage it, the manoeuvre was completely down to driver skill, or good fortune. It wasn’t due to DRS, fuel saving, or driving over a car park outside of the white lines to avoid a collision.

    It was a spectacle back then. I didn’t mind a procession in the mid-00s, because it was mesmerising. Races were entertaining enough just watching the cars screaming around the circuit. These cars are a dull as dishwater to watch. The old Hockenheim used to absolutely thrill me as a young boy.

    I am waiting for DRS to be rid of. It needs to be written into the 2017 regulations, otherwise my twenty-something years of interest will likely evaporate entirely. I’m tired of persevering with this sub-par formula, waiting for things to be addressed that seemingly never will be. I spent half of Montreal tapping away on my laptop with the race in the background. I doubt I’m not the only viewer to whom an F1 race is now just wallpaper to casually glance at.

    Anyway, I can’t wait for Le Mans.

  98. Simon (@weeniebeenie)
    8th June 2015, 13:05

    The race would have been so much entertaining if it played out in the same way but without DRS. Any excitement of watching cars slice through the field or battle for position was killed by the dull passes via DRS, all done before they even got to the corner. Sure, a few were a little tougher but as others have said, most of them were a foregone conclusion.

    The actual act of overtaking is not what is exciting, it’s the battle. I’d rather watch Schumacher and Alonso duke it out at Imola without an actual pass over 20 easy DRS passes like we saw yeterday any day of the week.

  99. 5, found it quite boring, though there was the expectation that something was going to happen but never did.

  100. It’s uncanny how fast and how bad rulemaking can ruin the races.
    Between DRS, Engine Tokenism and stupiwardity we’ve gone from a pretty decent 2014 to a slumber-inducing 2015.
    And you know what’s the worst part about the current ruleset? That it all came about as a power play from the rights holder with no regard to the competitors, the fans or anyone else.

  101. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
    8th June 2015, 16:19

    5. Not much drama happened that weekend.

  102. Hopefully the Williams can put up a fight at Austria. I think Ferrari have lost that momentum they had now. They will have to wait until the break in my opinion before any more big challenge so I’m relying on Williams until then. I do say hopefully…

  103. I rated the race a 6.5 – 7.

    It wasn’t up to the high standards of previous Canadian Grand Prix but it was better than the last couple of Grand Prix this year.

  104. I could not bring myself to give the race more than a single point. I, like some others on here, fell asleep at about lap 24. I know this because that is where my lap chart fizzled out. (Justification, if any were needed that a hideously expensive Sky Sports package would be a waste of my precious pennies). People are claiming that F1 is boring and I would have to agree with that. The FIA have to take the blame for most of the problems and really put their foot in it when they decided to take charge of the design the cars for 2014. For overstepping the boundaries of it’s expertise the FIA were suitably punished by the car makers ‘with knobs on’.
    I have been watching, avidly, since the 70’s. The ‘show’ is now so predictable that we all know that the 2015 World Champion will be Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes will win the 2015 constructors championship and Bernie will get even richer.
    What is missing from the ‘sport’ is unpredictability. Exploding engines, melting gearboxes, smoking tyres, red hot brake discs et al. F1 racing should be proper racing. Fill it with fuel, put four new tyres on it and go (very noisily) like hell from the start until you either win or you break something and retire.
    Given Bernie the ringmaster’s penchant for oil rich, middle eastern kingdoms, and the sports move further and further east I wonder which of the seven teams, based in England, will up sticks and move it’s whole operation to Dubai or similar. It’s not going to be very long before I really don’t care where it is and when it’s on because I really can’t be bothered to make the effort to watch a sport that doesn’t want to be watched.

  105. I have commented on the ridiculously complicated front wings several times. They are a ugly, a hazard and require too many pit stops to exchange them………….. unless the pit stops are supposed to make the race more exciting!!!!! How stupid is that?? I have also commented on the fuel situation several times as well. Somehow an F1 race has become an economy run, save tires, and save fuel…. why bother calling these gatherings a race when many times they clearly are not a race. Thanks, Norris

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