Romain Grosjean, Pharrell Williams, Lotus, Monaco, 2015

Caption Competition 78: Grosjean & Pharrell Williams

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Romain Grosjen, Pharrell Williams, Lotus, Monaco, 2015

Romain Grosjean met musician and fashion designer Pharrell Williams whose branding appeared on Lotus’s E23.

Can you think of a funny caption to go with this picture? Post your best suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the top captions will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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  • 70 comments on “Caption Competition 78: Grosjean & Pharrell Williams”

    1. Pharrell: So, I was driving here, and some Maldonado guy drove into me.

    2. Grosjean: can you make me a race suit with a fluffy bit up here to keep my neck warm?
      Williams: I knew I should have spoken to Frank….

      1. Ha, ha, ha, ha… had a good laugh.

    3. Graham (@guitargraham)
      13th June 2015, 12:12

      Pharrel: Lewis will literally wear anything i tell him is cool no matter how silly it looks!

    4. No I won’t clap along…

    5. P.W. : “Man, these cars are so complex, how can you race in one of these?”
      R.G. : “Oh, I’m Happy you asked. Well, at the start, you build up the revs and hold the clutch, as the lights go off you Drop it like it’s hot. After that, in the first corner, you have to Get lucky not to collide with anyone. Most importantly, you have to be very careful in the corners. She wants to move, always.”
      P.W.: “ were waiting for me to ask that question, weren’t you?”

    6. Seriously you are the new reserve driver and will be driving in FP1??

    7. Omar R (@omarr-pepper)
      13th June 2015, 12:42

      “Hey Pharrell, can you get for me one of the Daft Punk helmets?”

    8. Pharrell Williams “Dude, it’s Roman Goujon!”

      Romain Grosjean “I’d correct you, but the fact you have ‘lewis leathers’ on makes me think you couldn’t care less.”

    9. Omar R (@omarr-pepper)
      13th June 2015, 12:44

      “Hey Romain, do you want to see Mad Max today?”

      1. Omar R (@omarr-pepper)
        13th June 2015, 12:46

        “I saw that in Monaco.”

        1. Like it!

    10. “Why are you smiling Romain?”
      “Because I’m happy.”

    11. Pharrell, seen here chatting with Romain Grosjean, has been asked to advise F1 on capping costs.

    12. I put my shades on top of my head for more downforce

    13. Desperate for more performance Romain asks the most famous NERD he knows!

    14. Romain Grosjean shows off his shot-put technique to Pharrell Williams.

    15. ‘Romain, I really feel that at least some Mad Max should also be on the back of your car’.

    16. Romain: So, can you top Dangerous? David Guetta’s tribute to me ;)!

    17. So Romain, I hear a backmarker back-marked your car in Canada!

    18. Lucas Wilson (@full-throttle-f1)
      13th June 2015, 14:02

      Grosjean “Hey Pharrell maybe you can help Maldonado get lucky this race”

    19. AMR (@aiera-music)
      13th June 2015, 14:04

      “If Pastor wants luck, he’s gotta be up all night”.

    20. Romain: “I don’t know where the lights are taking us
      But something in the night is dangerous
      And nothing’s holding back the two of us
      Baby this is getting serious
      Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
      Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh…”

      Pharrell: “No, you can’t feature in my next video”

    21. Listen Romain, you may laugh at my Lewis logo, but just wait til you see the jacket I’ve got him to wear next week.

    22. Clap along if you feel, Pastor is gonna crash into u because he’s crazy

      1. Clap along if you feel like in a car without a roof

    23. – Oh, you’re not Daft Punk!
      – Sorry, wrong helmet guy…

    24. Pharrell: We’re doing a new Despicable Me movie, we want you to be Romain ‘Gru’jean

    25. Neil (@neilosjames)
      13th June 2015, 15:17

      Romain was so excited when his manager told him he’d arranged for him to talk to Williams about 2016…

      1. Winner!

      2. First trulli clever one

    26. Lotus felt that they needed luck to score some points so they decided to call someone who knew a thing or two about it.

    27. Why are you always smiling? Because I’m happy.

    28. PW: twisting tiger….. where did you learn that?

    29. RG- “So is there going to be a party after the race?”
      PW- “Why, are you thinking of crashing it?”

    30. Nick (@theawesomefish)
      13th June 2015, 17:55

      In an effort to gain publicity, Lotus reveal their new development driver.

    31. ‘Pharell my man. Got any tips on copying Mercedes? I hear you do a good job copying music.’

    32. RG ” you must be the 3rd and least well known of the sisters”

    33. PW: Romain…. Please don’t smash the sidepods today!

      RG: Je ne comprends pas

    34. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
      13th June 2015, 19:36

      Grosgean: I crash cars for a living.

      Williams: Some would say I make “car crash” music. It’s that awful.

    35. Yes i quoted your comment to Pastor in the lyrics for “Happy”:
      ‘No offense to you, don’t waste your time…’

    36. RG: Oh, sorry! You’re dressed just like Lewis Hamilton and I thought it was him!
      PW: Don’t you mean he dresses like me?

    37. geoffgroom44 (@)
      13th June 2015, 22:18

      PW: I pay to have Lewis all over me. You seem to do it for free!

    38. Romain: no, I don’t eat snails and I certainly don’t drive like one.

    39. I don’t think my label understood when I said I wanted to work with a ‘daft punk’ again..

    40. RG: ‘Will I find sanity or will I find my glory?’
      PW ‘aha’

    41. And then Romain realizes that Pharrell has more logos on his outfit than he does.

    42. RG: No, seriously, it’s a shooting party with Jackie Stewart, I was thinking a Harris tweed 3 piece, but maybe you’re right, Lewis does seem to get a lot more magazine articles than I do.

    43. Pharrell: So it’s been confirmed, I’ll be the FP1 driver using your car for the last 5 races of the season.

    44. So now that both Daft Punk and Pharrell have ties to Lotus, perhaps it’s time to.. you know… Get Lucky???

    45. Pharel: “Who is this guy? I thought I’ll talk to Lewis.”

    46. “A hundred thousand in sponsorship you say? uuh… yeah… This is the Williams garage here…..”

    47. Pastor crashed behind you Romain… isn’t he good?

    48. GRO: “so you think this economic crisis in Venezuela opens up a chance for you to bid for seat at Lotus?”

    49. Romain decided to walk around the pt area to find a new teammate to replace Pastor Maldonado and ran into a Lewis Hamilton look alike and asked “hey Lewis can you drive for Renault. My teammate keeps on crashing and it is bad for me.”
      PW: I think you have the wrong guy, I am Pharell Williams your sponsor for the race. But I am not a race car driver. However, I can look around and find someone.
      RG: aw jeez sorry Pharrel, I am so desperate to find someone better than Pastor, he is a bad luck for us. Oh oh, can I have your autograph from you while you are here?

    50. Pharrell, you may be into fashion, but even I know a shirt that says, “Hug’s Man” is just goofy.

    51. Romain – “I crashed out this weekend :(”
      Pharrel – “You need to Get lucky”

    52. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      15th June 2015, 12:01

      Grosjean: “Oh hey Lew-…”

    53. While Romain had totally forgotten about the drivers fancy dress parade, he was extremely impressed by Lewis’s efforts.

    54. (Talking about Max’s crash)
      Pharrel – “Seems like Max has learned some new maneuvers from your adventures back in 2012”
      Grosejan – *the face says it all*

    55. So if it’s a party, what exactly do you mean by “crashing it”?

    56. David (@mansellsmoustache)
      15th June 2015, 18:12

      PHA: Hey I spent a lot of time on those custom helmet liveries and you never use them. What gives?

      GRO thinking: Oh this so awkward.

    57. Grosjean: “really,I would love to go on a date with u Pharrell”

    58. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      2nd August 2015, 16:54

      In a bid to avoid any more PR disasters, the strategy group agrees on completely 2-dimensional drivers for 2016.

    59. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      2nd August 2015, 16:57

      Mateschitz: “yes take it away and bring in the Verstappen one. I knew Dani wasn’t cut-out for the big team.”

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