Porsche 919 #19 Nico Hulkenberg/Earl Bamber/Nick Tandy, Le Mans, 2015

Porsche 919 #19 Nico Hulkenberg/Earl Bamber/Nick Tandy, Le Mans, 2015

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Porsche 919 #19 Nico Hulkenberg/Earl Bamber/Nick Tandy, Le Mans, 2015

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Porsche 919 #19 Nico Hulkenberg. Earl Bamber/Nick Tandy, Le Mans, 2015

2 comments on “Porsche 919 #19 Nico Hulkenberg/Earl Bamber/Nick Tandy, Le Mans, 2015”

  1. Hulkenbergs market value increased a lot and Alonso must really be annoyed. Honda prevented him from attending Porsches driver lineup for Le Mans.
    Hopefully this will be the deceisive factor to get Hulkenberg a seat in a top team in F1. We need to see if he has got what it takes to

  2. This was exactly my thought last year when clash was announced.

    First some choice words then… AHA!

    Watching Nico Hulkenberg proved last year to me two things.. Daaamn F1 drivers are world class. #2 why dont the real top F1 drivers race other series aswell?

    Does anyone think Lewis Hamilton would not do well in a LMP1 car? If anything it would suit his driving style greatly. And imagine Alonso in a LMP1 car? Wow. He must be thinking.. i’m stuck here GP2 engine, doing GP2 laptimes… when i could be drinking French champagne in may.

    And its terrible for the sport. Mark Webber is there, doing his thing, enjoying, laughing, winning, leaning on Michelin tires. F1 cars are so hard to get a seat in, that most drivers hold on to it for dear life… at expense of being unable to ever compete for victory. Must be terrible for their psychology. They are proven winners of lower categories, some of them world champions and now they gotta adjust to compete in midfield without chance for victory in next few years.

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