2015 Austrian Grand Prix grid

2015 Austrian Grand Prix

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Row 11. Lewis Hamilton 1’08.455
2. Nico Rosberg 1’08.655
Row 23. Sebastian Vettel 1’08.810
4. Felipe Massa 1’09.192
Row 35. Nico Hulkenberg 1’09.278
Force India
6. Valtteri Bottas 1’09.319
Row 47. Max Verstappen 1’09.612
Toro Rosso
8. Felipe Nasr 1’09.713
Row 59. Romain Grosjean No time
10. Pastor Maldonado 1’10.374
Row 611. Marcus Ericsson 1’10.426
12. Carlos Sainz Jnr 1’10.465
Toro Rosso
Row 713. Sergio Perez 1’12.522
Force India
14. Kimi Raikkonen 1’12.867
Row 815. Daniil Kvyat* 1’09.694
Red Bull
16. Roberto Merhi 1’14.071
Row 917. Will Stevens 1’15.368
18. Daniel Ricciardo* 1’10.482
Red Bull
Row 1019. Fernando Alonso** 1’10.736
20. Jenson Button*** 1’12.632

*Ten-place grid penalty for power unit component change
**25-place penalty for power unit component and gearbox changes
***25-place penalty for power unit component changes

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23 comments on “2015 Austrian Grand Prix grid”

  1. So if I get it rigth with the timing (Ricciardo was annouced on Monday already, Alonso on thursday, then Kvyat on friday? and Button today), Ricciardo will drop to 20th (and have 4 still “left” meaning a time penalty for him in the race), then Alonso will drop to 20th (and have 19 spots left, meaning a stop and go penalty), then Kvyat will drop to 18th and then Button will drop to 20th (meaning there are 19 spots left, so a stop and go like Alonso – busy pitbox there in the first 3 laps then).

    So Nasr would then start in 8th, then the lotus guys on the 5th row, Ericsson and Sainz on the 6th row, Perez and Kimi in 13th and 14th, Mehri and Stevens 15th, 16th, then Kvyat and Ricciardo and the McLaren guys on the last row.

    Then again, I could be wrong on the order in which the penalties get applied.

    1. @bascb Sounds right to me! Unless updating the amount of penalties affects the order of application somehow..

    2. Some of the penalties might be applied in separate parts e.g. the FIA were informed of Alonso’s PU changes (and hence the 20 place drop) before the start of the weekend, but his 5 place gearbox penalty was only announced today so might be applied separately and later than some of the other drivers penalties.

  2. Being a Kimi-fan has been so depressing lately it’s starting to get funny. I even laughed after Q1.

    1. Yeah I kinda settled for mediocrity too…

      And he is starting 14th tomorrow, yey?

  3. Well some will say Lewis is lucky to be on pole. But of course had he not locked up on his final run as well there was every chance that he could have improved. Nico was improving, Seb improved, as did many drivers who were in the top 10 shootout. Interesting that is Lewis’ 45th career pole to equal Vettel despite a fair share of those poles being won under RB dominance. Hamilton has the speed no doubt. Some said he was not the thinking driver but ever since this new ‘thinking formula’ was introduced Hamilton has shown the ‘cerebral’ Rosberg a clean pair of heels. I think Seb missed a chance to split the Mercs though, on a day like today, when both Merc drivers made errors maybe he should have made the most of it. All that said, Lewis for the win tomorrow.

    1. Seb says he had no drs out of the last corner (because of the yellow flag at turn 1), but he was happy with his lap and felt there was nothing left. Mercedes still have a pace advantage I don’t think splitting them was possible, unless one of them had messed up their first run as well as their second one.

    2. * Interesting that is Lewis’ 45th career pole to equal Vettel despite a fair share of those poles being won under RB dominance

      HAM has more races under his belt ;)

      1. Indeed and he has had less dominant cars over the years compared to Vettel. Lewis = 3 constructors winning cars (counting 2007 and this year’s). Vettel = 4 constructors winning cars. Those are the facts despite what some Vettel cyber warriors will say about how this driver was not up to scratch to help in the constructors or reliability or this and that. The best car overall wins the constructors- through pace, reliability and consistency full stop. Any notion that suggests otherwise amounts to ifs and buts and only people’s opinions.

  4. Honestly, F1 has been so stupid lately with the penalties. Penalty for this, penalty for that. It has got to stop! Penalties should only be given out if a driver causes an incident or an infringement in my opinion.

  5. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 40 victories!!! (@)
    20th June 2015, 15:16

    Can they buy Kimi’s contract out again? Nico Hulk deserves a better car, and Kimi is spoiling it lately. And you know how much I am a Kimi fan, but come on!!!

    1. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 40 victories!!! (@)
      20th June 2015, 15:20

      well, to correct myself (not having autoedit / delete message button) I didn’t see q1 so all the angry crowd can (will) shut me up!!! ;P.

      I mean, I didn’t realize it was pits’ mistaken decision.

      1. He seemed bad throughout qualifying to be honest. Couldn’t get the tyres working I suppose.

      2. Well, don’t be too worried by that @moarr-pepper, because so far I have only read Kimi saying it was a mistake by the team. Before that everybody thought Kimi had just been too slow, and the team even mentioned right after Q1 that there had been nothing wrong with the car to cause Kimi not to set a fast time.

        1. oh, sorry typo, there you go @omarr-pepper

        2. It was Kimi’s fault. He was too slow. He had 3 laps to do the same thing as Vettel but instead he trundled around, setting times more than one second slower than Vettel. The team changed plans and he was supposed to do another lap but apparently he wasn’t aware and he came back in. Still his fault for not delivering on the original task. Even Vettel’s slowest lap was enough to get through to Q2.

    2. Hulk has 1PP and 1FL in his career in F1. No wins nor any podium as well. I really don’t get his hype. Vettel won a GP when conditions suited his car.

      Yet to see Hulk manage anything of that sort. The team principals are not fools. If they think he had the goods, he would have had the chance.

      We need to wait for the race to happen before going to pour more scorn on Kimi.

      1. Now just look at the results of his team mates.
        Only one podium for Perez on Bahrein last year and nothing more.

        You said Vettel won a race on wet conditions…but remember Bourdais set the 4th fastest time on the grid and didn’t finish on the podium too cuz his car stalled on the grid.

        By the way, the best two qualifying positions of the 10 seasons of Toro Rosso were set that day. That says something to you?

      2. Looking too much at numbers. Hulkenberg is good enough for a chance in a top car, I think most people would agree with that and have done for several years.

      3. key part there is this

        Vettel won a GP when conditions suited his car

        as you wrote yourself @evered7.

        As Edgar shows, the STR was one of the best cars at that part of the season in 2008. Hulk never was in a car that gave him that good a chance at it, although it was not too far of podium quality at 2-3 times.

        1. Are you telling me that in all his F1 career that he has not had one chance where the condition suited his car enough to get him a podium? The time he got pole at Brazil, didn’t he throw it away by having an accident with Hamilton?

          We are talking of replacing one supposedly inconsistent man with another. Maybe for lesser salary and more years of being the same?

          The teams all have access to a lot more data than what we viewers get to see. Him shunting between Sauber and FI isn’t without reason I think.

          Either he has got a very bad agent or the hiring authorities know of his talent but just don’t find it tempting to do so. Even Perez got a chance with McLaren even though that venture flunked badly for him.

          1. We would replace a driver who is in it mainly for having a good salary by now, with a driver who is hungry for success @evered7.

            Yes, that Brazil race was probably his best chance. He threw it away just like Vettel ruined his own first chance by crashing into Webber in Suzuka. Mistakes happen.

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