Sainz hoping for rain after wet set-up gamble

2015 Austrian Grand Prix

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Carlos Sainz Jnr said his chances in tomorrow’s Austrian Grand Prix are resting on the weather after setting his car up for wet conditions.

Rain arrived at the end of final practice at the Red Bull Ring but the track was dry enough for slick tyres by the end of Q1. Sainz was eliminated in Q2, and says he will need more rain to get a result tomorrow.

“A bit of a disappointing qualifying session for me today,” said the Toro Rosso driver, “especially because we’ve chosen the wet set-up for today which will make tomorrow’s race complicated unless it rains.”

“It’s a shame, because I have been quick throughout the whole weekend and the first part of qualifying, but when it came to the moment that counted I got stuck in traffic in the first and second sectors and that ruined my lap.”

Sainz added he expects it will be “difficult” for him to overtake in the race. “I hope it rains tomorrow because if not it will be a very complicated race due to the downforce level we’ve chosen,” he said.

2015 Austrian Grand Prix

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    5 comments on “Sainz hoping for rain after wet set-up gamble”

    1. Sainz won’t be the only one hoping for it to rain tomorrow. 90% of us fans are praying to the rain gods as well

      1. Considering how tricky it was today in wet conditions and the gradient of the track, i hope it doesn’t rain, else they might red flag it for safety.

    2. Now Sainz Jr being fastest in the wet conditions (as calculated by Keith) makes sense… I’ve heard rain is at 60%. Their best chance to score points, although Lotus, Raikkonen and Perez will be trying to pass Max for the top 10.

      1. I don’t think it’s gonna rain tomorrow. The meteorologist on austrian TV said that there is about 20% chance of rain for the race.

        Will be difficult to score points for Sainz. Verstappen should have the pace for points, but it will be difficult to keep Kimi and the 2 Lotus behind.

    3. Heh, I called that when I saw the Toro Rosso’s at the front in the first session. Probably worth a shot considering they’re not going to be in the points at this track in normal conditions.

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