Ricciardo, Alonso and Button get race penalties

2015 Austrian Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button will all have to serve penalties after the Austrian Grand Prix begins.

The trio had grid position penalties for power unit component changes which they were unable to fulfil in full after qualifying. Under new rules for 2015 the remainder of their penalties is converted into a sanction for the race.

Button is the hardest hit of the three, and will have to serve a ten-second stop and go penalty within the first three laps of the race, as he was unable to serve 22 places of his 25-place penalty.

Alonso did not serve 16 of the 20 places he was penalised for power unit component changes and therefore will have to take a drive-through penalty. His five-place gearbox change penalty is not counted towards the penalty he receives in the race.

Ricciardo was given a ten-place grid penalty but could only be moved back four places, so he will have a five-second time penalty to serve in the race.

The only other driver with a grid penalty before qualifying, Daniil Kvyat, was able to serve his penalty in full.

2015 Austrian Grand Prix

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    9 comments on “Ricciardo, Alonso and Button get race penalties”

    1. Really does it get anymore stupid in F1 there should be a mercy clause. Why would they even bother to race.

      1. Yes, McLaren should perhaps take sometime off and get their issues sorted. This is affecting a lot of other teams as well as they are subjected to loss of time in practices because of the incompetence of McLaren Honda.

        1. I’m not sure taking time off would do them much good. That engine needs mileage.

          1. Not like it gets any running on race weekends :) Spends more time on the pit garage than on the track.

    2. This really is getting ridiculous.

    3. Since there is not much to gain from the Mclaren pair racing tomorrow they may as well use it as a test?

      1. Jimmi Cynic
        21st June 2015, 6:33

        McLaren-Honda have been testing everyone’s patience so far this season, why not the cars?

        1. Phahaha, great one Jimmi Cynic :)

    4. Andy (@andybantam)
      21st June 2015, 11:48

      Did I just read a comment that says one of the most successful racing teams in the whole history of motor sport is ‘incompetent’? Wow!

      The trouble people have with this is is the fact a penalty has more dropped grid positions than there are cars on the grid, so it’s impossible to serve in full before the start of the race. The FIA and FOM are incompetent at the moment.

      So, just to get this straight in my head, McLaren, Honda, Red Bull and Renault are all incompetent because there’s nothing wrong with the current regulations. Is that what you’re implying?

      Ok then.

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