2015 Austrian Grand Prix championship points

2015 Austrian Grand Prix

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2015 Austrian Grand Prix

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8 comments on “2015 Austrian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Rosberg is currently driving better than he was last year. Only 8 races into the season, and he’s beat Hamilton clean in 2 races Spain, Austria). That’s as often as he beat him clean in all of 2014 (Austria, Brazil).

    The championship doesn’t show this of course, because at this point last year Lewis had 2 DNF’s. Whereas now the Merc is seemingly bulletproof.

    1. I think he was also as good as Hamilton in China and Canada. But lost the pole. Probably in Australia too.

      1. Rosberg was 10 seconds behind Hamilton before the safety car came out for the final two laps so I don’t know how you could classify him by being as good as Hamilton in China.

      2. Rosberg’s race pace was thereabouts with Hamilton in Australia, Malaysia, and Canada. However, track position ensured Lewis a better result in all 3 of these races (which is fair enough, certainly).

  2. You guys seen Ted’s Notebook?
    Horner wants Ferrari Engine!

    1. Erm, no, he joked that they would have to be free for him to want them.

  3. If Red Bull’s rather erratic performance continues, I think we could see a very interesting battle for the constructors between the current numbers 4 through 8. Toro Rosso might have too many DNFs to really compete, but then again, Sauber and Force India are rather inconsistent and Red Bull have far too many races like today’s.

    If only the battle for the top 3 could be as interesting, same for the drivers!

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