Goodwood Festival 2015: Cars from F1’s first 30 years

2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed

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Two cars which starred in one of the most famous moments in Formula One history are on display at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The no-holds-barred fight for second place at the 1979 French Grand Prix between Gilles Villeneuve’s Ferrari 312T4 and Rene Arnoux’s Renault RS10 has been celebrated ever since. Two examples of the cars have been brought to the Festival and lined up, appropriately, side-by-side and wheel-to-wheel.

Among the other cars from the first 30 years of F1 history are a pair of mid-seventies Hesketh 308s as driven by James Hunt, who scored his first and the team’s only win in the 1975 Dutch Grand Prix. Hunt’s son Freddie is among the cars’ drivers for the weekend.

Two Shadow chassis from the team’s successful mid-seventies spell are also running. The DN5B took a podium finish at Interlagos in 1976.

Some of the more obscure F1 marques are also represented. Kojima only raced twice, in the two Japanese Grands Prix at Fuji in the seventies. The KE007 at Goodwood appeared at the first of those races in 1976, driven by Masahiro Hasemi, who was incorrectly credited with fastest lap after the race.

Chris Amon attempted to mimic the likes of Jack Brabham and John Surtees by running his own car. But the team’s sole chassis registered just four appearances, one qualification, and one DNF

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  1. If the stork had turned to the right instead of left, I’d have landed as a baby in a house much closer to Goodwood and I’d not be feeling the insane amounts of rage for not being there enjoying myself among so many beautiful machines.

    Darn you stork… darn you Atlantic Ocean for being in the middle… darn you distance and darn you everything related to me not being there right now.

    1. Them storks….never get it right. We need a different baby delivery mechanism :P

  2. If Villeneive and Arnoux staged that duel today, both would be penalised by the stewards and have points put on their licenses. Just let Verstappen and Maldonado try it in the next race… ;)

    1. @clive-allen An often overlooked fact is that Villeneuve/Arnoux were actually hauled before the officials & both were reprimanded for it.

      Some thought it was out of stupidity though, and both drivers were reprimanded.

      1. Which misses my point. Both drivers would be penalized today, not reprimanded (although that is bad enough), and might well have received a race ban for daring to race so hard.

  3. Are you out there and taking these pictures, @keithcollantine?

  4. In a Head to Head between the RA272 and the MP4-30, bet the white car wins

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