Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, Red Bull Ring, 2015

Caption Competition 79: Vettel back at Red Bull

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Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, Red Bull Ring, 2015

Sebastian Vettel caught up with one of his old Red Bull colleagues during the Austrian Grand Prix weekend.

Can you think of a funny caption to go with this picture? Post your best suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the top captions will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

Caption Competition

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  • 85 comments on “Caption Competition 79: Vettel back at Red Bull”

    1. “I may not get free energy drink anymore, but look at my company car!”

      1. but I think the company car is a Fiat…

    2. Vettel decides to help out his old team one last time by showing them them what a working engine actually looks like.

      1. Good one!

        1. He should show Honda what a working engine looks like !!!

    3. Keen to ensure that Adrien Newey has not submitted the wrong plans, a Red Bull technician subtlety checks with Vettel whether or not their 2016 car also looks like a catamaran.

    4. Haha look… you are a distant fourth in the championship, barely with any points!

    5. I`ll text you the number of our headhunter, sure.

    6. My phone’s battery is better than your car’s.

    7. AMR (@aiera-music)
      27th June 2015, 12:13

      “What do the black birds do when you launch them?”
      “Kind of what your car’s been doing.”

    8. “This is a picture of Kimi asleep in the briefing”

      “This is another picture of Kimi asleep in the briefing”

      “Oh, this is a picture of Kimi asleep in his briefs after last nights party!”

    9. That’s what the rear of the Mercedes looks like.

    10. Look see.. Mark Webber still came second.

      1. Hahaha, very nice :-)

      2. Nice :-)

      3. +1
        Gotta be the winner!

      4. Tom Gawthorne
        28th June 2015, 11:44

        Got my vote. Amazing.

    11. This was alonso’s reaction after malaysia

    12. Vettel turns salesman as he shows of Ferrari’s latest engine range to yet another potential customer.

    13. Want to buy some engine plans? This is a sample.

    14. – See! The red Angry Bird is more powerful than the blue one!
      – So, that explains why Ferrari beats RedBull…

    15. “I hear some whining”.
      “Yes, look, it’s your boss”.

    16. SV “….. and in this survey 8 out of 10 say you should just shut up and go “

      1. Very very good :)

    17. “Look, for Emilie’s first birthday I got her a Toro Rosso contract”.

    18. Hey This is how a good turbo hybrid engine looks like !!! Well just in case if you have’nt seen one !!!!!

    19. Vettel: “Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha”

    20. See if you go on F1 Fanatic you learn so much and they even have these funny Caption Competitions.

      1. Incaption

    21. …and there would be your office.

    22. Graham (@guitargraham)
      27th June 2015, 14:37

      i found this photo of your wife

    23. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
      27th June 2015, 14:47

      Look at this text from kimi confirming his plan to retire this year. Oh and this hilarious pic of my baby’s dirty nappy that I sent Kimi to cheer him up after I got his text.

    24. SV “And here’s what the trophies looked like in Australia, Malaysia, China…”

    25. “Dude you have an iPhone”

    26. Vettel: “Hey buddy, check this out. This is all my breakdowns from last year on one pic – this year I have none.”

    27. Red Bull employee: The batteries of these smartphones are really poor, isn’t it?
      Vettel: Look who’s talking!!

    28. Seb Vettel – “oookay, the championship standings have loaded. So where are you?”

      RedBull Guy – “Scroll down.”

      1. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 40 victories!!! (@)
        27th June 2015, 17:27

        @prof-kirk hahaha winner!!!

    29. Joni (@theflyingfinns)
      27th June 2015, 14:59

      Vettel: Hey, can you show me how to delete the multi-12 button? I don’t really need it anymore…

    30. SV ” #ArrivabeneIsEverywhere “

    31. “Hey Ole, these are the conditions to apply for the new Ferrari F1 plan.”

    32. Red Bull staff member: What’s our engine doing on Tinder?
      Vettel: *swipes left*

    33. This position is open. Apply before Christian does.

    34. Excuse me, Do you know the way to Maranello?

    35. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      27th June 2015, 16:53

      Sebastian helps Ole with his job centre application.

    36. “…and this one is my Malaysian GP winner’s trophy…”

    37. And when I press this button Daniel stops smiling

      1. Hahaha very good one! :-D

      2. By far the best one hahaha :-)

    38. SB “Bernie sent me saucy snap” “perhaps we can swop it for engine tokens”

    39. Ya, Emily is a cute baby. What bothers me is when Riccairdo is on TV she gets very attentive.

    40. Yeah she’s real cute, fatherhood is great. Oh, sorry about the ferrari romper suit btw.

    41. ‘I told you guys that Merc is fast. Look at this video – they turn back time, I tell you!

      They press strat 5 and every time I am back using a blasted Ferrari engine again!’

    42. “See, this is what the podium looks like.”

    43. Vettel showing a for him familiar view, to a team in need of technical inspiration: a picture of the back of the Mercedes

    44. “One of our engineers was looking at this picture of the Mercedes engine… if we zoom in …. see that bit there … “

    45. Seb: this is how many times I have lapped you guys,
      man your team suck.

    46. Here are the schematics from Ferrari so far.

    47. SV: “Hey, look! F1Fanatic are doing a caption competition with our photo!”

      1. What…before the photo was even taken?

    48. Of course she’s wearing a babysuit with a black horse now. I only got the head in my bed, remember?

    49. Vettel: These are the new expansions on the Ferrari. :)

    50. So, 20% due to the chassis and 80% due to me, and we’ve got our numbers right.

      1. Watching Raikkonen, that does sound about right… If they had 2 Raikkonen in their team Williams would still be the so-called second fastest car.

    51. Vettel: “excuse me, I’m trying to find the way to the front of the grid?”
      RB Man: “sorry mate none of us seems to have a clue, try asking that bloke in the Mercedes shirt”

      1. That’s good. Love that.

    52. I’ll show you how to do it.

    53. Well he also caught up with one of his old Red Bull employers in Austria, namely Mateschitz…

    54. To the Max !
      28th June 2015, 1:53

      Vettel : “I hacked the e-mail of Horner and came across some questions of The Telegraph to him, and he answered that he would make the cars more difficult to drive, did you guys went ahead with that in 2014 already?”

    55. Aqib (@aqibqadeer)
      28th June 2015, 6:27

      what?…is it bent already??

    56. SV: Hey, wanna check out kimi’s reaction when I stole his ice cream from the freezer?

    57. jack Overill
      28th June 2015, 10:33

      That’s me on the podium. Now show me your driver on the podium this year

    58. Tom Gawthorne
      28th June 2015, 11:41

      This is what we put in our auxiliary tank.

    59. Tom Gawthorne
      28th June 2015, 11:49

      Hey, look at this photo Lotus put up on twitter. What kind of idiot doesn’t look both ways on pit lane.

    60. Vettel: … and this is the little bird being catapulted into the air Ole …. oh no, that’s Alonso on Kimi’s car !

    61. Vettel: So that’s what a Ferrari looks like from behind?

    62. “Hey look, look; Bernie is finally on twitter”.

    63. Even with the large iphone 6 screen, sebastien had trouble locating the ferarri in the picture amid acres of tarmac runoff

    64. SV: I got these shoes off Amazon, but dont know where to get it delivered! Can you pick them for me?

    65. Watch it again; here’s where I lapped Ricciardo.

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