Manor, 2015

Manor revises livery after new sponsor deal

2015 British Grand Prix

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Manor, 2015

Manor has revised its livery after announcing a deal with a new sponsor.

The team will run with the logos of shipping containers company Flex-Box on its sidepods from this weekend’s race, and will now have blue colouring on the side of its cars.

“This is our second partnership announcement in just a few weeks,” said team principal John Booth, “so these are exciting times in our team’s development”.

2015 British Grand Prix

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34 comments on “Manor revises livery after new sponsor deal”

  1. This one’s beautiful.

    1. @jeff1s Agreed.

      Wow. What a livery. Easily now one of my favourites on the grid. It is a classic, and looks very like concepts people have made of classic liveries applied to modern cars. Beautiful!

  2. As Sean Kelly tweeted, they now look more Russian compared to when they actually had Russian license.

  3. Unfortunately this means that the manor update for f1 2015 will take even longer (not that the livery for manor in the game matters that much to me as I won’t be doing a career or championship season with them) but apart from that great for the team and nice change in livery

    1. Forgot to mention the livery looks really nice

    2. Are you playing on the Flex-Box version? ;)

      1. Lord of the Manor
        2nd July 2015, 23:22


  4. Glad for them. Must say that I am very surprised they are still around (and that Merhi is still driving for them).

  5. Who would thought Manor would became one of the few teams with sidepod sponsorship?

    1. “Manor announce title sponsorship, McLaren say theirs is ‘coming soon'” :P @carlitox

  6. Great to have some positive news like this in the sport.

  7. #ForzaManor !
    The perseverance and dedication of Manor towards F1, even at a time when the sport is facing a crisis, is amazing. Finding a new owner just at the weakest of times, making it to Australia, sponsorship with TFI, AIRNB, and now with Flex-Box, making awesome progress even with the old and underpowered 2014 Ferrari PU, appointment of new technical directors from Merc and McLaren, all this clearly indicates that the team is really putting all its blood and sweat together to stay in F1 for a long time and to race its heart out. The team has won me over. Manor, I SALUTE you for your perseverance and dedication.

    1. +1

      These are the new garagistes. What is Stephen Fitzpatrick doing though?

      1. I would say he is successfully finding new partners @lockup, exactly what his role should be IMO.

        1. Is that his role @bascb? Not saying I know but normally there’s a commercial director for that. He’s an investor but doesn’t have Ovo on the car – why not get the tax advantages of putting it through the company? Bernie saying he thinks Fitzpatrick will walk…

          It’s great that he saved the team, just wish I understood his role and objectives better so I could be sure he’ll stay in there.

          Think I’m switching to Ovo tho…

          1. I think there is a large misconception if you think that the job of the owner is to sponsor the cars @lockup.
            And I understand that Ovo is not on the car because while Fitzpartrick is owner, he receives subsidies for part of the business and his customers would largely not be positive about their money flowing to F1. He has clearly stated that this is a personal investment, not the company.

            I am sure that if Ron could find enough sponsors we wouldn’t see his company on the car. The same goes for Genii (Lotus). A commercial director sounds nice and corporate. But with a shoestring budget, I would think its clearly a job for the boss to find the money for the team. Lopez, Kaltenborn, Williams, Mallya as well as Ron Dennis all do that, Haas does it for his team as well.

          2. I suppose I haven’t been thinking of him as the owner @bascb. I guess he is though as you say.

    2. Fokkin Moron
      4th July 2015, 8:08

      McLAren will always be my solid #2 fave team. Manor is now my first because I admire their pluck.
      Keep up the good work, guys!!

  8. Good for them ! Great to see the team still going ahead ! their fanbase is getting stronger too, I suppose, no one wants them gone !

    1. They might be gaining popularity with the fans, but there are certainly quite a few players within the sport who would be quite happy to drive them out – especially some of the midfield teams who were hoping to seize their TV rights fees (Sauber, for example, asked to be given Manor’s prize money for 9th place).

      1. There’s a similar number, probably even more though, that are glad Manor is back.

  9. Well done Manor. They beat McLaren to a title sponsor and next year may beat them on track. Manor could be the best team on the grid beginning with an M.

    1. What’s gonna happen with “M”ercedes then? :)

      1. I was just coming back from the shop and realised I forgot about Merc. Knew I was missing a major team starting M, only focused on the 2 teams at the back of the grid.

        Someone beat me to it. Shame on me.

        1. ADD (@addimaf1)
          3rd July 2015, 3:59

          Maybe the best Honda team next year.

      2. AMG Mercedes ;)

    2. If they ever get a 2015 power unit, they might this season!

    3. They didn’t necessarily say they were a title sponsor.

  10. I hope they get more TV air time than they’ve been getting up to now.

  11. does anybody know anything about their 2015-spec car?

    1. @tiagocomodoro Would appear not. In all honesty I don’t think anyone quite knows yet, so we will see. Maybe they will introduce it in 2016.

      1. I think they binned the idea of bringing the new car mid season @strontium, @tiagocomodoro. Afterall, they would still be running in the back with it, and with the current car they are having no trouble meeting the 107% limit, so there is not much to gain from running the new car.

        Instead they would then focus some money on updates for this year that carry over and work hard to get the new car ready for the very first 2016 test to have a good chance that year.

  12. Glad for Manor! Good job.

  13. Do they get a fine for changing their livery? Or a grid penalty?

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