Warm British GP expected after record heat

2015 British Grand Prix weather

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Britain saw record-breaking temperatures for July in some parts of the country yesterday, and at Silverstone temperatures exceeded 32C.

This is far hotter than we’ve seen at most recent British Grands Prix, and although the coming days are expected to be cooler it should still be a very pleasant weekend for the spectators – a far cry from the persistent rain of 2012.

Cooler air from the west has brought temperatures down on Thursday, but by Friday they will be rising again. A sunny start to practice should see temperatures reaching the 25C mark. There is a good chance of overnight rain on Friday, after which Saturday will bring similar conditions.

At this stage race day looks like being a shade cooler and possibly cloudy. There is also a slight risk of a light rain shower on Sunday, but the likelihood of that happening will depend on how the weather systems shift over the next 72 hours.

For more updates on the track conditions during each session keep an eye on F1 Fanatic Live and the F1 Fanatic Twitter account.

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14 comments on “Warm British GP expected after record heat”

  1. Andy (@andybantam)
    2nd July 2015, 10:10

    Ferrari win on the cards? Come on, Kimi!

    First person to complain that it’s too hot can leave the light on as they leave.

    1. Unfortunately the spin is will make it unlikely for Kimi.

  2. It might be warm in Britain but it’s not going to be close to Malaysia level heat and humidity. A heatwave is relative to a place’s average temperatures. So I dunno if the Ferrari advantage will be there come Britain. In any case it should be closer, right? Ferrari should be closing in on Mercedes.. I say should, But that’s never a guarantee

    1. I didn´t realise England being that cold. Grown up less than 1000km away, but didn´t think “record temperatures” could mean something far below 40° C. 32° C doesn´t sound like much / enough to really cause something special on the tyres.

      1. it was 35 celsius in london at 5pm yesterday. very hot for us! in the sun it was over 40 C so i would expect this to be significant for track temps if it stays hot.

        1. If it rains though I don’t suppose it’ll stay at 35 degrees.

    2. Quite a few experts say that Ferrari’s pace in Malaysia was more due to the very abrasive surface of the track rather than the heat, so it might be that the Mercs remain unbeatable.

  3. So this is what I’m doing right now. I am off work untill monday as I have to travel to Silverstone to attend the race. Flying tonight. Right now I’m just sitting in my room with a small airco pointed on me. That’s about it for my activities today.

    I hope I don’t have to melt on sunday. A little rain is welcome.

    1. Friday and Saturday seem worse. Sunday relatively sunny. But I would give an arm and leg to be there. It is close to our winters here in India :)


      1. @evered7 That little rain came on th perfect time, both as a refreshment for me and in the race.

        1. You got yourself a nice race on Sunday I say :) The temperatures should have been bearable after a scorching Friday. It was coming down as the weekend progressed I suppose. The first rain could have been more intense to put the front runners off boil but alas one can only wish. The second rain did its part correctly as did Ham and Vet.

          I am happy Ferrari got a podium at the expense of the Williams after the reverse that happened in the last two races. @xtwl

  4. What’s up with rain since 2013?


  5. The only thing likely to save F1 from what it has become (boring!) is a wet race and not even our own country can deliver the goods, grrrrr – must be Mercedes putting the money in the weather meter.

    1. Can someone nudge the stylus please already!

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