Drivers warned about going off at Copse

2015 British Grand Prix

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F1 drivers have been warned their lap times will be deleted if they use the run-off at Copse corner during qualifying.

FIA race director Charlie Whiting met with drivers yesterday to discuss how to ensure to one gains an advantage by using the run-off at the exit of the high-speed right-hander.

Whiting has now promised a “zero tolerance” approach to any drivers who leave the track at that point.

“Further to the discussion in the drivers meeting yesterday evening I would like to inform all teams and drivers that we will be adopting a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to cars leaving the track on the exit of turn nine [Copse] during qualifying,” said Whiting in a statement.

“Unless we are satisfied that a driver left the track at this point for reasons beyond his control, having been forced off the track for example, every lap time achieved by leaving the track will be deleted in accordance with Article 12.3.1.d of the Sporting Code.”

A similar approach was taken during last year’s Austrian Grand Prix which resulted in half the field losing at least one of their lap times.

Drivers will also face an investigation if they go off the track at the corner during the race.

“During the race, any driver who appears to have gained a clear and lasting advantage by leaving the track at turn nine, or who repeatedly leaves the track at this corner, will be reported to the stewards,” added Whiting.

2015 British Grand Prix

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    14 comments on “Drivers warned about going off at Copse”

    1. Oh, but I thought AstroTurf on the corner exit was supposed to make you slower? :/

      Still think this whole track limits thing is beyond ridiculous, just plunk down some actual grass and then you don’t need to discuss it in the Driver Meetings anymore.

      1. I was just about to point that out.

        It’s a bit funny they weren’t smart enough to know where the racing line is in the first place when they put the astro out there.

        1. pastaman (@)
          4th July 2015, 18:26

          That wouldn’t make any difference. If you move the line out wider, the drivers will then just push over those limits instead.

    2. This track has become an absolute joke! The legendary corners are absolutely killed by these astro-turfs. I’ve been lucky to be at the track a few months ago and if you observe, there are two types of astro-turfs; a dark green and a light one. The darker one is the turf that would make you loose time and it’s quite slippery as well. It’s more like a carpet. However, the light green one is a rubber-ised plastic turf which hardly costs any time.

      As a result of this, drivers are not scared of going right on the edge and beyond the track limits and then FIA have to warn them like school boys. These corners were legendary but now the FIA in the name of safety has turned them into a joke. The concpt of ‘safety’ is simply misused.

      1. The fun of watching drivers and cars on the edge of this high speed classic track is no more there. For me, it’s just another race on another race track. The fun and the ‘wow’ factor of Silverstone is lost in the name of safety.

        1. @neelv27 True.. I’ve noticed that they changed half of the exit of Club for one of the slipperier astros, I wonder what is stopping them doing the same at Copse? Potential for accidents in other series (MotoGP)?

          1. I doubt that @fastiesty MotoGP has always been a danger on a high speed track and with so much run offs, I’ve never seen a rider getting hurt at Copse although we’ve seen some big crashes.

            The riders in MotoGP have never abused the limits as the corner is fairly wide for bikes to carry the amount of speed to run on the edge.

      2. To be honest, it’s the same for Spa: it isn’t what it used to be anymore.

        Am I the only one who thinks Suzuka is a better track than Spa nowadays?

        1. Japan is probably the best driver’s circuit on the calendar.

    3. Did Tilke get his hands on Silverstone and run it through his CAD software? It’s looking more and more synthetic every year.

      1. It’s the FIA. Webber’s quote on ‘kids’ is applicable here.

    4. Good to see them (again) try to police track limits. Lets see how long they keep it up this time, as 2 years ago that lasted maybe 4 races?

      1. Just put gravel everywhere, then let them race where ever they want…

      2. Yes, I agree, I have to believe it when they say “bitumen runoff allows the barrier to be closer to the track” so they have to police “runoff abuse”, they have the technology.

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