2015 British Grand Prix championship points

2015 British Grand Prix

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2015 British Grand Prix

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13 comments on “2015 British Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Just when you think the championship is getting interesting…

    Now, from a neutral’s point of view, we badly need a Lewis retirement (from a race, obviously, not F1).

    1. Dude 17 points is nothing. Ros is such a great driver imo, this guy would give anyone a run for there money jus like he does Lewis. Ros did not go away like Webber did in 2011. Ham has to be perfect to win. Luckily as a Ham fan he is qualifying well. The Mercs have not overtook this year yet, i bet Nico wished it was like that last year. Hamilton is at such a high level 8-1 in qually and the gap is only 17 points. Please no retirements though i want no luck to be involved atall.

    2. I don’t think that Hamilton will walk this championship, but I don’t think it will be like 2007 and 2008 either.

      He will end up 20-30 points in front, if both of them have about equal luck.

    3. 17 points in not a very big gap with the current scoring system.

      1. It is if you discount DNFs and current Mercedes advantage. Nico will have to finish in front of Lewis 3 times. With quali 8:1 it’s 3 overtakes…

        1. So 10 races left. Over those 10 Nico has to finish in front 3 more times than Lewis to catch up in points. So that has to be a 7:3 split as 6:4 won’t cut it. If Nico gets one more pole and it remains a two horse race (both unlikely; I think Nico will get more than one more pole and someone else has to finish in the top two at some point) then that’s 6 overtakes in total. 7 poles/overtakes in total, really.

      2. It´s a 59 points gap.

  2. Seems that things are looking good for Force Índia!

    1. Their start was better and on medium’s they could hold the other merc powered cars but their weakness was evident once the hards came in !

    2. Yeah, less than a race win behind Red Bull ;-)

      1. Manor looking good too, less than a race win behind Sauber :D

  3. I think I dropped my anti-Vettel sentiment somewhere around 2012, but with him joining Ferrari and his current position in this championship, I’m finding it harder and harder not to consider him an amazing driver. He was perhaps a tad ‘lucky’ today with the weather (or rather, aided by it) but him being so close to Rosberg still is a pretty good indicator.

    Bottas getting ahead of Raikkonen on the other hand also speaks volumes, but as a Kimi fan, I’m rather pleased I have experience with liking drivers who have a less than stellar ending to their F1 careers (in Alesi, Jos Verstappen, Heidfeld, others..).

    1. I agree with that. He is like twice as much closer to Rosberg than the guys behind him. Today he gave Ferrari a podium with his decision to pit at that moment.

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