2015 British Grand Prix team radio transcript

2015 British Grand Prix

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Gathering rain at the British Grand Prix gave us a great opportunity to see who stayed cool when faced with the possibility of staying on a wet track on slick tyres.

Drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel made bold calls which paid off. Others, like Valtteri Bottas, were talked out of making potentially disastrous decisions by their race engineers.

And other drivers slipped up. The most high-profile of which was Kimi Raikkonen, who ducked into the pits for a set of intermediate tyres after being passed by Vettel.

But the rain eased and just a few laps later Raikkonen was at a loss what to do next. “You make the call,” he told his race engineer, who later decided a second set of intermediates was the way to go.

The race also saw the first proper deployment of the Virtual Safety Car, which had previously been used in Monaco but on that occasion was quickly replaced by the real thing. Engineers were quick to remind their drivers to stick to their time limits and be prepared for the restart, and no one fell foul of the complex new rule.

Before that Williams had to handle a delicate situation between their two drivers. Having unexpectedly got their two cars into the lead of the race, Bottas was pressuring Felipe Massa for the lead but was not allowed to overtake his team mate to begin with. The team later rescinded that order, but by then Bottas felt his best chance to overtake had gone.

Hamilton clearly liked the idea of celebrating in front of his home crowd by performing a few doughnuts, but was quick to reassure his engineers afterwards he hadn’t done anything which might damage his car.

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2015 British Grand Prix team radio transcript

Here are all the radio messages from the British Grand Prix which were broadcast on television.

PRRiccardo AdamiSebastian VettelPush for balance check, track is clear.
PRPeter BonningtonLewis HamiltonOK can hear you loud and clear, just short-shifting through the gears.
PRRomain GrosjeanJulien Simon-ChautempsIf anything there is a bit too much aero balance.
PRJulien Simon-ChautempsRomain GrosjeanOK we can adjust on the grid.
PRFelipe NasrCraig GardinerNasr’s car broke down on the Hangar straight during his reconnaissance lap.
Do you want me to try neutral? I’m stuck in sixth gear.
PRCraig GardinerFelipe NasrNegative. Trying releasing the release the clutch, and then try to down-shift. How about-up shift, can we-up shift?
PRFelipe NasrCraig GardinerCan we try neutral.
PRCraig GardinerFelipe NasrJust waiting on feedback. You can try but we think it won’t work.
PRFelipe NasrCraig GardinerSomeone can push me then after.
PRCraig GardinerFelipe NasrOK keep the engine running, and get back to you shortly.
PRFelipe NasrCraig GardinerYeah neutral doesn’t come in.
PRCraig GardinerFelipe NasrOK we are going to power cycle the car and then fire up the MGU-K. Switch off procedure and try to power up the car. Keep P2 and then we try fire up with the K.
PRFelipe NasrCraig GardinerSo just high voltage off? High voltage off? Can you hear me Craig?
PRCraig GardinerFelipe NasrKeep high voltage on, just go P2, fire up the MGU-K. You should be able to hold up the crank button.
PRFelipe NasrCraig GardinerIt doesn’t go.
PRCraig GardinerFelipe NasrOK just keep it there for now.
PRFelipe NasrCraig GardinerIt is better if someone start pushing me to go to the pit lane.
PRCraig GardinerFelipe NasrOK we are going to try a full power cycle. So switch off completely the car and wait ten seconds and then power it up again and then try cranking on the engine again.
PRTony RossNico RosbergStill yellow yellow, double waved yellows for Nasr entry turn 15.
PRFelipe NasrCraig GardinerI am still stuck in sixth gear.
PRCraig GardinerFelipe NasrTry again neutral after the power cycle.
PRFelipe NasrCraig GardinerThe guys are pushing me now, I think it’s the best way if we’re going to be back in the pit lane. I have to be back in the pit lane, the guys are helping me out now.
PRCraig GardinerFelipe NasrOK let’s switch off the engine. Switch off procedure and we’ll get the car back.
PRPeter BonningtonLewis HamiltonSo just be aware marshals are on track.
PRPeter BonningtonLewis HamiltonOK so just come to a halt and turn the car off electrically. P2 to off.
PRLewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonGrip feels quite good in the last corner, feels normal, better than the other day.
PRLewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonJust information on the clutch I guess was slipping as it was fully engaged. but it was moving forward, creeping forward the car.
PRPeter BonningtonLewis HamiltonYes that will be a feature of the car just because of the temperature.
PRLewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonOn the balance, it is very neutral in the high speed, the way we have the car at the moment. a really good front end, I’d like to keep the mechanical balance the same, maybe taking half a hole out of the front.
PRPeter BonningtonLewis HamiltonSo it is clouding over again, I will get another update on the wind.
PRTom StallardJenson ButtonOK Jenson, the other car is happy with their data and balance, so we have come down on front wing as you suggested. Race is going to start dry, still saying 30% chance of rain for the session.
PRMark SladePastor MaldonadoOK, the pit lane speed limiter should be off.
PRPastor MaldonadoMark SladeOK.
PRGianpiero LambiaseDaniil KvyatAs soon as you can reverse on, high rpm to charge the battery, and try and sync all your gears by turn two [Farm], but if not, definitely by turn six [Brooklands].
PRDaniil KvyatGianpiero LambiaseOK.
PRGianpiero LambiaseDaniil KvyatAnd always, work your brakes on your formation lap as always round here. It will give you an advantage around your first lap.
PRLewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonI do feel like looking after the rears today is really quite important today as well.
PRMark SladePastor MaldonadoOK Pastor, pit lane limiter on.
PRPastor MaldonadoMark SladePit lane limiter on.
PRMark SladePastor MaldonadoSo pit lane limiter on and strat six please for the start.
PRPastor MaldonadoMark SladeCopy, strat six.
PRTim WrightSergio PerezStart mode on, do two static bite points finders and clutch release
FLNico HulkenbergBrad JoyceClutch a bit under-engaged in initial launch, not enough
FLLewis HamiltonUnknownPulling away was quite poor, lots of wheelspin at the pull-away. Initial part was too aggressive as well.
FLUnknownLewis HamiltonCopy that Lewis. So tyres are 95 fronts and rear, keep working them.
FLTony RossNico RosbergFeedback on the start please.
FLNico RosbergTony RossSlightly under-engaged, the start.
FLDave RobsonFelipe MassaOK we are good for six burnouts, remember RS flicks before the start.
FLUnknownLewis HamiltonRemember RS before stopping in the grid slot.
FLLewis HamiltonUnknownGrip is really poor on the grid, pretty similar to the other day.
FLUnknownLewis HamiltonAffirm. Go strat five, brake balance and b-mig for turn one. I’ll tell you when to do the bite point.
1Romain GrosjeanJulien Simon-ChautempsYeah a Red Bull crashed into me.
1Julien Simon-ChautempsRomain GrosjeanOK Romain understood. Do you have a lot of damage? We don’t see anything.
1Tom StallardJenson ButtonNo response heard.
Jenson, are you OK?
1Fernando AlonsoMark TempleI have front wing damage, maybe something more than that. I will box now and check it.
1Mark TempleFernando AlonsoOK understood.
1Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonSo stay out, Safety Car, Safety Car. keep the delta positive.
2Pastor MaldonadoMark SladeSwitch the car off, Pastor, switch the car off.
2Dave RobsonFelipe MassaSo yellow flags are at three, four, five, stuck in the gravel ahead of you so just watch out for that.
2Dave RobsonFelipe MassaGreat start Felipe, temps and pressures all good, lets focus on the restart.
2Mark TempleFernando AlonsoOK Fernando drive straight out, stay right of the white line. we still need to drive to the delta, the Safety Car is currently in turn eight.
3Mark TempleFernando AlonsoOK Fernando let’s try and catch the safety car queue, dash delta must be positive still.
3Gianpiero LambiaseDaniil KvyatClearly we looked stronger than the Ferraris on the first lap, for whatever reason, they may have been struggling, so think about that on the restart.
3Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonSo Safety Car in this lap, remember we will be racing from Safety Car line one.
3Dave RobsonFelipe MassaOK Felipe Safety Car is in this lap, remember we are racing from Safety Car one line, so racing from the pit entry. Blend flick to cold, please.
3Tim WrightSergio PerezRemember you can attack and defend from Safety Car line one.
3Tony RossNico RosbergSo lights are out, Massa controlling the pace, no stop-starting, tyre temps 9.5, brakes are good for the restart.
4Josh PeckettWill StevensWe have a slippery surface warning turn six and seven.
4Josh PeckettWill StevensAnd track clear, Will.
4Xevi PujolarMax VerstappenVerstappen spun off at Farm.
Try to reverse, we can recover the race.
4Xevi PujolarMax VerstappenJust let the revs to go down and try again.
4Max VerstappenXevi PujolarThe reverse is not working.
5Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonGrip is incredibly poor today.
5Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonCopy that, strat mode three when you can.
5Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonDouble yellow turns one, two, three – need a good lift.
5Max VerstappenXevi PujolarIt’s not doing anything.
5Xevi PujolarMax VerstappenOK kill the engine.
5Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonOK so tyres look OK at the moment, temps are 120 front, 113 rear, keeping an eye on it.
5Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonRears still coming up to temp, pressures look OK.
6Carlos Sainz JnrMarco MatassaEveryone is struggling with rear tyres.
6Marco MatassaCarlos Sainz JnrUnderstood, Ricciardo behind you.
6David GreenwoodKimi RaikkonenOK right front is OK, try to cool left front.
6Kimi RaikkonenDavid GreenwoodI cannot start cooling brakes and try to hold the people.
6David GreenwoodKimi RaikkonenOK understood. DRS is enabled.
7Josh PeckettWill StevensOK mate you are doing a great job, you are lapping quicker than the other car.
7Dave RobsonFelipe MassaFelipe this is good, very good. Just need to look after the front-left tyre.
7Simon RennieDaniel RicciardoOK track is clear, how are the tyres.
7Daniel RicciardoSimon RennieReally low overall grip at the moment, more so on the rear, but overall quite low.
7Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonGap to Nico 1.1, and to Bottas 1.3.
8Tony RossNico RosbergJust looking after that left front, all metrics are good.
8Felipe MassaDave RobsonFelipe this is good, very good, so just need to look after the front left tyre, the front left.
8Nico HulkenbergBrad JoyceBalance is very poor generally, but front left is getting very tired.
8Tim WrightSergio PerezNico in clean air 40.2, take care with the front left.
9Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonCurrently target minus five.
9Gianpiero LambiaseDaniil KvyatOK we have broken Perez’s DRS.
9Dave RobsonFelipe MassaOK Felipe this is good. So we are not racing with your team mate let’s pull away together. We need to pull away together from the Mercs.
9Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasInstruction: No racing your team mate for now.
9Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsI have more pace.
9Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasCopy. No racing for now. We’ll keep you advised.
11Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsOn lap ten Bottas drew alongside Massa on the entry to Stowe but dropped back behind him as they arrived at Club.
Can I overtake? I can do it in the back straight. Tell me.
11Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasYes.
11Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsRepeat.
11Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasYes, you can.
11Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsThat was too late.
11Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasIt has to be a very clean move,. And you need to pull away when you are in front. Clean move.
11Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsCopy.
11Dave RobsonFelipe MassaOK Felipe so Valtteri is going to try and attack you on the back straight, he will try and attack you with DRS.
12Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonI can’t get close enough to these guys.
12Sebastian VettelRiccardo AdamiI’m stuck in the train, balance difficult to judge because I am the last car in the train so for sure my balance is worst.
13Marco MatassaCarlos Sainz JnrBox Carlos, pit confirm and box.
13Dave RobsonFelipe MassaFelipe this is good, battery is still full, keep easing away.
13Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasClutch 7 for the stop.
13Simon RennieDaniel RicciardoUse the battery as you wish.
13Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonGive us a balance check when you can.
13Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonLittle bit oversteery.
14David GreenwoodKimi RaikkonenBox this lap for [hard] tyres.
14Kimi RaikkonenDavid GreenwoodOK.
14David GreenwoodKimi Raikkonen0.7 down for [hard], a bit less than normal. So concentrate on position, Kimi.
14Sebastian VettelRiccardo AdamiFirst wing is difficult to judge, I am in traffic, think about staying out.
14Sebastian VettelRiccardo AdamiBasically think about opposite Kvyat.
15Sebastian VettelRiccardo AdamiKvyat keeps leaving the track, the last four laps in a row, turn nine.
15Riccardo AdamiSebastian VettelOK, copy. Box, Sebastian, opposite to Kvyat. Grip five. Start switch down.
15Fernando AlonsoMark TempleOK, because I don’t want to be too long with these tyres, I think it’s slower.
15Mark TempleFernando AlonsoOK understood, we’ll look at the performance of other cars and work out what our target lap is.
15Tony RossNico RosbergJust confirm still down 1% for the [hard].
15Nico RosbergTony RossNo, 0.7.
15Tony RossNico RosbergCopy.
16David GreenwoodKimi RaikkonenWe are on plan A still.
16Tim WrightSergio PerezCheco, how is the tyre?
16Sergio PerezTim WrightYeah just fighting some overheating.
16Tim WrightSergio PerezWe suggest one click rearwards on brake balance for balance.
17Daniel RicciardoSimon RennieTotal loss of power.
17Simon RennieDaniel RicciardoFail one fail.
17Gianpiero LambiaseDaniil KvyatHow much faster do you think you could go without Hulk ahead, Danny?
17Daniil KvyatGianpiero LambiaseThree or four tenths per lap, at least.
18Carlos Sainz JnrMarco MatassaBalance OK now.
18Dave RobsonFelipe MassaHow are the tyres?
18Felipe MassaDave RobsonStarting to feel it a little bit more now.
18Dave RobsonFelipe MassaUnderstood, Felipe this is good.
18Felipe MassaDave RobsonStart to feel more the rear than the front.
18Dave RobsonFelipe MassaOK, copy that. So Felipe we’re looking for target lap. Keep doing what you’re doing. And battery is full.
19Daniil KvyatGianpiero LambiaseBox box box.
19Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonThe last lap was the closest I’ve been.
19Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonOK, copy.
19Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonStarting to get warm tyres.
19Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonOK box box, pit confirm.
19Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonShould I still do the opposite.
19Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonNegative, box box regardless. And we’re going to go down two turns for the [hard] tyre. Box, box. RS modes. Slippery into the box. We need a hard out-lap.
20Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonHamilton picked up a penalty after crossing the pit lane exit line in the last race.
Cancel RS, check for the white line, it will be close with Perez on exit.
20Tim WrightSergio PerezBox this lap, push push. Checo confirm one click down for [hards], confirm default front wing change for primes.
20Sergio PerezTim WrightConfirm.
20Tony RossNico RosbergPush really hard now Nico, really important.
20Tony RossNico RosbergBox box box, pit confirm RS.
20Dave RobsonFelipe MassaBlend flick to hot, we are box this lap and we will be racing Hamilton at the exit.
21Dave RobsonFelipe MassaBoth flicks on. First gear before you stop. Easy into the box, apply the brakes.
21Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonOK so Massa’s in now, all to play for.
21Dave RobsonFelipe MassaMassa left the pits alongside Rosberg and narrowly stayed ahead.
Take him we need everything here Felipe. Racing Hamilton.
21Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonYou can go strat mode four, Massa now the car behind, three seconds behind him Nico.
21Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonBefore Bottas pitted Mercedes were so sure he would come out behind Hamilton they told him to back off to preserve his tyres for what they expected would be a run to the flag without a further pit stop.
We are clear to Bottas, so we are safe to Bottas, he is within our pit window, plenty of time so don’t push the tyres too hard now, got a long stint.
21Dave RobsonFelipe MassaWe will be racing Valterri this time around at the pit exit.
22Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonBottas now the car behind, 1.5s.
22Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonKeep me up to date with pace of the guys behind.
22Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonAffirm Lewis, so we are going to the end.
22Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonMassa now the car behind, 3.2s. Just remember how hard it is to overtake around here.
23Tony RossNico RosbergMercedes decide they will have to put Rosberg on a two-stop strategy to give him a chance of passing the Williams drivers, so he is told he no longer needs to conserve his tyres.
Nico we’re going to go to plan B, so push hard now.
23Simon RennieDaniel RicciardoOK mate so P1 please. Sorry about that, we tried a lot of things, unfortunately it’s dead.
24Dave RobsonFelipe MassaOK so this a straight fight to the end, we are racing all cars around us, including Valterri.
24Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasSo we are definitely racing our team mate, but it needs to be clean, so we are racing until the end.
24Dave RobsonFelipe MassaBottas dropped back from Massa when they were on the hard tyres.
OK Felipe this is good let’s use the free air, pull away from Valtteri, break his DRS.
25Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonLet me know if I have to increase that gap any more.
25Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonOK the main thing is getting to the end now. There is a threat of rain in about 30 mins.
25Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonWe were front-left limited on the last stint, so we need to look after that now, 30 laps remaining.
26Will StevensJosh PeckettCan you tell me if there is any rain in the area or not?
26Josh PeckettWill StevensCopy that, we expect rain in 30 mins, we will keep you updated.
26Riccardo AdamiSebastian VettelUpdate on car balance please when you can.
26Sebastian VettelRiccardo AdamiAs soon as I get closer, I struggle with the front.
27Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsThere is still a bit of a pace difference, but I don’t want to destroy the tyres yet.
27Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasUnderstood, you were better on tyres on that first stint, maybe you van get him later. You are racing.
27Dave RobsonFelipe MassaOK, you are matching Hamilton’s pace and pulling away from Valtteri. Traffic ahead is both Manors.
27Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsYou were better on your tyres that first stint, so maybe we can get him later, you are racing.
28Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonGetting pretty dark.
28Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonCopy that Lewis, something is on its way.
28Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonIs it going to hit us before the end of the race?.
28Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonQuite likely.
28Tony RossNico RosbergCurrently on lap 28, expecting rain 15 minutes.
29Riccardo AdamiSebastian VettelRain is expected in 15 mins, just for an update on weather.
29Tim WrightSergio PerezPossibility of light rain in 15 mins, and harder rain in 30 mins.
30Nico HulkenbergBrad JoyceThe Ferrari drivers jumped ahead of Hulkenberg by pitting several laps earlier.
For sure they are going to make it to the end, easy.
30Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonSo rain still on its way.
30Marco MatassaCarlos Sainz JnrExit turn seven, Carlos, exit turn seven.
30Fernando AlonsoMark TempleFernando the rain looks to be about 15-20 minutes away, it will be quite heavy.
31Marco MatassaCarlos Sainz JnrSainz was warned to obey the track limits at Copse.
Warning turn nine, last couple of laps, stay in the track.
31Carlos Sainz JnrMarco MatassaCopy copy.
32Tony RossNico RosbergGive it everything, give it everything on your strat.
32Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonExpecting rain in the next 6 to 9 laps.
32Dave RobsonFelipe MassaRain possibly in 15 minutes’ time.
32Felipe MassaDave RobsonOK.
32Dave RobsonFelipe MassaWhen it starts let us know where it is and how bad it is.
32Tony RossNico RosbergGive it everything like quali.
33Gianpiero LambiaseDaniil KvyatWe are expecting some very light rain at this stage, it will be from turn 17 to one-two, that’s where you can expect the rain to hit the circuit first. So just caution at this stage.
33Fernando AlonsoMark TempleAnd Fernando, rain looks to be about five minutes away, we think it will affect the pit part of the circuit first.
33Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonWe have yellow yellow last corner, car on outside of track.
34Marco MatassaCarlos Sainz JnrOK safe, jump out.
34Tony RossNico RosbergThe Virtual Safety Car was deployed.
Virtual Safety Car, VSC, stay out, strat 13, keep the delta positive all sectors.
34Dave RobsonFelipe MassaVirtual Safety Car, drive to the delta, mode 12.
34Dave RobsonFelipe MassaDefault on, we are staying out, drive to the delta, default on.
34Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonSo remember stay positive in every sector. Tyres 128 front, 120 rear.
35David GreenwoodKimi RaikkonenTalk to me about the weather.
35Kimi RaikkonenDavid GreenwoodNothing is happening, there was just a few drops at corner nine.
35David GreenwoodKimi RaikkonenThat is the direction we expect it to come from, very light showers, stay out for now, stay positive in each sector.
35Kimi RaikkonenDavid GreenwoodYeah but you check also what the others are doing in front of us.
35David GreenwoodKimi RaikkonenYeah everybody has stayed out.
35Kimi RaikkonenDavid GreenwoodYeah but now the end of the lap so…
35David GreenwoodKimi RaikkonenYeah I’m watching them, don’t worry.
35Kimi RaikkonenDavid GreenwoodIt is not really raining now.
35David GreenwoodKimi RaikkonenCopy, it’s not raining in the pits either. OK we expect only drops now at the minute Kimi. Remember the procedure on the Virtual Safety Car ending, will let you know when I see the message, and then it should be sub-ten seconds until you see the green panel.
35Kimi RaikkonenDavid GreenwoodRaining a little bit in two. Or one. Whatever it is.
35David GreenwoodKimi RaikkonenUnderstood, we have a little bit more rain here in the pits. I’m watching the leaders. OK Virtual Safety Car is ending, watch for the green panel, be positive in the green.
35Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsSo as a reminder, we’ll get a notification when the virtual Safety Car is about to end. Then you need to look for the boards, look for the boards and they will tell you when you can start racing.
36Tony RossNico RosbergPossible light rain, umbrellas going up. We will keep you advised.
36Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonI’m seeing drops on my visor, keep me up to date.
36Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonOK will do, seeing nothing in the pit lane at the moment. You just keep telling us. We think it will be inter first, that’s our default change, we will be ready any time.
36Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsThere are drops everywhere, I think we need to stop.
36Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasWe think too soon at the moment because it’s not getting any harder, but we need really good feedback. This is going to make or break our day.
36Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsDrops everywhere, it’s getting slower.
36Daniil KvyatGianpiero LambiaseVery light rain I can see on the visor, very light.
37Felipe MassaDave RobsonYeah it is getting more.
37Dave RobsonFelipe MassaUnderstood, still very light in the pit lane.
37Felipe MassaDave RobsonYeah it’s more behind, here is less.
37Dave RobsonFelipe MassaUnderstood.
37Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonSo far it has stopped.
37Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonNobody’s stopped yet.
37Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonNo the rain has stopped.
37Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonOK keep us informed.
37Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonOK but you’ll be able to see more than me.
37Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasIt’s nearly stopped at the start/finish.
37Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsIt’s stopped at the back as well. Turn seven it is raining.
37Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasCopy. Still not wet enough for an inter, stay out.
38Felipe MassaDave RobsonHere is getting wet, on the back straight.
38Dave RobsonFelipe MassaOK understood. Still dry, stay out.
38Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsYeah there are drops everywhere, I think we need to stop.
38Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonCars going off at turns six and seven, think about brake balance. Slippy section six, seven.
38Tony RossNico RosbergCaution turn six, it’s slippery, cars have gone off.
38Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonYes it’s wet up here, completely wet.
39Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonVery slippery out of turn seven, but it’s still dry in the other part.
39Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonOK Lewis we can see half wet half dry. If we can stay out one more lap that is OK, but we’ll wait for your command.
39Nico RosbergTony RossGet my brake pressures up.
39Tony RossNico RosbergHPP four, to four.
39Kimi RaikkonenDavid GreenwoodOK Seb just overtook me, so box this lap.
39David GreenwoodKimi RaikkonenBox this lap, wet switch down.
39Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsStill not wet enough for an inter.
39Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonOK Lewis we think that rain shower has passed, next show in five minutes but it will be light.
39Dave RobsonFelipe MassaSome cars have switched to inters.
39Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsWe need to pit.
39Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasThe rest of the track is dry and it’s stopped raining here, we’ll kill the tyres if we pit.
40Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonIt’s incredibly dangerous through turn seven. It’s really dangerous around that place but I can stay out.
40Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonCopy that Lewis we think we would damage the inters if we put them on now so if you can stay out that’s good.
40Tony RossNico RosbergRain could get heavier in about five minutes.
40Tim WrightSergio PerezNico 44.0. Dry is quicker than inters.
41Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonIt’s dried up a bit in turn seven, now. I can see the clouds over Stowe, there’s more stuff coming.
41Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonThe cars behind me quicker?
41Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonOnly Nico, 42.7 lap, you 43.7. HPP four position 4 when you can.
41Tony RossNico RosbergExcellent job Nico, it will still be damp, expecting rain shortly.
41Tony RossNico RosbergJust be aware the Manors in front are on inters.
41Tony RossNico RosbergExpecting rain in the next minute or so, more rain.
42Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonWe’ve got rain in the pit lane now.
42Gianpiero LambiaseDaniil KvyatYou are approaching Ericsson and Alonso who are on inters, and they are slow.
43Kimi RaikkonenDavid GreenwoodNow do we stop, or we wait and it rain because my tyres are gone anyhow at that point. For me you can make the call but it keeps raining all the time, so… If you see that it’s not going to get heavier then we stop. I don’t know, you make the call.
43David GreenwoodKimi RaikkonenUnderstood. We are seeing a bit more rain in the pits. Just don’t know how bad your inters are now.
43Kimi RaikkonenDavid GreenwoodThey are not good any more but I don’t know, if we stop for slicks we have to stop again.
43David GreenwoodKimi RaikkonenIf it rains properly and we need to put another set of inters that’s unfortunate but we stay out, Kimi, for now. Feeling more rain in the pits.
43Tony RossNico RosbergKeep us advised on the tyres, we may go for inter.
43Nico RosbergTony RossIt’s all good.
43Tony RossNico RosbergCopy.
43Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonI’ve got no grip on these tyres, guys.
43Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonCopy that, Lewis. So we are ready for…
43Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonBox this lap, box this lap.
43Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonReady for you box box. Menu tyre position three, RS modes.
44Tony RossNico RosbergYou need to let us know how it is, Lewis has pitted for inters.
44Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonLook after these tyres on the dry sections, just cancel RS. Suggest entry 7 init 9.
44Tony RossNico RosbergWe do expect it to go to inters Nico.
44Nico RosbergTony RossOK box this lap I think.
44Tony RossNico RosbergCopy, box. Diff entry seven.
44Nico RosbergTony RossKeep me updated on the rain, what you think.
44Tony RossNico RosbergBox box pit confirm. Heavy rain turn 15 and in the pit lane. Box box RS, heavy rain here just take it easy.
44Tony RossNico RosbergBe slippery in pit lane and box.
45Tony RossNico RosbergSlippery in the box, just caution.
45Tony RossNico RosbergCancel RS.
45Tony RossNico RosbergClear now, you are out behind Lewis.
45Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonGap to Nico, just over seven seconds.
45Tony RossNico RosbergExpect this to be the worst of the heavy rain, then it will dry out.
45Dave RobsonFelipe MassaDefault on, we’re racing Vettel for third position, that is Vettel ahead, we are racing him.
46Felipe MassaDave RobsonThe rain is getting heavier.
46Dave RobsonFelipe MassaOK it is not too bad in the pit lane. Quicker than Vettel, let’s chase down Vettel.
46Tony RossNico RosbergSix laps remaining, we can still do something here.
46Tony RossNico RosbergExpecting it to gradually dry, Perez lapped car in front.
47Dave RobsonFelipe MassaThis is good, we are much quicker than Vettel in these conditions.
47Kimi RaikkonenDavid GreenwoodOK, it is getting a bit wet here. If we still have the chance maybe [unclear]. It’s is quite dry in the other places and the car is good.
47David GreenwoodKimi RaikkonenIt’s still an option Kimi, you can still stop if you want. Let me know if you’re stopping.
47Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonWhat was the time of Nico last lap?
47Peter BonningtonLewis Hamilton51.3, very similar.
48Kimi RaikkonenDavid GreenwoodI don’t have a front end on the car.
48David GreenwoodKimi RaikkonenOK we have a free pit stop, I think we should come in, put a better set of inters on and try to pick up some pace. Yellow flag for Stevens there.
48Josh PeckettWill StevensOK we need to be in now Will, box this lap.
49Riccardo AdamiSebastian VettelKimi boxing now for another set of inters.
49David GreenwoodKimi RaikkonenWe are in front of Perez, let’s try and make some progress.
49Kimi RaikkonenDavid GreenwoodThe pick up is quite poor.
49Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonExpecting further light rain in a couple of minutes.
49Tony RossNico RosbergExpecting a little bit more light rain before the end of the race.
50Riccardo AdamiSebastian VettelForecast is for more rain coming.
50Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonRain intensity is increasing.
50Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsHow many laps to go?
50Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasThree.
51Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsTyre is just not working at all.
51Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasCopy that, we only have two-and-a-half laps left to go and the car behind is 10 seconds back, so if we can just continue at this pace we’ll finish where we are.
51Riccardo AdamiSebastian VettelYou are fastest on track.
52Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonOne more lap.
52Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonGap to Nico 11.7, 51.4.
VLPeter BonningtonLewis HamiltonGet in there Lewis, great race mate, fantastic win.
VLPaddy LoweLewis HamiltonAbsolutely unbelievable drive, Lewis. Fantastic, well done.
VLLewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonGreat job, guys, I’m so happy with that. Thank you to all the fans for coming. That one was for you. Thank you.
VLPeter BonningtonLewis HamiltonGreat call on the pit stop there Lewis, that was exactly the right time.
VLTony RossNico RosbergGreat job Nico, just one lap with the pit stop. But really good job especially in those damp conditions. So strat one.
VLRiccardo AdamiSebastian VettelYes yes, P3, master Vettel back to the podium.
VLSebastian VettelRiccardo AdamiNice one, grazie.
VLMaurizio ArrivabeneSebastian VettelGrande Seb. Una grandissimo gara [A really great race]. Bravissimo.
VLSebastian VettelRiccardo AdamiIt is a lot of fun like that, especially when you come out doing the right things. As soon as the rain intensity picked up I decided to pit. Before it was always a bit of drizzle, only some corners. And then there was a lot of rain coming also from the clouds around the track. And then I thought ‘now we have to go’. Grazie.
VLRiccardo AdamiSebastian VettelWas great. You keep it cool, we end up well. Great job. Great day to remember.
VLUnknownLewis HamiltonLovely job, enjoy the podium, look after the gearbox Lewis.
VLLewis HamiltonUnknownNo problem, I barely put any torque through there.
VLUnknownLewis HamiltonTop job.
VLJonathan EddollsValtteri BottasNice job today, P5, unlucky with the weather, we were just a lap too late. Finishing order: Hamilton won from Rosberg, Vettel, Massa, yourself in fifth, Kvyat, Hulkenberg, Raikkonen, Perez and Alonso.
VLDave RobsonFelipe MassaNice job so P4. I know that’s a bit of a shame from where we qualified and where we were at the end of the first lap. But until that rain came it was a great drive, fantastic start, doing really well holding them off. Nice job, nice drive, P4 still good result, good points for us.
VLFelipe MassaDave RobsonOK So Hamilton won it?
VLDave RobsonFelipe MassaThat’s right. Then Rosberg, Vettel P3, we’re fourth, Valtteri’s just finished fifth and then Kvyat, Hulkenberg, Raikkonen, Perez ninth and Alonso’s picked up a point in tenth.
VLFelipe MassaDave RobsonOK guys we did a very good job. Unfortunately this rain [unclear] right time. But it was very close.
VLDave RobsonFelipe MassaIt was. OK Felipe can we have multifunction B heat four.
VLDaniil KvyatGianpiero LambiaseAh, one more lap.
VLGianpiero LambiaseDaniil KvyatYeah, OK. Well done Danny that was P6 mate.
VLDaniil KvyatGianpiero LambiaseThanks guys. The car was rally good this weekend. Let’s keep pushing, it’s in the right direction. I guess you were not very bored on the pit wall there!
VLGianpiero LambiaseDaniil KvyatMode one, please. Yeah we’ll have a look into what we obviously could have done better. Following your spin maybe we should have boxed at that time. We’ll review it.
VLDaniil KvyatGianpiero LambiaseYeah I understand.
VLGianpiero LambiaseDaniil KvyatOtherwise solid job all weekend, well done.
VLDaniil KvyatGianpiero LambiaseYeah thanks again.
VLChristian HornerDaniil KvyatWell driven Danny that was a good effort, good drive. Your pace was good throughout, really.
VLDaniil KvyatGianpiero LambiaseYeah when it was really dry it felt good, thanks.

Lap: Refers to lap message was broadcast on. There may be a delay between messages being said and being broadcast. PR = pre-race; FL = formation lap; VL = victory lap.
Message: Repetitive or irrelevant messages omitted. Notes in italics. Highlights in bold.

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95 comments on “2015 British Grand Prix team radio transcript”

  1. Thankfully, this will put an end to the arguments s to if Lewis was just lucky, or he made a clear pit call because of rain. It also ends the speculation that Rosberg was catching him because he was either better in the changing condition, or because Lewis tires were shot.

    Lap 23. Tony Ross -> Nico Rosberg:

    Mercedes decide they will have to put Rosberg on a two-stop strategy to give him a chance of passing the Williams drivers, so he is told he no longer needs to conserve his tyres

    . Nico we’re going to go to plan B, so push hard now.

    Lap 25. Lewis Hamilton -> Peter Bonnington
    “Let me know if I have to increase that gap any more.”

    Lap 43. Lewis Hamilton -> Peter Bonnington
    “I’ve got no grip on these tyres, guys.” – No grip as it is now raining harder, and he makes a call to come in the next lap.

    Lap 43. Lewis Hamilton -> Peter Bonnington
    “Box this lap, box this lap.”

    1. *same lap

      1. @kbdavies I’m lost as to how you assume Plan B is a 2 stop? Surely drivers have several plans with the same amount of stops?

        1. Errm…..this is the quote again. i didn’t make it –

          Mercedes decide they will have to put Rosberg on a two-stop strategy to give him a chance of passing the Williams drivers, so he is told he no longer needs to conserve his tyres

          1. This is in the radio transcripts.

          2. @kbdavies that bit of text is Keith’s opinion I believe. Not a fact from Mercedes themselves.

          3. @sato113, @kbdavies – You could well be right, but I was just wondering if Plan B always means a stop more or less? I’m especially wondering as they knew rain was coming and a two stop was significantly slower (with the longest pitstop on the calender) on raceday, which they also knew.

            @keithcollantine, perhaps you can enlighten us?

          4. @xtwl – No. It does not always mean a two stopper. But it always means an alternative strategy. Seeing as the Silverstone race was generally seen to be a single stopper – from the top teams perspectives, Plan B could only mean one thing – two stopper.

            If could also have meant something like a later stop, but we know this could not be the case – as a late stop means tyre preservation, and Rosberg’s pace suggested he was not looking at preservation. He was using the life in them up. Moreover, it was after the message that he significantly picked up the pace. All the evidence simply points to a two stopper “Plan B”.

    2. may I remiind people “Vettel” made the same “god like” decision and benefited from it as well.

      1. Yes, but very few are saying Vettel’s decision was a result of luck. I wonder why they are saying that about Lewis? Oh well….

        1. Surely its not because by the time Hamilton was pitting, he was slow from not having heat in the tyres (the no grip he is referring to) but it was still quite dry, where a little bit later, when Vettel went in, it was already clearly raining ahead then @kbdavies.

      2. “god like”

        Nobody with any credibility is saying anything like that, It was just a great call and a very big one considering the position at the time and being in the lead at his home race in the closing laps.

        Yes, but very few are saying Vettel’s decision was a result of luck. I wonder why they are saying that about Lewis? Oh well….

        Good point, I wonder why that is…

        It also wasn’t a call that ensured he won the race either.

      3. “Vettel” made the same “god like” decision

        As it says in the article.

    3. If anything it showed he didn’t have tyres left and had to pit. Not like he “chose” that lap to pit… But that doesn’t diminish anything from the result. He did a good job.

    4. It also ends the speculation that Rosberg was catching him because he was either better in the changing condition, or because Lewis tires were shot.

      Eh? You’re seeing what you want to see. Rosberg WAS better in the changing conditions, and Hamilton uttered that fateful phrase “I’ve got no grip” for which Button is still mocked to this day.

      1. He uttered the statement and came in to change to inters. Surely, that should tell you why he had no grip. or maybe i overestimate you.

        Indeed, Rosberg, thinking Lewis had made a mistake, had to go round one more lap only to discover there was indeed no grip – due to the rain. How is this difficult to understand.
        You are the one seeing what you want to see.

        1. Not many had problems with grip to the extent Hamilton did. And he was not the only one running in clean air. Him not having grip is his problem.

          1. If you think that you are spelling your name wrong! :)

            The lead in any changing conditions is at a disadvantage. You hit the bad stuff first and have to judge it correctly – those behind can see if you fell off the track or not and easily increase lap time as they have something to aim at.

            Try it sometime… It’s an acknowledged fact regarding racing in such conditions… Oh – actually looking at the comments on here by those that pretend to know… They all clearly never have!

        2. I guess its no use arguing with you here, but I just can’t help myself in correcting you. You try to say that Hamilton was losing grip because it was getting wetter and that made him stop at exactly that moment.
          We all watched the race, and it was NOT getting wetter at all in those parts of the track where Hamilton had been losing time.
          Rosberg was catching him fast however, so it was clear to Hamilton that he was struggling with the conditions and grip more than Nico. (quite possibly in part due to Hamilton’s great storming outlap when he needed to make sure he had Massa covered to get ahead with the undercut his tyres were just used up more and therefore losing more heat).

          The rain started/intensified on the main straight and in the pitlane when Hamilton came to a stop. But its not as if Hamilton had been planning or expecting the rain like that just as he came to a standstill.

        3. Rosberg didn’t stay out because he thought Lewis made a mistake. He did wonder whether or not Lewis might have made a mistake but he stayed out because he didn’t have another option. He wanted to try something different and was hoping that Lewis had made a mistake and track-grip would still be there. Rosberg would have to wait for Lewis in the pit-lane anyway so his only chance was to stay out and hope for less rain.

  2. Lap 41 -43 conversations between Ham and Peter show that it was not just luck. They clearly read the situation.

    Ham was not coming in to get another pair of Slick but intended to switch to inter.

    1. *laps* 41-43

      1. thanks for clearing that up John… :)

    2. Exactly! this was what i have been pointing out to those who claim he was lucky, or it was because Rosberg was catching him The pit crew had inters ready – and they did not know he was coming in until he peeled off. Luck my foot!

      1. Probably because he saw Rosberg in the mirrors? They thought it was gonna rain more, his tyres were also shot, not a whole lot of choices to make there…

        1. If it was just about Rosberg, why didn’t he just take another set of slick?
          Reading the conversation from lap 41-43, it is clear that he was already preparing himself to switch to inter. He clearly saw the heavy rain coming.
          And to be honest, the only people who can really verify if his choice was a gamble or not are the people that were on track and saw what he was seeing.
          Because many people are basing their comments on what was said by certain commentators instead of the fact.
          Even the Massa-Botta situation which was clearly a non incident because I clearly heard the team telling Bottas that he could overtake as long as it was clean but no, they kept on spouting garbage and some people took the bait like little kids.

          1. I don’t care what some “certain commentators” say to be frank. They make mountains out of molehills.
            I clearly said “They thought it was gonna rain more”. I also think they could see the rain coming and they have spotters and they are tracking the clouds. So I don’t think it was surprising that he chose inters. Well, if you are not Sauber I guess…

          2. @John Well – it is pointless pointing out the obvious to people. Toto and Lauda have said why he came in. Lewis has said why he came in. The fans watching the race have confirmed what they said. The radio transcripts show it to be true. BUT some people still stubbornly refuse to accept it. this is in an insight into their mindset. These are the kind of people who refuse to accept the truth – even when it slaps them in the face. You should leave them to their delusions.

  3. It’s a little weird that Massa is being told where Bottas will attack. Telling him that he will attack is of course fair, but not _where_

    I don’t think it mattered that much, as it is an obvious place, but still.

    1. I thought the same. Obviously at that point Williams was in for a good amount of points and didn´t want to ruin everything with an accident.

  4. By the way that’s 346 messages which I’m pretty sure makes this the longest transcript we’ve had so far.

    1. This was also one of the most interesting radio transcripts too, nice to see how people reacted to changeable weather.
      I wonder if the promised less drivers coaching means that the messages where it is slippery are bound to end too?

      1. I think messages about slippery conditions would come under safety, which is always allowed.

        1. @ijw1 For me it isn’t. It’s just another condition on track. Oil however would be. Drivers can see it rains right? they should expect it is slippery.

          1. I have seen many of your comments over the months…

            You need to get out there and race in such conditions – particularly with slicks on a steadily getting wetter track!

            The skill you dismiss is absolutely the difference between good and great.

            That can be seen all the way down to the minor formula – and just think what it’s like on two wheels

          2. What skill is he dismissing? If anything, he says drivers shouldn’t be coached and they should manage by themselves, which would highlight their skills in wet and their control over the cars as they try to make do on their own.

          3. He is dismissing the fact that the lead driver gets there first in any changing conditions. Those behind have a gifted target lap time. Like I said get out there and win a race in such and you will see what is being dismissed. Add that to the fact he was cruising and had no real tyre temp and it’s all so easy to dismiss the actual skill in such a call.

          4. I think you are misinterpreting my comment, or I don’t understand yours. I’m saying drivers should not be informed about rain, as they can see the weather and can react to it themselves like Hamilton did for instance. I don’t think safety is a good enough reason for drivers to be coached during changing weather conditions.

            I have seen many of your comments over the months…

            Thanks for reading.

            You need to get out there and race in such conditions – particularly with slicks on a steadily getting wetter track!

            Who says I haven’t…

    2. And still, @keithcollantine, you first called it “team radio highlights”, just to change it latter to the propper name…

      Anyway, this is the post I look the most forward to read in the post GP week. Congratulations by the hard work you do here.

      1. @allanwiese Yes it was ‘highlights’ earlier this year, hence the error, have retitled it now.

  5. Enormously disappointed with Valtteri, and this is hard for me as I already wrote here that I saw a future champion in him.
    According to the radio transcript, Williams *did* let their drivers to race, and Valtteri received *several* messages authorizing him to attack Massa, and was unable to deliver. At one point Robson said to Massa to “pull away from Valtteri, break his DRS”, clearly indicating the main tool that Valtteri had at the time to support his claim of “better pace”. I have nothing against a driver that is ambitious and wants to win, but to complain on the radio that you have more pace and then failing to deliver is very depressing.

    1. You’re not realising the decreasing life on the mediums makes it harder to overtake as a stint goes on, and also that Massa was faster on the hard tyres while Valtteri was faster on the mediums. F1 team engineers say he could have gotten 4 seconds in front of Massa, which would have kept Lewis behind him after the first stops. In a dry race that would give a win.

      1. Yeah, the way tyres are made makes it harder for people to overtake into a stint. Which is way I find Mercedes trying to delay Rosberg’s attack on Hamilton hypocritical.
        By the way, people keep mocking Rosberg for some of the things he said, like in China, but in the end everyone started to repeat the same things and even the commentators are now aware of these issues…

      2. I took the tyre degradation into account, but I don´t believe it’s the case here. In the same lap when Valtteri asked the pit for authorization to pass, he got the green light immediately but he replied it was too late, maybe because they were beyond the back straight, where he wanted to attack. But the messages show clearly that he needed the DRS to pass, and that’s why the asked to pass on the back straight. During those laps I had the impression that Valtteri was faster at the slower part of the tack and Massa was faster on the quick parts, so even with the DRS Valtteri was unable to pass.
        I like Bottas: he is very very fast, normally his races are errors-free, and he brings a lot of points to his team. But his constant complaining that he has more pace and the others need to get out of the way is becoming very annoying.
        Williams did the right thing: they put their two cars ahead of the Mercedes and tried to avoid an internal battle at that point. Five laps later they gave green light to their drivers to race, and from there Valtteri crumbled.

  6. This highlights the depths of Kimi’s problems:

    1) He was overtaken by Vettel when they were both on slicks in damp conditions
    2) He panicked and pitted for intermediates prematurely.

    Item 1 (and the recent spins in races) shows that he simply does not have a great feel for the car (in comparison to Vettel). Item 2 shows that his racing judgement is questionable.

    The combination of these makes it likely that this will be his retirement season.

    1. By the way – Bottas is not an automatic shoe in for Ferrari. He was faster than Massa on the softer tyres, but was slower on the hards, and was much slower on the intermediates in the wet.

      That’s not the mark of a world champion driver.

      Based on performance, I think Hulkenberg is a better bet for Ferrari (assuming that Ricciardo is locked into Red Bull).

      1. Massa also had an obstruction in his rear wing on the first stint.

      2. Hulkenberg has been a better bet for Ferrari for the last 4 years but he won’t get the drive. It’s such a shame.

        1. He’s the only driver you can be sure that would perform better than Raikkonen. Despite people claiming them to be “future world champions”, I don’t think you can say the same about Bottas or Ricciardo. I mean, sure, Raikkonen had some outrageous races or quails, but still…

        2. @john-h Maybe we can see a return of Massa.

    2. By the way, Hamilton & Rosberg both proved that they are top tier drivers, driving superbly on slicks in the damp conditions, with the the slightest of edges to Hamilton for his superior judgement on the switch to inters in this race.

      Ditto Vettel. He is much more likeable at Ferrari and is demonstrating superb skill.

      1. Both Hamilton and Kimi had problems on lap 38 when the rain fell first time and Vettel catched up Kimi. Hamiltons sector 2 (where the rain came) was 51.5 and Kimi had 51.7.

        Vettel, Kvyat and Hulkenberg were the fastest cars at the track at that time.

      2. Hamilton in damp conditions vs Kvyat:

        Lap 38 2.4s slower
        Lap 39 5.3s slower
        Lap 40 2.5s slower
        Lap 41 2.5s slower
        Lap 42 1.9s faster (track was almost dry)

        Vs Hulkenberg:

        Lap 38 0.9s slower
        Lap 39 5.9s slower
        Lap 40 2.5s slower
        Lap 41 3.7s slower
        Lap 42 1.4s faster

      3. ColdFly F1 (@)
        8th July 2015, 16:53

        Skeptic, which race were you watching?????
        Check the lap times during the damp, lap 38-43 (lap times link).
        Rosberg and others were way faster than Hamilton. Hamilton blamed it on cold tyres but I fail to see how this could have been different for the rest!

        1. @coldfly You fail to see why one driver could have different tyre temps at the same time as another driver?

          Track position (whether they are in traffic or on their own), temp & pressures before rain hit, engine modes, tyre age etc…

          For example, Rosberg who would have been using much of the same settings as Hamilton was battling with the Williams before his charge on Hamilton, battling for position & being being a car helps keep temps up, which in turn keeps the pressures up. Which in turns gives you more grip to help keep those temps up as much as possible. Hamilton on the other hand was out in the front so his temps dropped off and you’re not going to get them back in wet conditions.

          1. ColdFly F1 (@)
            8th July 2015, 17:25

            @woodyd91. No worries, I understand how tyres and tyre temperature works.

            I was just making the point that I do not agree with Skeptic saying that Hamilton was ‘driving superbly on slicks in the damp conditions’ when 5 other drivers were clearly faster than him during most of those damp laps.

          2. He was not the only one in clean air.

          3. Generally I don’t put much stock in these comparisons. Rain was coming and going and coming at different rates at different parts of the track at different times. If you were first into a shower you could lose maybe 10 seconds in a sector. If your position was relatively secure you would not be pushing it on slicks. It was a real melee when the rain started the second time and as shown by Hamilton and Vettel, the outcome had as much to do with instinct, guess, whatever, as anything. Vettel alone made up like half a lap due to the tire switch.

          4. +100000

            Clearly never led a wet race…

        2. @coldfly Good pick up on Hamilton’s lap times in comparison to Hulkenberg and Kvyat on the slicks on the not quite wet track.

          I was referring to the fact that he clearly pulled away from Massa and Bottas during that time. There’s not a whole lot of value for the race leader in pushing hard in the rain to maintain a gap over P6 or P7!!

    3. Raikkonen’s been always a very precise driver with a great car control. But nowadays he keeps spinning in straights and such. I agree with your points. Though I also think Ferrari might really have a somewhat irregular power delivery, and Vettel not spinning does not exactly eliminate that. He also has a great car control. I mean, did you see this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oPCmf8v6sk He is clearly in control of that bucking bronco, sorry, prancing horse.

    4. With the best will in the world, Raikkonen’s handling of the tyre situation as revealed in these messages was unimpressive to say the least.

      Up until that point he was having a decent weekend, too.

  7. I thought that letting a driver know the laptime of his team-mate was forbidden by the new team radio rules… but I see that Lewis asked and got this info from his engineer at least 2 times.

    1. I think individual sector times are forbidden, but not overall lap times.

  8. 37 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington “So far it has stopped.”
    37 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton “Nobody’s stopped yet.”
    37 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington “No the rain has stopped.”

    LOL Bonnington must have had a Monaco flashback there! He was quick to correct “nobody’s stopped yet” though he misunderstood what Hamilton was saying.

    1. 37 Peter Bonnington t0 Lewis Hamilton “Nobody’s stopped yet.”
      This reply should have been used in Monaco and they would have avoided the whole mess.

      1. At least they’re learning, even if they are applying it when mishearing :P

      2. @John Well: I find it interesting that no-one has brought up that if the virtual safety car had been used for the entire period in Monaco (instead of just the first lap or two) that Hamilton’s gap would have been preserved and he’d have come out still in the lead.
        Does anyone know why the VSC is used sometimes; sometimes it’s both; and sometimes it’s just the physical safety car?

        1. afaik they went to full SC in Monaco so they could deploy the medical car.

          1. That’s also my understanding @lockup – the rules say medical car means SC for safety of all involved.

  9. 43 Kimi Raikkonen David Greenwood Now do we stop, or we wait and it rain because my tyres are gone anyhow at that point. For me you can make the call but it keeps raining all the time, so… If you see that it’s not going to get heavier then we stop. I don’t know, you make the call.
    I don’t believe that Kimi said all that :D

    1. @malik He definitely did!

      1. @keithcollantine: I am just kidding :D
        By the way thanks a lot for the radio transcript and I do apologize for all Lewis Hamilton fans who misunderstood one of my comments :)

        1. @malik I know, it certainly was one of his more verbose comments!

          1. He’s much more talkative these days. Actually, since he came back.

      2. He was kidding :); that’s more than you would get from Kimi in a whole season.
        I just wish he could have a few event-less races in a row.

    2. Becken Lima
      9th July 2015, 0:57

      The guy who desperately wanted to see if Hamilton´s call were really true…

      Egg on face, it seems!


  10. These transcripts are invaluable. I find it ironic how unanimously keen we “fanatics” are for this information, as we should be, but at the same time how many among us decry the input of race engineers as corrupting “real racing.” Personally, I think the role of the engineers should be emphasized more in race coverage. In rally driving, we hail the co-pilot for his essential role. The race engineer is no less important in F1. Perhaps the cars should have two seats!

    1. Not two seats. But I agree with that.

  11. “Master Vettel” – that gives you an idea on how things work inside that team lol.
    At least he’s not calling him “führer”.
    Kidding of course.

    1. Yeah I think it might rather have been awe, because allthough the weekend so far wasn’t exactly perfect for VET, as soon as he saw an opening (the rain) he just went for it and left his teammate as well as the Williams out to dry! Pun intended ;)

    2. Well I think he’s certainly one of the rain masters.

  12. I think the biggest success of the race was the virtual safety car. It worked great, and none of this waiting lap after lap for the safety car lights to go out 5 minutes after the incident is cleared and all the lapped car nonsense.

    1. agreed. Though Brundle mentioned that he thought a few cars had gained a few seconds on cars they were chasing during the VSC, yet no one was punished.

    2. The VSC was just another lucky Hamilton moment, they could have used it at the start of the race too, or used the safety car a 2nd time when they used the VSC, but if you look carefully at whom was in what positions at these times and add in where the race was held, well, its pretty obvious isn’t it. Oh well, the crowd got what they wanted. :-)

      1. You have to be joking. This is simply laughable.

      2. A full SC period would have taken longer EF1, quite possibly long for the rain to start – extending (as we have seen many times) the SC bc. a restart under such circumstances would have been considered dangerous, enough for the first bit of rain to ease.

        Result: no one would have pitted too early for intermediates; Hamilton wouldn’t have lost time to Rosberg in damp, bc. ROS would be stuck behind Massa,Bottas – and by the time they go racing again, everyone would be in the pits for inters at similar time – ie. ROS,VET,BOT would lose out to their teammates as they’d have to go a lap later. HAM still wins, but now with ROS 3rd (or lower). Would have increased his WDC lead.

        But you are right the VSC surely gave the crowd what they wanted in comparison ;-)

  13. Nice insight into the panic that a couple of drivers fell victim to…

    Loved the use of the VSC – kept the track safe, without (largely) affecting the outcome of the race. I know the VSC would have deprived us of the Bahrain battle last year, but it’s got to be a fairer, less disruptive system than the full safety car.

    1. Hated it, its not consistent in its use so some people at one part of the race get a safety car benefit yet others do not at a different time. So whom makes the distinction as to whether to use the virtual or real safety car? This is pretty open to manipulation as they theoretically could deploy or not deploy it depending on whom it will and won’t disadvantage.

      This needs to be consistent, either we ALWAYS have a VSC or we ALWAYS have a safety car, not just pick and choose.

      1. sorry its meant to read “safety car benefit or disadvantage yet…”

      2. Your comment is downright nonsense. The VSC and SC calls are determined by the scale of the incident, the track, gaps, the corner, position of the car, damage to car(s), track protection compromises and the requirements to return the track to normal racing. There cannot be consistency in only using either. It’s a call that requires a lot of inputs and skills and we can only hope it goes well and is the right call. The VSC is good for racing.

  14. Very interesting that Vettel is the one suggesting the strategy and the team agrees with him.

    1. Meanwhile, Kimi:

      “…I don’t know [what I’m doing?], you make the call…”

      1. Yeah there’s that. But I actually meant the first pit stop. Second pit stop was already driver’s choice.

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