Felipe Nasr, Sauber, Red Bull Ring, 2015

Caption Competition 80: Felipe Nasr

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Felipe Nasr, Sauber, Red Bull Ring, 2015

A spot of technical trouble for Felipe Nasr in the Sauber garage during the Austrian Grand Prix weekend.

Can you come up with a funny caption for this picture? Post your suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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  • 108 comments on “Caption Competition 80: Felipe Nasr”

    1. Not even F1 teams are immune to BSOD’s

    2. Simulator work focusing on the color of the car.

    3. *Day 6, Felipe Nasr showing Damon Albarn how it’s really done*

    4. Felipe becomes rather annoyed as he now gets blue flags shown to him in the garage

      1. Good one, gave me a good chuckle

      2. Okay. That one’s good.

    5. Nasr crashes into sauber during simulator testing..

    6. Blue skies ahead for the Sauber team…

    7. Nasr tried playing F1 2015 on Sauber’s new simulator.

    8. Nasr on the radio: “Guys, my display turns blue every time Maldonado passes the garage!?”

    9. Sauber continue the trend in F1 of making important decisions by asking Felipe Nasr to choose the next shade of blue for next years Sauber.

    10. Team radio “Alright Felipe, try Ctrl+Alt+Del for reboot”

      1. @zedd – Good one. Beat me to it.

      2. No other comment can top this after being shown the blue screen of death.

      3. you won

    11. Sauber finally had enough money to upgrade their windows XP to vista just to be faced with the blue screen of death.

    12. Let’s update to Windows 10, it’s free after all

    13. Sauber took their blue team color theme to the extreme.

    14. Your copy of Windows is not genuine

    15. “Why do we pay for this useless F1 timing app?”

    16. Monisha Kaltenborn finally found a way to have more than 2race drivers: put the extra ones in a chassis and bluescreen the track in front of them.

    17. Nasr & the “Blue Screen of Death” :P

    18. Why did I ever pay for this drive?

    19. “F198 still insurmountable.”

    20. AMR (@aiera-music)
      11th July 2015, 13:25

      “I don’t know why they bothered releasing F1 2015 already, when it just keeps crashing every time I play!”

    21. This new limit on driver aids and coaching is getting ridiculous!

    22. F1 is so boring that Nasr decides to watch blue film.

      1. That is good:-)

    23. OK Felipe, we’ve had a crash. No doubt Maldonado is responsible for this one too.

    24. ColdFly F1 (@)
      11th July 2015, 14:18

      I cannot thin of any funny or even insightful caption other than referring to the ‘blue screen of death’ (already taken).

      Wanted to share the interesting sight that it appears that Felipe has the word ‘Senna’ on his helmet (no need to explain!).
      Just thought it is great as a Brazilian F1 driver, being as believing (if not superstitious) as most fellow countrymen, to have Senna written on your helmet.

      1. @coldfly – While I’d love it if that were true, I think it’s actually Sauber’s sponsor ‘Silanna’, where the ‘il’ is obscured by that line of light and the ‘e’ is actually an ‘a’.

    25. Sauber try out colour therapy on Nasr. First blue for sad then the winning rocket McLaren red for ahhhh please don’t give me a honda.

    26. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 40 victories!!! (@)
      11th July 2015, 14:20

      BSOD: Botched Sauber On Display

      1. best yet!

    27. Teams were starting to resent Bernie’s new “PitVision” concept, especially as there’s no such thing as a Swiss 50p coin.

    28. “I knew employing this “Giedo” chap as our new data engineer was a bad idea”

    29. computer says No!!

    30. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      11th July 2015, 14:43

      Sauber quickly check their online banking before sending Felipe out with a new engine.

    31. Felipe get’s blue in the face.

    32. Nasr Radio: so i press when its blue for debit?

    33. Nick (@theawesomefish)
      11th July 2015, 14:59

      Sauber F1 Team has encountered financial problems and needs to close.

      Do you wish to send an error report?

    34. “Okay Felipe pay attention, you’ll be seeing this colour a few times this afternoon.”

    35. FOM block FOM due to copyright infringement

    36. Told you we should have got a Mac!

    37. Nasr: Have you tried turning it off and on again?

    38. Felipe Nasr caught watching blue movies in the garage…

    39. Backmarkers are trained to have Sebastian Vettel behind: “Blue flag, blue flag, bluuuueeee flaaaaag!”

    40. Error 404, Pit exit not found!

    41. There was an error in displaying the previous error.

    42. Now the monitor screen is sponsored by Banco do Brasil!

    43. Felipe staring at the skyrocketing performance graph of Sauber upgrades since the beginning of the season.

    44. We shouldn’t be running Windows.

    45. Felipe’s efforts to promote blue-sky thinking at Sauber may have been taken too literally…

    46. “I don’t see the white Marcus was telling me about. All I see is blue!”

    47. Singing the blues.

    48. A screen showing what was going on in Nasr’s head when he managed to warm up the tires with DRS open.

      It was blank!

    49. “So Felipe we’ve noticed you haven’t been obeying the blue flags in the last few races so the FIA have forced us to show you a blue screen instead of the car’s data”

    50. I’m blue, da ba dee, da ba dae

    51. All you need to remember is this:

    52. “Increased restrictions on driver aids and coaching received unanimous support at the recent Strategy Working Group and will be rapidly implemented, starting from this year’s Hungarian Grand Prix – with a particular emphasis on simulator practice.

      Drivers will no longer be fed information on operating the simulator in the build-up to the race. This will ensure that Article 20.1 of the F1 Sporting Regulations, which states “the driver must operate the car alone and unaided,” is respected. That rule will be enforced more rigorously with the aim of ensuring that drivers will be solely responsible for preparing for races.

      These measures will bring back the driver in full control of the car, enhancing race excitement and unpredictability.”

    53. Plan B, Plan B!!! We are switching to the iPod!!! Quick, I need your iTunes password…

    54. Sauber struggles to find coins for the metre.

    55. “I don’t think Marcus’ ‘blue skies everywhere!’ forecast is to be trusted.”

    56. Sauber team decided to punish Felipe Nasr for getting lapped too many times and they made him look at the blue screen all day to scare him so he would not get lapped again.

    57. Nasr looking at his career prospects

    58. So much for keeping F1 free-to-air…

    59. Giedo van der Garde didn’t take kindly to his new position in the Sauber IT department.

    60. Sauber C34 has encountered a problem and needs to close, do you wish to send an error report?

    61. 404: Speed not found.

    62. Felipe Nasr watching The Smurfs 3 – Adventure In The Sky (with the voices of Monisha Kaltenborn as Silly Smurf and Giedo van der Garde as Gargamel)

    63. “Felipe, Windows is faster than you!”

    64. Symantec has detected the MCLAREN virus! Clean (Y/N)?

    65. MK: “Felipe, here’s a video of your race at Silverstone.”
      FN: “There’s nothing on it.”
      MK: “Exactly.”

    66. Microsoft is updating to Windows 10, please be patient, this might take a few days.

    67. Monisha – “Agree that you are a pay driver ?”
      Nasr – “I insist I am not a pay driver and hope you don’t bring it up on team radio next time”

    68. Gloves off, it’s the blue screen of death.

    69. I don’t care if it’s Sunday! Who unplugged my PlayStation?!

    70. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      12th July 2015, 8:53

      BSOD – Still a better game than Project CARS.

    71. Guru Meditation

      1. @greup As a former Amiga user myself I’m sorely tempted to pick this as a winner…

    72. Sauber try out a technical partnership with McLaren Honda.

    73. “I’ve told you before, Felipe. Harry Hill’s TV Burp is not broadcast in this country…”

    74. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      12th July 2015, 13:04

      Felipe: “I can’t believe the judge gave Geido all the HDMI cables”

    75. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      12th July 2015, 13:08

      …and the rivalry heats up in the Sauber garage as Ericsson takes the lead!

    76. Felipe is informed about the team’s new colour

    77. Graham (@guitargraham)
      12th July 2015, 13:58

      the screen is blue, the screen is blue, the god damn screen is blue

    78. Jonny AmazeBalls
      12th July 2015, 15:02

      “Which one of these buttons is the any key?”

    79. Why the heck don’t these guys use Linux?

    80. Come on Felipe, don’t be blue, it’s not Sau-bad.

    81. A photographer captures FOM TV’s dirty secret: it’s not just the trackside ads, but the whole Grand Prix that’s computer generated.

    82. Error 88807557bdx from 14535777466 can’t fit four contracted drivers in one car

      1. tl tl tl tl tl… Cheeky!

    83. FN: Lewis gets a big special gold trophy and I get to look at this blue screen all day!

    84. Bill Niehoff
      13th July 2015, 2:13

      FIA has detected a fatal error and will shut you down. If this problem continues to occur, please contact Giedo van der Garde for support.

    85. SEGA!!!

    86. Hey guys, did Marcus pay for this TV too?

    87. Sauber has the new trick to get Felipe’s car out of garage. “Blue Flag”, “Blue Flag” !!!!

    88. Sauber is testing Bluescreen CGI, to fake Positions for their Sponsors!

    89. “Should have got a mac”

    90. Sauber Microsoft Blue Screen of Death.

    91. Luiz Drumond
      15th July 2015, 0:29

      Oh god, my car run windows!

    92. I’m IN THE PIT!!! Who am I slowing down???!!!!

    93. Hello….. i’m lost.
      The screen of my satnav just turned blue

    94. Nasr is getting all input from his last stint

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