Drivers and teams unite in tributes to Bianchi

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Formula One drivers past and present and their teams have united in tribute to Jules Bianchi, who has died following his crash in last year’s Japanese Grand Prix.

The sport has lost one of the most talented drivers of this generation, from a family that has such a strong presence in the history of the sport.

Jules Bianchi was a popular personality in F1, possessing the best of both human and sporting qualities.

The FIA recognises the courage with which he conducted his last fight, in the company of his loving family.

Jean Todt, FIA President, expressed his deepest condolences to Jules’ family and recognised the great pain being felt by the Bianchi family and those close to them.

The motor sport community offers their most sincere support through this terrible ordeal.

A sad, sad day today, guys. Please pray for Jules’ loved ones. RIP Jules. God bless.
Lewis Hamilton

No words can describe what his family and the sport have lost. All I can say it was a pleasure knowing and racing you.
Max Chilton

Very sad day for motorsport, the best driver that I raced against has left us after 9 months fighting for his life. RIP my friend. Jules
Roberto Merhi

In those devastating moments my thoughts are with the family of Jules Bianchi. RIP Jules
Marc Gene

Horrible news. Rest in peace mate. A great example of fight and courage for all of us. You will always be with us.

All my thoughts to the family of Jules Bianchi, RIP Great young champion.
Carlos Sainz Jnr

Devastating news. A massive loss for Jules’ family, friends and the sport. RIP mate. Will always be with us!
Will Stevens

Very sad news about Jules, we lost a true fighter… All my thoughts go to his family in this difficult time.
Felipe Nasr

Today we have lost an amazing talent and person. Words can’t describe our feelings right now. We will all miss you Jules.
Max Verstappen

Yesterday we lost one of the best guys and best drivers I’ve ever met. I’ll miss you so much my friend… RIP Jules
Romain Grosjean

Last night we lost a truly great guy and a real fighter RIP Jules my sincerest Condolences to his family and friends.
Jenson Button

Woke up to these very sad news.. RIP Jules. You will be never forgotten. My thoughts are with the family.
Valtteri Bottas

I’ll never forget you and the good times we had. Going to miss you bro.
Daniel Ricciardo

Rest in peace Jules. A great talent and a big loss for motorsport. Thoughts are with family and friends.
Kevin Magnussen

Very sad news this morning. RIP my friend. Thoughts are with all.
Paul di Resta

It’s a big loss for whole motorsport family! We will never forget you Jules Bianchi
Sergey Sirotkin

Tragic news today. So unfair. One of the best guys on and off track. Rest in peace my friend.
Marcus Ericsson

extremely sad to hear that jules bianchi passed away. thinking about Jules and his family. RIP Jules
Nico Rosberg

Sad day for motorsport. In a part of the F1 grid with little coverage, Jules talent, spirit and style was an example for all.
Cyril Abiteboul

A tragic loss. The thoughts of everybody at Williams are with the friends and family of Jules Bianchi. You will be missed. RIP Jules

Our thoughts are with Jules’s family and friends in this moment. You will be sorely missed, Jules. Rest in Peace.
Force India

A tragic loss. All of our thoughts are with the family and friends of Jules Bianchi. RIP Jules
Red Bull

Goodbye friend.

What terrible news this morning. Our deepest condolences to Jules’ family and friends. Rest in peace Jules, you will be greatly missed!

Ciao Jules. Forever in Ferrari’s hearts.

The thoughts of everybody at McLaren are with the friends and family of Jules Bianchi. You will be sorely missed. RIP Jules Forza Jules

We came to know an outstanding young man & a tremendous talent who was destined for great things in F1.

The world has lost a true racer and we have all lost a friend.
Vijay Mallya

Lost a friend last night, we had so much fun together Jules! I’ll miss you! RIP my friend.
Stefano Coletti

Sad news Jules RIP. A great talent taken from us far too soon. Deepest condolences to his family.
Nigel Mansell

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11 comments on “Drivers and teams unite in tributes to Bianchi”

  1. So sad, possibly the darkest day for F1 since May 1st 1994.
    Rest peacefully Jules, never forgotten.

  2. Shattering news. It was really hard to keep the tears back when I read the news this morning.
    Jules had the world at his feet. I hope he and other legends of our sport are having a cracking race in a better place.
    My thoughts with his family & Manor F1 Team.
    To the F1 community: keep strong. #RIPJules

    1. My tears didn’t stay at bay. So sad for the loss of this great talent. Such a lovely young man and a great loss to the sport we all love. Today is a dark day for our beloved F1. RIP Jules.

      Let us not forget all those who passed before him.

      I have no doubts that this lad would of been a formula 1 champion

  3. Here with us for just a short time but forever in our memories…

    Hoping that great race in the sky with all those that went before you is everything you wished for.

    RIP Jules

  4. Rest in peace, Jules. Thank you for the memories. I do hope his family can feel solace with all the love we had for him.

    I also worry for Sutil. What has to be going through his mind right now must not be anything close to pleasant. #JB17

    1. He might have seen Sutil standing in front of him before he lost consciousness – at least someone he knew was there.

  5. Alex Rossi said the most beautiful thing about him:

    Thank you for shining a light in this sport and being the driver that we all wanted to be. Thank you for being the 1% behind the wheel

    And JEV’s tribute is also very touching.

    We’ll miss you Jules.

  6. My condolences to the Bianchi family at this tragic loss.

  7. An awful day for the teams too, most of them will not have experienced a death of a colleague like this before. Sad, sad day for F1.

  8. zoom (@zoomracing)
    19th July 2015, 9:36

    You are missing the one from Alonso.

  9. Alonso’s:

    Friend, Partner, Talent, Smile, Eternal. Rest in peace Jules. Forever with us 😔

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