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Hungary heat will ease by race day

2015 Hungarian Grand Prix weather

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Start, Hungaroring, 2014Hot temperatures greeted the teams as they arrived at the Hungaroring but the mercury will fall in time for Sunday’s race.

The Hungaroring will see some changeable conditions over the next three days including substantial temperature fluctuations and a chance of rain.

Tomorrow’s practice sessions may well be held on a wet track as rain is expected in the morning with a chance of thunderstorms. Conditions will be warm, however, with maximum temperatures exceeding 30C.

It will be even hotter on Saturday – potentially as high as 35C – and sunny conditions are expected when the drivers are qualifying.

However the picture may change drastically overnight. A band of rain is forecast to arrive, probably early in the morning, followed by substantially cooler and windier conditions for the Hungarian Grand Prix. Race day is likely to see temperatures peak well below 30C.

For more updates on the track conditions during each session keep an eye on F1 Fanatic Live and the F1 Fanatic Twitter account.

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2015 Hungarian Grand Prix

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5 comments on “Hungary heat will ease by race day”

  1. The show is soo unlucky with the fact that an about two-week long massive heatwave ends just before race time – to make way for a lot more usual temperatures which could easily lead to a straightforward race.

    I would have been very curious about how the cars would have tackled a track which bakes in 34-37C sunshine – which is the norm now and was for the past weeks mostly. We had to bear with it for so long and we don’t even get the minor plus of it affecting the F1 race – one of the few positives it would have had.

  2. Here’s a local weather forecaster, there’s a chance of rain showers every day, with 35+°C likely on Friday and Saturday. But Sunday is predicted only 30°C, woo! (yup, that’s a big relief here after the last one week)

    1. Indeed, I would say its a very welcome cooling down and at least a bit of water!

  3. Seems like this has happened a lot this year, unless I’m imaging things, a hot saturday then cooler sunday. I would like to see the opposite happen.

    1. Mother Nature seems to be Mercedes fan.

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