Force India miss second practice after Perez crash

2015 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Force India will not run either of its cars in today’s second practice session following Sergio Perez’s crash this morning.

Perez rolled his car following a suspension failure at the right-rear of the car spun him into a carrier at turn 11.

Force India confirmed they are still investigating the exact cause of Perez’s crash.

Sergio’s car suffered significant damage to the bodywork, wings and floor, and repairs are ongoing,” said the team in a statement.

“As a precaution, the team has chosen not to run Nico Hulkenberg this afternoon. The team will work hard to fully understand the cause of the failure and find a resolution in order to be ready for Saturday’s free practice session.”

2015 Hungarian Grand Prix

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    1. I respect them for not running to find a solution so something like this doesn’t happen again.
      I hope for them the problem can be solved fast.

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