Nasr hoping for results from Ferrari engine upgrade

2015 Belgian Grand Prix

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Felipe Nasr, Sauber, Hungaroring, 2015Felipe Nasr hopes Sauber will be more competitive this weekend as they finally get to use the updated version of Ferrari’s power unit.

“We have our engine update there, but, as we haven’t run it yet, we don’t know what it is going to be like,” said Nasr. “We are all looking forward to it and hope this will be a benefit for us.”

Although Sauber has received the update much later than the factory Ferrari team, which introduced it at the Canadian Grand Prix in June, the C34s will have to upgraded power unit in time for two of the most critical circuits for engine performance: Spa-Francorchamps and Monza. The only other Ferrari-powered cars in the field, the two Manor cars, are still using last year’s engine.

Sauber has only scored three points over the last seven races, but head of track engineering Giampaolo Dall’Ara expects to see “stronger performances” from the team’s cars due to “a number of upgrades that will be progressively introduced”.

As well as “more powerful Ferrari power units” both C34s will have “track specific wings” for this weekend’s race, he added.

2015 Belgian Grand Prix

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    15 comments on “Nasr hoping for results from Ferrari engine upgrade”

    1. I think it should be “both C34s will gave” in the last paragraph.

      Good luck to Sauber in next few races, I always had sweet spot for them.

      1. @mich747all

        I think it should be “both C34s will gave” in the last paragraph.


        1. Well, I would swear there were “S34s” instead of “C34s” like 20 minutes ago, or I just forgot my glasses.

          not “gave” for sure.
          sorry all.

    2. I remember Nasr interview in Skysport Hungary build up. He amazed that he still far up in driver championship because Sauber never gain performance after winter.
      I think Keith knew that too since all Sauber “upgrade” and “hope” were written between quotation marks. :)

      1. @ruliemaulana I think Keith just did as is customary in journalism: to put all literal quotes between quotation marks. I don’t think it’s his emphasis.

    3. ColdFly F1 (@)
      17th August 2015, 15:18

      Can somebody bring me up to speed with the final PU rules (interpretation) for 2015.
      The rules state that “a manufacturer may homologate no more than one specification of power unit“. In previous discussions we all interpreted this as that all (customer) teams had to upgrade at the same time.
      What has changed? What am I missing?

      1. @coldfly
        That’s probably a consequence of the in-season updating of engines. You could theoretically force all customers to switch to the newest homologated specification as soon as it has been issued by the engine manufacturer, but that would conflict with the maximum engine allotment per season. To avoid gaining an advantage (by getting a free engine change) or incurring a disadvantage (by having to switch to a new engine that reduces your number of remaining engines for the season), the FIA probably decided to tolerate the simultaneous existence of multiple homologations, opting for a slightly stretched reading of the sentence you quoted: “a manufacturer may homologate no more than one specification of power unit at a time“, to prevent manufacturers from homologating an A-specification for their favoured team, and a B-specification for their (lesser) customers.
        The rule doesn’t explicitly say that homologating a new engine specification invalidates the older homologation, so, technically …

        1. @coldfly @nase The 2015 homologated PU will be the one that exists after the PU manufacturers have applied all tokens.

          As for the customer teams: as far as I know the PU manufacturer is required to offer the customer teams to implement the new PU’s at the same moment the works team get their hands on it. However, the customers may decide to defer the use of the updated PU’s and introduce them as they see fit. With the restriction of number of allowed PU’s, the choice to defer it could mean that they avoid grid penalties.

    4. It’s a bit sad Sauber has to rely on engine upgrades from Ferrari to make any progress with it’s car. There are aero upgrades rumored to arrive at Singapore, but still, after the great start they had, it has been a disappointment. It seems so long ago Sauber was competitive and had Perez and Kobayashi racing for top 6 finishes. The excitement this team once brought has disappeared.

    5. So when do MaRussia get those upgraded PU’s?
      If they had them when Ferrari did they might have bagged some points.

      1. @9chris9 i think they’re still using last years power unit.

      2. I believe they can’t fit this year’s PU into last year’s chassis, which is what they are still using. They were meant to have a new car coming this year and were going to use the 2015 Ferrari PU then, but Hass F1 bought the design of the car to use as a base so now Manor Marussia are just using last years car for the rest of the season. :-(

      3. @9chris9 it’s Manor ;)
        And they’ll get it when they can pay for them and design a car that can accomodate the 2015 units. Remember, they’re still using a 2014 car with modifications to make it suit the 2015 regulations.

        In all probability they will run this 2014 car until the end of the season and will introduce a new car in 2016 that will run the 2016 PU.

        1. They have confirmed that this is the plan.

          1. Source for this info?

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