2015 Belgian Grand Prix championship points

2015 Belgian Grand Prix

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2015 Belgian Grand Prix

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11 comments on “2015 Belgian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Massa ahead of your teammate. Very rare.

    1. and even that is due to the team royally screwing Bottas up.

      1. Come on! How you can say it is rare? It´s the 4th time in a row this happens and Williams has been screwing uo its drivers consistently. You guys want to prove something against the fact that wathever measure you might want to use they have very similar performances this year, excluding Autralia, of course, because Bottas had his back issue.

  2. Shame, those 15 points would have been very handy indeed for Vettel to stay in the hunt (mathematically) for the title.

  3. Now it become way harder for Vettel…

  4. So: Mas, Bot, Rai look like the drivers to follow for some excitment as well as Williams vs Red Bull and Force India vs Lotus, assuming they still manage to race.

  5. Perez ahead of Hulk, Massa ahead of Bottas, Kvyat ahead of Ricciardo.
    Of course mechanical issues have a say on that, but it is interesting.

    1. The early part of the season saw Kvyat suffer more reliability issues which greatly affected his scoring opportunities.

      1. @OOliver Same or moreso could be said about Riccardo, now that RB and Renault are more composed.

  6. Sainz unlucky to be near the bottom.

  7. Maldonado ahead of Alonso just doesn’t read quite right.

    But less unexpected than Magnussen tied with the Manor guys without having a chance to extend the tie.

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