Five-place grid penalty moves Raikkonen further back

2015 Belgian Grand Prix

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Kimi Raikkonen has been given a five-place penalty for the Belgian Grand Prix after his Ferrari team changed his gearbox before it had completed six consecutive races.

The Ferrari driver stopped during qualifying yesterday with a power unit problem which left him 14th on the original grid.

His penalty will move him back to 16th, ahead of Roberto Merhi and the three drivers who have penalties due to power unit component changes. Felipe Nasr and Will Stevens will move up one place.

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2015 Belgian Grand Prix

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    10 comments on “Five-place grid penalty moves Raikkonen further back”

    1. Lovely. Looks like I need to start drinking my Belgian beers even before the race starts in order to get through this weekend.

      1. @huhhii, Let’s see if Kimi can do a “Canadian-Vettel”. Although other cars might be a bit quicker this time compared with the Ferrari.

        1. @me4me Kimi himself made pretty spectacular recovery in Malaysia from last place to 4th. But I don’t think Ferraris can challenge Mercedes-powered cars in Spa.

          1. @huhhii, You’re right. Forgot about that. Can’t wait to see what he can do today.

          2. Difference being Raikkonen didn’t have to overtake more than a couple of cars in Malaysia, he passed most people in the pits. Vettel had to come through twice because of his pit stops. Let’s see which one will be Kimi’s fate.

        2. Well, I hope Vettel doesn’t do a Canadian-Raikkonen….

    2. It’s not so bad, he won from 17th 10 years ago :))
      In fairness, the Ferrari seemed good in sector 1 and their race pace will surely help him along quite nicely.
      I’d say top 5-6 is realistic even without safety cars, safety cars which I am sure we will see judging by how the support races went.

    3. Gota love F1, you only know the grid for sure when the race starts.

    4. Honda really are closer to a Ferrari after all.

      1. @ruliemaulana If you call a 100 penalty positions “close” :P

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