Hamilton unmoved by Pole Position Trophy win

2015 Belgian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton says he isn’t especially excited to have won the FIA’s Pole Position Trophy despite his dominant performance in qualifying this year.

Hamilton won the award, which is being given for the second time this year, after taking pole position for the tenth time in the first eleven races, with eight rounds to spare.

“The pole trophy is not particularly exciting,” said Hamilton in the press conference following his victory in today’s Belgian Grand Prix, “but getting poles is definitely a great thing”.

“Naturally winning the world championship is the goal. I would give up everything else, all the poles, the Pole Position Trophy for the world championship so that’s really the goal.”

Nico Rosberg won the trophy last year but Hamilton has turned the tables on his team mate this season. “I’m really happy with how the qualifying has gone this year,” said Hamilton.

“”It’s been a huge step for me and today the plan was to try and convert that pole position and the speed that I had in qualifying into the race. I feel like I did that and I’m sure that there will be areas to improve on which I will continue to try and work on.”

Rosberg pointed out “I never got my trophy for last year, so don’t expect a trophy coming your way for that!”

2015 Belgian Grand Prix

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    16 comments on “Hamilton unmoved by Pole Position Trophy win”

    1. “The pole trophy is not particularly exciting, but getting poles is definitely a great thing”.

      I’m glad the winner perfectly sums up the nonsense of this prize. Just another meaningless thing to attach a sponsor to.

    2. Shows how serious FIA are about this trophy, they didn’t even give it out to the last winner!

      Hamilton has fixed one of his weaknesses from last year and it has made things more boring to be fair, Rosberg rarely overhauls him compared to last year where Hamilton lost out on Sat and came back stronger on Sundays.

      1. I agree with you, it does seem strange that the FIA would have “a trophy” and then not hand it out.

    3. If he ever gets the trophy, he can put it with that Silverstone one he didn’t like!

    4. he needs 5 more to hit Vettel’s season total mark. He may get it but Rosberg is no slouch on Saturdays. Of course he is still behind Rosberg’s mark from last year too. So, no, nothing really to crow about here.

      1. 10 – 1 so far this year. Case closed

      2. 6 in a row and 10 out of 11 seems worth crowing about to me.

      3. ‘Rosberg is no slouch on Saturdays’…

        Well I think get beat 10-1 so far in qualifying and sometimes by a margin of nearly 1/2 a second, is quite damming.

      4. He may get it but Rosberg is no slouch on Saturdays.

        This year he certainly has been, at least in comparison to Hamilton.

    5. This is what is wrong with F1. They create a trophy for an achievement and the only thing we know about it that he won it. No champagne, no celebration, just a tap on the shoulder and whisper in the ear. If I won that ‘trophy’ I won’t be excited either. I believe the same things happens to when you win the world championship, nothing. But you get invited to dinner behind closed door months later.

      Every other real sport makes a big deal when somebody wins. No wonder F1 is losing viewers. It’s just as exciting as reading about it after the event.

      1. If this were a u.s. Series the trophy would be corporate-branded and bestowed by a woman in a Lycra bodysuit in a shower of confetti. Hamilton would be obliged to grin and name the spinsor 5 times.

        1. US drivers only mention the sponsors that pay their bills…not someone elses.

        2. I’m sure there’s a happy medium.

    6. Sounds like it’s just a title, not a trophy, considering Rosberg didn’t even get anything.

    7. If I recall correctly, Rosberg posted a picture of himself and Bernie, stating that he was collecting his trophy and that Bernie was already telling him who would be champion this year…
      I´m pretty shure it appeared in one F1 Fanatic Round-Up…
      How does he, all of a sudden, say that he didn´t get his prize?

      1. I remember that. He said he went to get his trophy. So Bernie had nothing for him then?

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