Caption Competition 84: Alonso and Button

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Jenson Button alerts Fernando Alonso to something of interest during the Belgian Grand Prix weekend.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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144 comments on “Caption Competition 84: Alonso and Button”

  1. Hey look where you could have been Fernando! Aren’t you glad you took the money for this car…

    1. Turn up the volume Jenson, this is the part Ron says to Martin it’s a piece of jewellery.

      Yeah right, more like Cubic Zirconia

  2. “Hey, Fernando, wasn’t he your team mate last year?”

  3. “Look, Felipe is faster than you.”

    1. @eggry

      Im not even going to bother posting!..You are a sure winner!

    2. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      29th August 2015, 14:33



    3. Can’t beat that : ) perfect

    4. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      30th August 2015, 1:51


    5. Well done, sir, that is brilliant

  4. “Hey, Fernando, this is how far back our penalties have put us back on the track”

  5. “Look, this is amazing! Some cars are still running!”

  6. Look, there´s a Manor slower than us!

  7. Fernando is not amused after realising he and Jenson have found a nuclear submarine style Honda self-destruct button.

  8. “Faster than Ferrari! (2014 Ferrari..)”

  9. Jenson ”This is the area we are starting from”….. Nando….. ‘FML’ … !

  10. “Look Fernando, there’s a running 2011 HRT F1 car on eBay, would that make us quicker?”


  11. Yes, but have a look. I’m leading in grid place penalties.

  12. “So Fernando if you stayed at Ferrari you would have been on row…….nevermind”

  13. This button adds places to our grid penalty.

  14. JB: Oh look! I could’ve been driving a Mercedes and you a Ferrari!

  15. This is a list of things to say when our car beaks down.

  16. “Quick Fernando the boss just came in, look interested!”

  17. Someone should seriously tape a label over this ‘Engine Destruct’ button. I can see someone pressing it accidentally!

  18. “There he is! I found Wally!”

  19. Button: “And then you just press this button and it translates what Ron said into English.”

  20. “I wonder if that kart on eBay
    Is faster than our car”

    “Nah I’d take a look at the 2011 HRT – It’s only £250”

    *turns round and sees Eric Boullier*

  21. ‘… and right here is where that toddler on a tricycle overtook me’

  22. Jb: let’s put some radio 1 on to cheers you up

  23. See, grid spot 56!

  24. “Fernando, I knew it! This proves someone stole the engine whilst I was napping in the cockpit……that is why I was so slow…..I must have been gassed!!!”

  25. Look, Vandoorne is faster than us!

  26. ‘Fernando, these electrics seem to be working!’

  27. lolll best caption competition ever. I could say a ton of stuff to this, but I know someone is gonna nail it hard lolll So no sense trying for me.

  28. Steve W (@westcoastboogaloo)
    29th August 2015, 13:24

    Jenson – “…and that’s where Honda puts the hamster wheel that powers the engine”

  29. Er, Fernando, this Honda computer is from 1993…

  30. JB: “And this button turns off ERS, and this one turns off the turbo…”

    FA: “And where are the buttons to turn them back on?”

    JB: “Ha, good joke Fernando!”

  31. “See Fernando, no opt-out clauses in your contract!”

  32. Alonso realises Jenson knows exactly who was messing around in his wife’s knicker drawer…

  33. See? They HAVE put the engine on backwards.

  34. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 41 wins!!! For Jules (@)
    29th August 2015, 13:43

    “Eh Fernando, we also have to go 25 rows back…on the plane back home. Economy class this time.”

  35. Button: “…and then he uploaded his telemetry to twitter, like this!”
    Alonso [internally]: I’m surrounded by idiots

  36. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 41 wins!!! For Jules (@)
    29th August 2015, 13:50

    “You look stressed Nando, what about a holiday in France?… or in the Red SeaZone?”

  37. Hey Fernando, what’s this you’ve been adding to the folder named “Stepney Data”?

    1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      29th August 2015, 14:31

      @Jethro Ha-ha:-)

  38. “Fernando, look. An upgrade that works at last. Touchscreens!”

  39. Look what happens to Ron when I press this…

  40. Jensen proving to Fernando that his car’s engine is the same a motorized Honda lawn mower

  41. Fernando thinking, he will spill that 5 o’clock tea again…

  42. Fernando, check what this cat does to the dog…

  43. Their website says: “Honda lawn mowers offer exceptional performance, reliability, and features”. Right!

  44. Well at least you’re in the top 5 of best payd F1 drivers, that should put a smile on your face.

  45. Look there’s the spot where i putted some nails on the track.

    Hopefully that will gain us some advantage

  46. Baconisgood2me
    29th August 2015, 14:32

    “Look here, the data shows if we go 88mph we can start the race on the last lap!”

  47. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    29th August 2015, 14:40

    Astronaut 1: Look, this is the point where we’ll be entering earth’s atmosphere after we take our places on the grid.

  48. I’m pushing my button, you wanna try Fernando?

  49. — “Where we are going to, Captain Button?

    — We’re going where no McLaren man has gone before, Dear Fernando…”

    1. Ahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!

  50. Hey Fernando why so glum?
    I just spent the last of our tokens on the rollercoaster!

  51. Joni (@theflyingfinns)
    29th August 2015, 15:16

    Fernando Alonso is having trouble following too many buttons

  52. “if I press this maybe we’ll go faster??” 😂

  53. I can see my whole House, really not that anyone now dares to break!

  54. Jenson: And this is where Ron said we would win a race….
    Fernando: _______

  55. Jenson shows Fernando the pictures he took during the race in Spa

  56. JB: I wonder if that cyclist can overtake us.
    FA: He surely has better tyres…

  57. I think this is a nice place to watch the rest of the race!

  58. Look, vettel is on podium. Again!

  59. Button: “Hey Fernando, I think we need more than six tenths”

  60. Look Fernando, Lewis posted Rosberg’s telemetry on Twitter.

  61. “Look. At least we’re still featured in caption contests.”

  62. Look Fernando, you’ve become a viral meme!

  63. Bill Holt (@americanf1nutter)
    29th August 2015, 16:55

    JB: “So, they tell me if they push THIS button, we get 13 more kph on the straights.”
    FA: “They lie”

  64. Fernando thinking to himself.. I cannot listen to this guy’s complaining any longer.

  65. Alonso: “Jenson, how many penalties do we have this time?”

    Jenson: “Errm…I’m going to need to use this computer. 5 for the distributor, 10 for the head gasket, 15 for the oil filter, 20 for the rubber grommets, 5 for the oil filter. That’s 55 grid places for you…But only 50 for me. That’s progress!

    Alonso: So, that’s why we have to start the race from here. At least it’s warm. Does this thing have Frozen?

  66. JB: can you believe this? I am getting penalties even for the simulation.

  67. Button: “Fernando look, I was 17th fastest. Try to beat me now”

  68. Look, even Maldonado is still running.

  69. Button: “and next year in Monaco you can come stay in this villa near my place.”

  70. Look, Yashuisa was damn right, we finished just behind a Ferrari!

  71. Haha look, they were playing at angry birds all that time!

  72. “Come on Honda, even this computer is on safe mode!”

  73. Despite Jenson’s enthusiasm, Alonso remain unimpressed by the new Mc-Honda simulator.

  74. “Look Fernando, Ron booked us both the last row on the Nürburgring, if we get more grid penalties!”

  75. Why are we using CRT monitors from 1960?

  76. Jenson: “Look, Fernando, I found a lap time that’s worse than ours.”

  77. Look Alonzo, here’s the secret button that gives our engines the needed horsepower, dare me to push it!

  78. Jenson: “I didn’t know they even made CRT monitors anymore!”
    Fernando: “No wonder Honda can’t make a modern F1 engine that works…”

  79. John Mulrooney
    29th August 2015, 20:53

    YES!!!!!!!!!! Marussia said they’ll take us!!

  80. Fernando thinking: How I hate it when people are poking at the screen!…

  81. I’m telling you Jenson, that microwave isn’t working. I put a paella in half an hour ago and it’s still cold.

  82. “Look on the bright side, Fernando, at the very least our WEC livestream is still working!”

  83. I wish Jensen would stop being so damn optimistic! The truth is, we’re still driving a truck.

  84. “Look Fernando…you are so far back I think that is Fangio passing you.”

  85. And here’s where you overtook Stevens.

  86. 10 RUN HONDA
    30 GOTO 10

  87. «Have you tried turning it off and on again?»

  88. Jenson: “you look ridiculous in that Ashley Madison profile picture!”

  89. “According to the internet we’re both whiners, but there’s only one of us who they think is a blackmaling cheater…”

  90. We’re faster through sector two in the driver’s parade cars…

  91. Look on the bright side Fernando, our Honda engine now ONLY 200 horse behind the Renault engine!

  92. “Hey look, I found your old user account and files from your previous time at McLaren – here’s your old telemetry, a draft letter to FIA, plans to blackmail Ron…”

  93. Jack (@jackisthestig)
    30th August 2015, 1:57

    “It says Do you wish to revert back to your previous configuration?

  94. Look Fernando, Lewis is on 80 podiums now!

  95. “See, a UFO…!”

  96. Jenson: Geez… What memes are they going to make from us now…

    Fernando: Hopefully fast ones. 😒

  97. “Says here that Kimi is most popular. “

  98. ColdFly F1 (@)
    30th August 2015, 8:41

    Here in the rules it says that with a 55 place grid penalty we first have to unlap ourselves during the formation lap!

  99. Hey look Nando, Felipe is faster than you!

  100. This role seems good for you Nando. Pays handsomely, flexible working hours. The only weird thing is you have feed some dog called Roscoe.

  101. Jenson – “Okay Fernando, I’ve just marked the horsepower output of Mercedes engines on this graph. Now place your thumb on the Honda horsepower output. Are we way behind?”

  102. Dean P Craddock
    30th August 2015, 11:46

    If only we could run that long that our tyres would blow out!

  103. Button and Alonso onboard HELL in 2017: A Race Odyssey

  104. Button: Hey look! You’re being lapped faster than me!

  105. Forget the old saying, you laugh and I’ll cry.

  106. See, the Ford KA has us on straight line speed out of Eau Rouge. But we’re purple everywhere else!

  107. JB: I’ve found this alternative leaderboard, guess who’s First and Second for engine penalties taken (so far) this year!?

  108. Fern: so Jenson how much sleeping gas they gave you?
    Looks like they gave you too much, you seem too happy hanging out in here.

    Jenson: sorry Fernando I don’t recall that particular event.
    But how much electric shock did you get during you pre season testing incident? Looks like you needed more of it.

  109. Jenson and Fernando pass the time to look for their new jobs, Jenson as found one for Fernando. “Here’s a good job for you Fernando, you could be a bus driver. It is slow to drive, well balanced, easy to handle and you actually get to be paid to do the job.”

  110. JB: “it´s much more fun to watch the race from the VIPs space than from the MP4-30, don´t you think so, Fer?”

  111. Another one for fun –

    Jenson – “I’m glad they attached iPads instead of those boring monitors, at least we’ll have something to do while the others are racing”

  112. Look Fernando, I’m 16th!

  113. “The telemetry say’s it all, half a second quicker! Don’t twitter it though, you might get in trouble..”

  114. Fernando: NO!!! IT CAN’T BE!!! You believe that Graham Rahal can beat Juan Pablo?

    Jenson: I dunno. He has been receiving Sergio’s recipies. Jessica put a bet. If Montoya wins the crown, I would have to give her a $2M spending budget per month for the rest of the year.

    Fernando: What if you win?

    Jenson: She has to drive my mom’s rusty old Mercedes.

  115. “Houston, we have a problem! Main B BUS undervolt!”

  116. JB: “Hey look, Ron and the Honda guy are fighting!”

  117. When they said ‘We would be using space-age technology’ to get you back, I think they meant these 1960’s NASA ‘Mission Control’ Computers…

  118. JB: “Any ideas Fernando?”
    FA: “I no nothing, I’m from Barcelona.”

  119. Alonso and Button familiarise themselves with their new “in-race mess room”

  120. Ha ha, you`re working sunday Fernando


  121. Look, I will start ahead of you! You’ve just got another 25-place grid penalty!

  122. Ahahaha, Fernando, look – Manor is so slooooow.. Loosers!!

  123. Push once to increase power, Push twice for better reliability, Push three time for flying pigs !!

  124. I even had to change my engine in the simulator!

  125. “Purple again! I’m sure Seb regrets that move to Ferrari.”

  126. Button is saying: the screen says we are in a toilet break, nice job Dennis , now people won’t talk about our car break. Alonso is still like: whatever… I didn’t drive yet man.

  127. Jeb Rickenbacker
    14th September 2015, 21:53

    Look Fernando, all those fans are holding a banner just for YOU: “Leave me alone, I know what I’m doing!”.

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