Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Monza, 2015

2015 Italian Grand Prix practice in pictures

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Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Monza, 2015

Pictures from practice for the 2015 Italian Grand Prix.

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4 comments on “2015 Italian Grand Prix practice in pictures”

  1. Come on guys,who chooses these photos?I mean there is not a single one of Kimi Raikkonen

    1. There are four last time I checked.

  2. RBR used to have one of the all-time great liveries. Since Infiniti became full title sponsor it has one of the worst. It’s absolutely horrible, which depresses me a little.

    1. Got to disagree. Absolutly love the RB11, although the RB10 was even prettier in my oppinion. I do think the light-tintet purple could be improved upon.

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