2015 Italian Grand Prix championship points

2015 Italian Grand Prix

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Drivers’ championship

1Lewis Hamilton252
2Nico Rosberg199
3Sebastian Vettel178
4Felipe Massa97
5Kimi Raikkonen92
6Valtteri Bottas91
7Daniil Kvyat58
8Daniel Ricciardo55
9Romain Grosjean38
10Sergio Perez33
11Nico Hulkenberg30
12Max Verstappen26
13Felipe Nasr16
14Pastor Maldonado12
15Fernando Alonso11
16Carlos Sainz9
17Marcus Ericsson9
18Jenson Button6
19Roberto Merhi0
20Will Stevens0
21Kevin Magnussen0

Constructors’ championship

4Red Bull113
5Force India63
7Toro Rosso35

2015 Italian Grand Prix

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  • 5 comments on “2015 Italian Grand Prix championship points”

    1. Hamilton will probably seal the championship in North-America, come Mexico or even the United States Grand Prix.

    2. If someone told me a few years ago that Massa would be scoring podiums, fourth in the championship, and beating/rivalling his team mate, I would have deemed them a liar.

      I’m glad to see that he’s still got some solid racer in him!

    3. And here we have it:

      A new Triple World Champion. Deserves it throughoutly, as it showed from Day One of his F1 Carrer.
      Only thing that remains to be done is to seal it Mathematically.

      Congrats Lewis. Once more P1.

    4. Massa is actually beating Kimi with an inferior car! Impressive and Disappointing at the same time!

      1. Massa was actually beating Kimi when they were in Ferrari too….he even moved from lead in 2007 Brasil GP to enable Kimi to win his championship.

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