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Lotus pair blame rivals for early exits

2015 Italian Grand Prix

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The Lotus driver blamed their rivals for the incidents which forced both the teams’ cars out on the first lap of the Italiarn Grand Prix.

Romain Grosjean said Felipe Nasr’s move at the start was “too optimisitc”.

“We had the potential of a good race ahead of us,” said Grosjean. “I made a strong start but got hit by a car from behind in turn one which broke my rear suspension so that was it for us.”

“It was a too optimistic move from Nasr who hit me which meant my race was over.”

Meanwhile Pastor Maldonado pointed the finger Nico Hulkenberg for his early retirement. “Tthe Force India came into the side of me and took out my front-right suspension,” he said, “and that was the end of my race”.

2015 Italian Grand Prix

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  • 11 comments on “Lotus pair blame rivals for early exits”

    1. It was all a domino effect from Nasr going for a gap that just wasn’t there. But I can’t help but think these Lotus cars are very fragile.

      1. All open-wheeled single seaters are fragile in that way; suspension just isn’t designed to be strong in that direction. And it’s not just single seaters; there’s been an inordinate amount of similar damage in the BTCC, where you have full bodywork.

        1. Depends. Remember Barrichello’s huge crash into Alonso’s rear wheel at Spa 2010? Rubens car was destroyed but Fernando was able to continue without much trouble. Which seemed quite amazing.

    2. I’m quite sure it was Ericsson and not Nasr.
      Nasr was on the outside, Ericsson was on the inside, hit Grosjean who then hit Hulkenberg who then hit Maldonado, and then Grosjean when turning left, clipped Nasr’s right rear tyre with his front wing which caused the Puncture.

      1. In the first instance, yes. Ericsson bumped into Grosjean from behind. Nasr did go for a gap that wasn’t there, though. Grosjean would maybe have DNFed anyway but Maldonado should have been able to continue had it not been for Nasr.

    3. Better blame… karma! I’d say karma hit Lotus again. They still have to take more DNFs to pay their debts for destroying others’ races many times. Cannot decide which one still owes more, I mean Grosjean “stealing” Alonso’s 3rd title in 2012 at Spa “values” for sure as much as 10 crashes by Maldonado!

      1. Grosjean “stealing” Alonso’s 3rd title in 2012 at Spa

        Wow… I don’t even know where to begin with that…

      2. @corrado-dub Lotus didn’t ”destroy” anyone’s races. The blame has to go to the idiotic driving of Grosjean in 2012 and Maldonado for his whole career.

        1. You are correct abour Lotus.. Grosjean thinks he is a saint now..

      3. Alonso lost the title by himself in the Japanese Grand Prix. Also, he was outscored and outqualified by Massa in the last races of that year.

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