Sainz cleared over yellow flag as Nasr gets reprimand

2015 Singapore Grand Prix

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Felipe Nasr has collected his first reprimand of the season after falling foul of the run-off are at the first corner at Singapore.

Drivers have been instructed they must rejoin the track after a marker at turn three if they go off at turn two. Nasr did not do this when he went off during first practice, and the stewards handed the Sauber his first reprimand.

Carlos Sainz Jnr was also under investigation after the first practice session in which he was suspected to have failed to slow fully for yellow flags. However he was cleared aof any infringement.

“A comparison of telemetry of the lap concerned (his 26th lap) with the previous lap initially indicated that the driver braked late under the yellow flags,” the stewards noted.

“However, the driver explained that the previous lap had been abnormal. A comparison against his 14th lap clearly indicated that he had braked earlier under the yellow flags and had slowed through that section compared to the faster lap.”

2015 Singapore Grand Prix

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