2015 Singapore Grand Prix grid

2015 Singapore Grand Prix

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Row 11. Sebastian Vettel 1’43.885
2. Daniel Ricciardo 1’44.428
Red Bull
Row 23. Kimi Raikkonen 1’44.667
4. Daniil Kvyat 1’44.745
Red Bull
Row 35. Lewis Hamilton 1’45.300
6. Nico Rosberg 1’45.415
Row 47. Valtteri Bottas 1’45.676
8. Max Verstappen 1’45.798
Toro Rosso
Row 59. Felipe Massa 1’46.077
10. Romain Grosjean 1’46.413
Row 611. Nico Hulkenberg 1’46.305
Force India
12. Fernando Alonso 1’46.328
Row 713. Sergio Perez 1’46.385
Force India
14. Carlos Sainz Jnr 1’46.894
Toro Rosso
Row 815. Jenson Button 1’47.019
16. Felipe Nasr 1’46.965
Row 917. Marcus Ericsson 1’47.088
18. Pastor Maldonado 1’47.323
Row 1019. Will Stevens 1’51.021
20. Alexander Rossi 1’51.523

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52 comments on “2015 Singapore Grand Prix grid”

  1. Wow! Might even watch tomorrow :)

  2. So here I am back in Belgium an hour, home 10 minutes. Threw my backpack in the corner to watch Q3 wihout reading any news whatsoever about F1. Then this happens. He simply is the man.

  3. WOW.

    That is all.

  4. At the start of Q3, I was like “Nah, no one is going to get into the 1:43s”.

    I was happy to be proven wrong by that! Cracking lap by Vettel, and a good job by DanRic, too.

  5. Impressive, but of course that means Vettel has the best car by far, like when he was winning his championship…


    1. Haha, I like that positivity.

      1. Hahahah.. Vettel off course has the best car as always

    2. ColdFly F1 ( @coldfly ) (@)
      19th September 2015, 15:29

      @faulty after resetting your caps lock, you might want to look up ‘tongue in cheek’!

      PS all the typing you saved with the phonetic spelling, you lost with all the O’s!

      1. his name is faulty


      2. The admins must have taken that comment as inappropriate, I don’t see it anymore on the thread.

        Anyway, my comment was t-i-c as well, thus why it was all caps and it should have gone after the guy who said “it must be the car”, which I also understood as sarcasm. I have a feeling the new code for the comments section is still rough around the edges.

        cheers, mate!

    3. Thank you very much! I have followed Vettel since he was a BMW test driver. He would scorch everyone’s time on practice days. I can’t believe people still doubt his abilities.

      1. Ah. I remember. I was a 14 year old, he was 18. He looked so amazing then… As he still does.

  6. Great qualifying, finally a qualifying with actual excitement this season. Vettel, wow.
    What a waste for Sainz, finally no engine penalties or technical issues, finally a chance to get points, and he bins it. His team-mate, on the other hand, wow. Pushing it brilliantly on such an unforgiving track, new to him too. Still needs to be reigned in a bit, that tank-slapper at the end…
    Race tomorrow is going to be absolutely great.

  7. Happy day, happy day, Mercedes more than a second away!

    1. What a mess, what a mess… Hamster was kicked in the ass!

  8. so who’s the boss, huh?! :)
    this guy is a real monster and gotta love him

  9. That first lap was impressive (would have been enough for the pole). Then he decided to keep on his second lap and does that. That was he at his best, really nice to watch.

  10. I’ve missed this. The last 2 minutes summarized what F1 should be: unpredictable, highs and lows, surprises (good and bad). Perfect. I haven’t felt this excited for a qualifying session since about early 2013.

  11. To me the most impressive is how Mercedes was not able to react, they must have known there was something wrong since yesterday and absolutley nothing they did worked.

    1. Mercedes have proved time and time again that they aren’t a top team in their decision making and reactions. Canada 2014, Austria 2014, Hungary 2014, Belgium 2014, Malaysia 2015, Monaco 2015, Hungary 2015 and Singapore prove this

      1. They got a 1-2 in Austria over the Williams cars, after their drivers screwed up in quali. Also, beyond making the car more reliable, what else could they have done in Canada?

        1. A one-legged blind donkey could beat Williams on strategy.

          1. But did Mercedes do anything wrong?

        2. @david-a also in Malaysia they were simply not fast enough and couldn’t do a 2 stop what else can you expect them to do when the car isn’t fundamentally able to do a 2 stop and have to do a 3 stop

      2. Because they are complacent. They have such a dominant car that they don’t need to pay much attention to other things.

  12. The best qualifying session this year! Never been so excited since mercs took over :)

  13. Man, that last lap was a stunner!

  14. That first lap was impressive (would have been enough for the pole). Then he decided to keep on his second lap and does that. That was he at his best, really nice to watch. Tomorrow may be fun.

  15. So now let’s hope it won’t be VET (once again) driving away unchallenged instead of HAM, but rather a real fight between the top 4 or so.

  16. So good. What a lap! To be 6 tenths ahead on pure pace when no one else has gotten anywhere near it this season..
    Mercedes can’t obviously say to us they didn’t have the car for pole, they’ve made mistakes along the way to be that far off.
    Last dry weather Ferrari pole? Singapore 2010. Loving the grid at the moment.

  17. Carlos Furtado das Neves
    19th September 2015, 15:17

    Come on you Merc/Ham fans.
    Don’t be greedy and start talking about “The Best Car” is the answer to Vettel’s time…
    That’s not polite.
    Give the man the credits he deserves, one of the best ever!
    Just love the 2 seconds silence at SkyF1 after Vettel’s 1:43’s…

  18. Don’t often give out a private, silent hand-clap while watching F1 alone. I did for that lap. Rather impressive.

    1. Carlos Furtado das Neves
      19th September 2015, 15:26

      My son just asked: Why did you shout “WOW” dad?
      My reply: Vettel just did a perfectand amazing lap!

    2. Exactly what i did plus i was thinking for the last half of the lap that Ferrari was going to tell him to abort the lap and not risk it.

  19. Is it tyre pressures that hurt the Mercedes boys? I do not believe that they could lose that amount of pace at just a circuit like Singapore… Or probably the car is not built for this type of circuit, as Damon Hill said…

    1. No, obviously Ferrari is too dominant and we need a change to stop them. :)

  20. Echoes of Vettel past domination… Suddenly F1 is exciting again!


  21. Sebastian Vettel, the true heir to the throne of Ayrton Senna if there ever was such a thing – something lewis Hamilton is fixated on. I am so glad Vettel is doing so well this weekend, denying the day dream belief of Hamilton that irritates so many f1 fans. would have loved to see the other best driver up there also – Alonso, but alas, this is f1.

    1. Carlos Furtado Neves
      19th September 2015, 16:54

      Can he ever reach Schumacher’s records?

      1. Fate. We’ll see.

  22. Even Max Verstappen looked threatening to take up 6th place had he not overshot the corner. Mercedes are no where near the pace of RedBull and Ferrari.

  23. This just confirms my suspicion that Mercedes don’t really have a good chassis.

    1. They couldn’t get the tires to work. It happens.

      They wouldn’t dominate nearly every race weekend for the last 24 race weekends unless they didn’t have a great chassis as well.

  24. This should be fun tomorrow, nice :)
    @Very honest and interesting comments from Lewis.

  25. Carlos Furtado das Neves
    19th September 2015, 15:24

    Here we go…
    Tyre pressures… warm… the circuit…
    It’s only one race!
    Ham is going to be WDC, don’t worry, just recognize that OTHER cars CAN be better than the Mercs in some circuits…
    That’s how the sport works. Or weren’t you complaining when RBR/VET were dominant for 9 races in a row back in 2013?

  26. 12 consecutive poles and now a massive 1.5 seconds slower, that’s really shocking.

  27. its been a while huh,,^ so glad at last….

  28. Having Ferrari as underdogs, with a top tier driver in their squad, is what has made formula 1 interesting over the past 5 seasons. If it wasn’t for Alonso battling the bulls from 2010 to 2013, and Vettel battling the Mercs this year, the sport would have been unwatchable.

    Great job by Seb… and lets hope for an epic battle between him and Ricciardo tomorrow

  29. Alonso, Vettel is faster than you…

  30. Alonso: Vettel is faster than you…

  31. If Hamilton get a good gateway and merc can keep the pace with Vettel and Ricardo the race will be interesting.

  32. I was pleased to see Manor Racing got much more TV air time than what they usually get (or at least that is the way it seemed to me), even appearing on TV between Qualifying sessions, I think it was in between Q2 and Q3. In addition Alexander Rossi got to be interviewed on TV as well.

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