Vettel still expects threat from Mercedes

2015 Singapore Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel expects Mercedes will be a threat in tomorrow’s Singapore car despite the world champions only qualifying on the third row of the grid.

“I’m sure the Mercedes will be quick tomorrow,” said Vettel, “everything else will be a surprise, and it’s already a bit of a surprise. And the Red Bulls, of course.”

"I’m sure the Mercedes will be quick tomorrow"
Vettel said his first pole position for Ferrari felt “unbelievable.”

“I know it’s only Saturday and the main job is coming tomorrow but I had to enjoy the moment when I heard we made it,” he said. “It was looking pretty good right from the outset of quali – and actually from this morning, to be fair.”

He took pole position by over half a second and admitted he was “surprised by the margin”.

“I think it just came together,” said Vettel. “I really had a near-perfect lap at the end. So I was very happy with the laps I had today and especially the last one.”

“Around here it’s such a long, tricky lap and so easy just to go a little bit in too deep or a little bit too far, push a little bit too much but it jut seemed to come in the end and I was very happy that I made it to the finish line because it felt like a good lap and it was a good lap in the end.”

2015 Singapore Grand Prix

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    8 comments on “Vettel still expects threat from Mercedes”

    1. I like that he doesn’t want to allow this pole to get him complacent.

      1. I think this is his way of remaining calm.

    2. Vettel: great Champion!!!

      1. Not to Bernie though.

        Doesn’t matter, though. I think he’s the best champion on the grid.

        1. “Maybe he’s gone too far in recent months,” the 84-year-old now tells Bild am Sonntag newspaper.
          When asked about Hamilton’s latest exploits, Ecclestone answered: “I don’t know if it’s good for him.”
          Earlier, Ecclestone had criticised the fiercely private Sebastian Vettel.
          But he now says: “People are beginning to respect Sebastian that he is the way he is. I don’t want everybody to be like Lewis. Perhaps it was unfair to criticise Sebastian. Actually he’s a bit like me.”
          “We don’t want the limelight. I want to do my work, and if there is no drama then I’ll see if I can make one! But the big show, I’ll leave that to the others,” added Ecclestone.

    3. That 1.5s margin is huge, so maybe not. Of course there’s always the chance Mercedes figures out what the hell is going on and come back.

      Even then he (hopefully) has the advantages of it being very difficult to pass in Singapore, and that he tends to be brilliant when leading in clean air.

      1. And defending which he might have to do.

    4. Congrats to Seb! I’d worry about a Ricciardo kamikaze–style passing attempt more than the Mercs, though.

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