2015 Singapore Grand Prix championship points

2015 Singapore Grand Prix

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2015 Singapore Grand Prix

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29 comments on “2015 Singapore Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Top 3 mathematically in contention for WDC.

    1. I think you failed at maths there a bit.

      1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! - @omarr-pepper (@)
        20th September 2015, 15:32

        Why? because there are more contenders?

        1. Yes, mathmatecally the top 5 can win

          1. So therefore the top 3 are mathematically in contention ;)

        2. ..RAI has a tiny chance of winning the championship with 257 points……

          1. Ooops yes, I had my own maths fail – top 4

  2. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! - @omarr-pepper (@)
    20th September 2015, 15:23

    It looks like Vettel will definitely get 2nd in the WDC… Rosberg is like sitting ducks now!

    1. Another Hamilton DNF and he might be setting his sights higher.

      1. Mercedes would be fuming if they lost the title after this minimum tyre pressure change. They might have to go to a 1-2 driver policy!

        1. I wonder if they tried to cheat already in Monza using tire pressure secrutinery loophole.

          1. No. Their pressures were checked as legal by Pirelli. The grid check pressure was an artifact of when blankets were removed relative to the only other cars checked on the grid. There is no loophole unless you have the power to change the gas law constant for only your cars for only a certain time. That story is over.

          2. No. Actually since they (FIA) didn’t properly checked the pressure we will never no if they cheated.

          3. Well then By your logic the same suspicion of cheating must fall on Ferrari and every other team on the grid. You prove too much.

    2. It would be ridiculous for Rosberg to lose 2nd in WDC. I don’t think that will happen.

  3. Brundle is always talking about ‘the potentiometer’ on the throttle pedal. I can’t believe it’s really not a contactless sensor, but they do seem only to have one of them. Why? History is littered with their failures.

    Anyway very classy drive by Seb. The No1 drivers generally well ahead of the No2’s today.

    What is Tost going to do with Max???

    1. He’s grounded. And no iPad for a week.

    2. Hard one. Carlos had one lap newer tyres and it looked like he had ‘easier fights’ then Max. So for the constructors’ I can imagine the call. On the other hand, he couldn’t get past Max, so why would he succeed in passing Perez?

      And Tost won’t get violent again while Jos is lurking in the shadow…

    3. @lockup
      Im not sure what kind of pedal sensor they use, but potentiometer would be one of the safer types. The problem with contactless sensors is you have to transmit the information somehow. Be it a magnetic, ultrasonic, optical, or electronic transmission, there will always be a lot of noise in the “communication channel”. Potentiometers have phisical contact, and you can always perfectly measure the electrical resistance caused by it. I know it also can have a lot of noise, but you can put anaog circuit to filter the signal, while in the other cases, you can mostly just insulate.

  4. @lockup I thought it was a laser now? Fly-by-Wire, but maybe still, who knows.

    1. Yeah @fastiesty @bag0, I guess there is no ideal technology, but they could use 3 sensors and take 2 that agree.

      I see Tost is saying Max was right not to let Carlos through, because Carlos wasn’t looking really faster at the time.

    2. Maybe next year Singapore will have to shut down its subway system for the race. Again, there were a number of peculiar electronic issues. E.g., Rosberg, verstwppen, massa, sainz.

  5. Haha hilarious. Subway affecting the race :D

  6. Kanan, strange but true:


    It’s been a point of discussion since 2nd race here.

  7. Shouldn’t Magnussen be last?

    1. @philipgb No, because he didn’t start in Melbourne.

      1. @optimaximal

        Exactly, he is a world championship entrant who has no race classifications putting him behind every other driver, so last in the championship.

        Looking at the official F1 site he isn’t listed so either way he shouldn’t be above the Manor drivers like he is in this article.

        1. @philipgb Sorry, missed him on the list. I thought you were asking why he wasn’t there. :)

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