Broken drink bottle was Vettel’s only problem

2015 Singapore Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel revealed he drove half of the Singapore Grand Prix without a drink bottle but otherwise enjoyed a “perfect weekend” on his way to victory.

“My drinks bottle failed halfway through the race, so I’m quite thirsty,” Vettel explained on the podium after the race.

“Obviously we had a bit of a breather with the Safety Car but obviously still lots of pressure from behind. I think Daniel [Ricciardo] had a very good race, looking after his tyres very well, which made it a bit tactical towards the end of the stint.”

“Second stint I was dictating a bit the pace, around here it’s no so easy to overtaking so I was using that. And from then at some point chipping away, trying to control the gap. Fortunately that worked.”

However Vettel believes it will only be possible to fight the Mercedes drivers in the championship if they continue to perform at the same level.

“All we have to do is look after ourselves, maximum attack, and then what they do is not in our hands,” he said. “So we still have a small chance, maybe we can make the impossible possible, definitely we will go for it.”

2015 Singapore Grand Prix

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    7 comments on “Broken drink bottle was Vettel’s only problem”

    1. His response in German in the Presser was even more hilarious: “Halfway through the race my drink bottle stopped working, so I’m afraid I’m quite bladdered right now because I drank too much champaign.” :)

      He’s just hilarious at times…

      1. LOL. They should do a compilation of his press conferences. And they should make it obligatory for Vettel to join every pre-race press conference too.

    2. Vettel is awesome. And he OWNS Singapore

    3. By far, the best F1 driver on the current grid and right up there with the legends of this sport.

      1. You forgot to add “According to me”

        1. @solo But the second part of what he said is true by any reasonable measure.

    4. I am puzzled how this teams still fail to make a very reliable water bottle. We always hear about this damn thing failing for some drivers every year in Singapore and i bet the only reason we do not hear it at other races much, isn’t because it’s not failing but because the drivers don’t need it as much so they don’t feel like commenting about it.

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