Drivers split over Singapore track changes

2015 Singapore Grand Prix

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The Singapore track has been changed for 2015
The alterations to the Marina Bay circuit in Singapore have drawn mixed reactions from drivers ahead of today’s race.

Turns 11 and 12 have been altered in order to send drivers across the opposite side of the Andersen bridge to what was used previously. This has created a more pronounced kink in the braking zone ahead of turn 13, which the race organisers hope will promote overtaking opportunities.

Fernando Alonso, who has won the race twice before, said he was “happy with the changes to the layout”.

“The track should be safer now,” he said, “and probably will offer a better opportunity for overtaking, as in turn 13 now there’s a very wide entry, so we’ll see different racing lines there on Sunday, and hopefully some action too.”

However his team mate Jenson Button offered a different view during practice on Friday. “The new bit of circuit, the safety there is questionable,” he said. “It’s bumpy, obviously no run-off.”

Lewis Hamilton has also criticised the alteration, saying it has made the track “worse” and questioning whether it was necessary to make any changes to begin with.

2015 Singapore Grand Prix

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    4 comments on “Drivers split over Singapore track changes”

    1. I really liked the change, to be honest. When I looked at the map I wasn’t convinced, but after seeing the cars in action I changed my mind. Turn 11 and 12 are not another meaningless chicane, but turn 11 is an interesting corner because it’s tight and forces drivers to approach turn 10 differently and turn 12 is just a fast corner. I also like the kink in the braking zone.
      In my opinion the changes to turn 10 in 2013 and to turn 11 and 12 this year were absolutely spot on. That section of the track was very frustrating to watch, now it’s actually interesting.

      1. Agreed, it’s a real challenge now.

      2. Also, the changes in 2011 when they removed the kerbs overnight from the exit of a few corners, namely T5 and T14 resulted in the ideal line getting closer to the wall there, thus making the track faster and decreasing run-off areas, which is good for the challenge.

        Not only is this the only new track I’m probably 100% content with (it has that sharp character not even COTA has), but it is the only one recently which only got better with all the changes they’ve made to it.

    2. I miss the sling, it gave the track some character.
      They could improve it by not having that stupid sequence of three chicanes just for the obsolete novelty of going underneath the grandstands.

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