Ferrari to apologise for “inappropriate behaviour” after race

2015 Singapore Grand Prix

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Ferrari has promised to apologise for the behaviour of its team members in the wake of Sebastian Vettel’s Singapore Grand Prix victory.

The team was investigated following the race for “failing to follow the instructions of the relevant officials for the safe and orderly conduct of the event”, an infringement of the International Sporting Code.

The stewards noted they had “received a complaint from the secretary of the event on behalf of himself and the members of the security contingent at post-race parc ferme, that some members of Scuderia Ferrari failed to obey instructions of relevant officials and behaved in an inappropriate manner”.

After hearing from the Ferrari team manager as well as the event secretary and security head the stewards said “the team representative has offered to have the team principal send a written unconditional apology to those who were affected and to give an assurance that there will not be a recurrence.”

Formula One photographer Darren Heath accused the Ferrari team members of “appalling thug-like behaviour” in a series of Twitter posts. “The Ferrari mechanics pushed aside officials holding a barrier and then smashed into photographers at PF [parc ferme]”, he added.

2015 Singapore Grand Prix

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    35 comments on “Ferrari to apologise for “inappropriate behaviour” after race”

    1. Forza Ferrari!!!

      1. Wow. Act like you’ve been there before Ferrari. Show some class. If this had been Mercedes running around acting like fools, some of you in here would be all over them. Typical.

    2. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
      20th September 2015, 17:28

      Some people….

    3. Sorry, what did they do again?

      Sounds like the usual F1, ‘Make a story out of something utterly mundane’ boulderdash to me.

      Commentators were so stumped for excitement that they were talking about the lovely autumn leaves fluttering down onto the track.

      1. Not being British that’s what they done. From enthusiast staff to hooligans (ironic).

        1. Yes, by all means, slander a whole nation. Real classy.

      2. What was that about leaves???! They kept talking about LEAVES!

        1. Eh? Yes, as in plural of leaf. I think it was in the false hope that Vettel might slip up on them, Wacky Races style.

        2. “I am a leaf on the wind…” ? :)

    4. “thug-like” lol
      any footage?

      1. You would imagine that if they behaved “thug like” in front of a bunch of professional sports photographers, there would already be photos circulating demonstrating this.

    5. Thought it has something to do with the drivers.

    6. Keith had to find something negative about Ferrari, this is after all!!!

      1. @ Nixi That’s a very silly comment….

      2. Keith moonlights as Darren Heath the photographer? Wow he must be such a busy man!

        1. Presumably he’s also moonlighting as the stewards who issued an official summons

    7. Come on, we all know that you are not allowed any form of public celebrations in F1. All celebrations are to held months later at a black tie dinner where only the elite are invited.

      1. Haha, well put.

    8. Testosterone!!

      Forza Ferrari!!

    9. Darren Heath is a pearl clutching Tory, like many of the “self made men” who depend on an F1 press pass for their living.

    10. Darren Heath was the one who posted some tweet about Ferrari being investigated after the Malaysia win. He deleted it later. Looks like Ferrari isn’t his favorite team on the grid :)

      Thug like, because they pushed the barriers out of the way? Toughen up sir.

      1. The barriers are erected for safety reasons; if you really think it’s acceptable to push them out of the way, then you need to go away and think very carefully about why.

        1. If Heath cannot handle a bit of hustling, then he should probably stay in the stands.

          1. Yes, let’s ignore the fact that the barriers, which are there for safety reasons, were being pushed away. Instead, let’s hurl insults at someone who’s just trying to do their job.

            1. Asking him to toughen up is a insult? Photographers generally are used to this sort of hustle bustle. At least in main events where they have to mingle with the crowd or among themselves.

              Agreed, the barrier was there but was it ‘Thug-like’ behavior as mentioned by him?
              He has to be careful with his words as well else there are plenty I can think of to term his tweets.

            2. Were you there? No. So you don’t know what happened outside of what has been reported.

    11. Pathetic, like the punishment to Hulkenberg. This F1 has become a polo game on eggs.

    12. Here’s a picture of the scene.
      From the ESPN report: ‘A number of Ferrari team members were attempting to access parc ferme to celebrate Sebastian Vettel’s victory when they were held back at a security fence.’
      It’d have been very unfortunate for them to miss the double podium ceremony though, they should’ve followed the instruction. But calling it ‘appalling thug-like behaviour’?

      1. Blown out of proportion? Offended delicate sensibilities?

      2. Were you there? Have you seen video? No, and no. Which means you don’t have enough info to judge.

    13. Darren needs to grow a pair.

    14. It’s Darren Heath. Who cares about Darren Heath?

      He has some… interesting views if you read his social media postings. It’s like a walking talking Daily Mail.

      1. Well, I’m not weighing in on the Twitter posting, but you -might- want to check out some of his work. A body of beautiful work on F1 over a very long time. You should be -that good- at what you do…

    15. F1 should look at NASCAR and learn how to properly celebrate a win.

    16. If they got heavily fined last time around, shouldn’t the FIA show some consistency and fine them again? At least for repeat offense. It’s a silly technicality, but it would do well for the FIA to show some consistency.

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