Teams given strict guideline over tyre use

2015 Singapore Grand Prix

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F1 teams have been given detailed restrictions on the use of their tyres ahead of the start of the Singapore Grand Prix.

FIA race direction Charlie Whiting has reminded them they will only be considered to be using the tyres safely providing the restrictions on camber and tyre pressure are followed.

We have been informed by Pirelli that their tyres may only be operated safely if the prescriptions set out in their Preview document at each Event are strictly followed. We will therefore be enforcing the following parameters:

1) Minimum tyre starting pressure front and rear
The starting pressures will be established as follows:

a) During all practice sessions and qualifying, it will be the pressure measured immediately after the set of tyres in question is fitted to the car.

b) The race start set will be measured at any time after the five minute signal.

c) During the race it will be the pressure measured immediately before the set of tyres in question is fitted to the car.

In all cases:

d) When measured, the pressure must be equal to or higher than the minimum set out in the Preview. If the pressure is below the minimum requirement teams will be given the opportunity to increase it, however, at no time after the five minute signal may pressures in the race start set be reduced.

e) Measurements may be taken from any corner of the car.

f) Measurements must be made with a gauge calibrated at or by Pirelli, and subsequently sealed by the FIA.

After the checks have been carried out, and any necessary adjustment made in the presence of a scrutineer, no further adjustments may be made.

2) Maximum EOS camber front and rear
Procedures for carrying out these checks have already been established.

3) Maximum tyre temperatures in blankets
Tyre temperatures in blankets will be checked with an IR gun as before. These checks will be made both on the tread and the sidewall of the tyre. When measured, the temperature must be equal to or lower than the maximum set out in the Preview.

These checks will also be carried out at future Events until further notice.

Pirelli has specified minimum starting pressures of 18psi for the front and 17psi for the rear.

2015 Singapore Grand Prix

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    1. What nonsense, F1 managed fine before pirelli….. Kick them out & lets have proper racing tyres used again!

    2. What is this. I mean, it is getting ridiculous. No freedom in tyre pressures, camber, next number of laps, engine torque and power. Who knows we may yet get a recommendation that the Honda engines be used as the others are generating too much power.

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