Alonso hails ‘best lap of Suzuka’

2015 Japanese Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso said the lap which put him 13th on the grid for the Japanese Grand Prix was probably the best he has ever driven at Suzuka.

Alonso, whose highest qualifying position at Suzuka was fourth in 2010, originally qualified 14th but was moved up two positions due to other drivers’ penalties.

“That was probably the best lap of my career around Suzuka,” said Alonso. ” I could have fitted 100 more sets of tyres to the car, and I probably still wouldn’t have bettered that Q2 lap time.”

“It’s frustrating to end up 14th, but that’s the situation at the moment. And it’s not as though anyone in the team is relaxing. No, we’re pushing hard, but there are no magic solutions.”

Alonso is targeting a top ten finish in tomorrow’s race but is wary of quicker rivals starting further back.

“Tomorrow’s race will be tough,” he said, “there are faster cars behind, such as Max [Verstappen’s], but we’ll do our best to try to get some points.”

2015 Japanese Grand Prix

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    30 comments on “Alonso hails ‘best lap of Suzuka’”

    1. He said the same thing in Belgium or something :D
      Fernando is nothing if not predictable. :P

      1. Mmmm. Fernando must have participated in some 250 qualifying sessions. Could you count for me how many times has he said that exact phrase, since you are so sure of his predictability?

        1. I didn’t count. Did you? Do you know how many times he did NOT say that?

          If you don’t see why Alonso keeps talking up his quali laps or races this season, that’s rather trusting of you.

          1. Yes, according to your count you made, he did not said the same phrase 248 times out of 250. To be really predictable, he would have to say the same phrase more than 50% of times. Otherwise he is not really “predictable”. Or is not that what you meant? What do you understand by “predictable”? Maybe I am not understanding the word.

            1. Predictable = No matter which car, it will always be car´s fault.

      2. At least he is mature enough to remember it’s not all about him. He is positive, foments trust and remembers what is important, example to highlight the fact he is in Japan and that Honda has a lot of support there as opposed to the other driver that once again just complained about something that went wrong and that he could have done this and that but unfortunately he wasn’t allowed to. Even when he had the best car on the field, driving for Ross, he still acted in the same manner.

    2. Not really. They have all the preassure already and it would be meaningless for Alonso to do something like that. More likely hes trying to promote himself and tell the fans hes still as good as ever even if the results arent there.

      1. +1 Agreed. Classic Fernando tactics imo.

      2. Agree, this is classic Alonso’s propaganda. The guy has always been so full of himself.

        Verstappen’s error at the end of Q1 actually saved Alonso from being thrown away of Q2, as Jenson was clearly the faster McHonda at that final Q1 lap.

        1. classic Alonso’s propaganda?, please get a clue. From McLaren team radio.

          “I cannot do much more than this…”

          “It looked like a mega-lap from where we were. Still waiting for final positions.”
          Pit to Fernando

      3. +1.

        Plus, if he cannot make news from being in front, then find another to do it: say that this is your best performance ever… even tho you’re at the back of the grid.

    3. This is how Fernando operates. He’s been on an upward curve of improvement ever since his first race! He’s just putting pressure back on to McLaren and Honda, and trying to emphasise to the local fans that he’s giving it everything.

    4. From the comments I’ve read, some people just believe it was impossible for Alonso to have a personal best lap. Crazy.

    5. Alonso is the Baghdad Bob of F1

      1. Absolutely spot on. Saeed al-Sahhaf.
        I expect Alonso to do “the mother of all laps” very soon…

    6. What he said about Spa is that he did have his best “race” there in 2015. Which is not really saying much because Fernando’s F1 performance at Spa has never been brilliant. Coming to think of it, his qualifying performance at Suzuka has not been very good either in the past. So in fact it’s very likely that if he did not commit any serious mistake during his Q2 lap today he is telling the truth as he sees it.

      Now it could be that you remember all the qualy laps Alons has done in Suzuka and then you know for a fact that today’s lap was not his best. Do you happen to remember when is it that he produced his best lap then?

      1. What actually makes no sense is the ” I could have fitted 100 more sets of tyres to the car, and I probably still wouldn’t have bettered that Q2 lap time.” thing.
        If he is as good as he think he is, he should know better than to take people for fools, since we all know track was improving and there was no need of 100 more sets of tyres, with a couple of them ANY driver would have bettered his own Q2 lap time.

        1. @Oscar I think you’re taking his words too literally.

          1. Fair enough…
            But maybe I am because I’m too tired of his “I am the best, the car is the worst” style comments.

        2. “with a couple of them ANY driver would have bettered his own Q2 lap time”
          would you? how many times have you been into an F1 cockpit? it is easy to save the world from the comfort of your couch…

          1. I have no super licence, so I’m not eligible for doing that.
            But ANY driver on today’s grid would, even Crashtor.
            Got it now?

    7. Everything is relative. If you had a clean lap, making no mistakes, always hitting the apexes correctly, drew a flawless lap onto the circuit on the very limit of your car, you have done your job, you can’t do more. Not in a Mercedes, not in a McLaren. And considering that he is a two-times WDC, we might assume that he is capable of doing this.
      Everything is relative. If you had cars in the last like ten-twelve seasons that were good enough to make it to the third row, and you took the car there with ease, a good lap in a car that is only good for the ninth row, ending up higher on the grid might make you feel that you have done more for it. Maybe you have done more than a frontrunner did, whose mistakes remain covered by the superior car…

      And how exactly should Alonso approach interviews? He can’t say that the car is a piece of ____, even if it is. He can’t say that the upgrades are working very well, because they are not. He can’t say that he is very optimistic about the future progress, because there’s no progress at McLaren. If he does not talk about how hard he is trying, he couldn’t really say anything at all to the journalists…

      1. Excellent post – I agree wholeheartedly with you.

      2. Well said!

      3. @andrewt Great comment.

        We don’t know if the upgrades are working or not, purely because the engine/ers/kers issue is such a dominant factor. But your point is valid, if he wants to respond to the press without talking about negative things about the season and the car, this is probably a good way of doing it. He just needs to applaud the team for something as well, might give them a bit of a shot in the arm from time to time.

    8. Yellow flag saved him from being eliminated in Q1. So I don’t see what was special about his lap.

      1. and who is talking about Q1? :)

        1. Sorry. Wrong session. I was watching Q1 highlights as I wrote that 😂

    9. Max delivered him his best lap.

    10. Well… considering how slow he was going….

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