Settings error cost McLaren Q2 place – Button

2015 Japanese Grand Prix

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Jenson Button blamed a mistake in preparing his car before qualifying for his elimination during Q1.

Button’s qualifying was also compromised by a yellow flag after Marcus Ericsson spun, but he believes that even without that he would have been able to join the team’s other car in Q2.

“The Q1 yellow flag in the middle sector meant I had to lift,” Button explained. “Without that, I probably would have got through to Q2.”

“However, I wasn’t told in which engine mode to put the car. Every time before we start a timed lap, we’re instructed over the radio to adopt a particular setting, but I didn’t get told, and I went to the wrong setting.”

Following problems with his set-up in final practice, Button said his car “didn’t feel too bad to drive” in qualifying, but said the team can’t afford to make mistakes.

“We needed to get everything out of it today, and we didn’t,” he said. “You can’t make a single mistake here – even going half-a-turn out on the front wing makes a big difference.”

2015 Japanese Grand Prix

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    6 comments on “Settings error cost McLaren Q2 place – Button”

    1. I don’t understand why he didn’t ask?

      1. Seriously. You’re the one with the wheel in your hand, if you don’t know, ask. He has just been very passive aggressive, or snarky with the team for a long time. He acts like he is the only one working like a fiend. While he is on vacation people are working day and night for a fraction of his pay to just go forward in this terrible thing with dignity. They don’t quip “anything else?” when given instructions. Off to rally cross or whatever already.

        1. I like Jensen but you are spot on.

      2. He used the most powerful setting. You would expect that to be the fastest way. But actually that depleted the battery and as a result he wasn’t the fastest he could have gone. So I think team reminding or telling him to use a less powerful setting would make sense in such an unusual situation.

    2. Jenson always finds an excuse. That’s what makes him so special

    3. Wouldn’t is always be the same setting on a timed lap?

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