2015 Japanese Grand Prix championship points

2015 Japanese Grand Prix

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2015 Japanese Grand Prix

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15 comments on “2015 Japanese Grand Prix championship points”

  1. It’s races like this when Mercedes are problem-free that you can truly see how much better than all the others they are.

    1. But not that much anymore, I think. He was in clean air all race long and the gap between HAM and VET at the end of the race was 20sec… and not 30-40sec anymore… like it used to be. Plus, the pole time wasn’t like 1sec better than 3rd place anymore either.

      1. And Vettel finished only 2 seconds behind Rosberg.

      2. I don’t think Hamilton or Nico had to push once they were ahead. What is the use of stressing the engine. I’m sure if Vettel started gaining, the others would have responded.

      3. They were never under threat! They stretch that gap at will when needed. When Rosberg made his last pit stop, he was about two seconds behind Vettel but made that time up even with a slower total pit time by the time they both pitted. They have performance in hand. 2016 might be closer but the end result will be the same.

      4. Mercedes definitely have the advantage with a big margin. But that margin is smaller compared to the beginning of the season. So much so that Rosberg has already started to have difficulties with staying ahead of Vettel.

      5. Current determining factor of how much ahead Mercedes is in race pace is second Mercedes driver on the road.
        Unfortunately it’s Nico now… and he hasn’t shown 2014 Bahrain pace for quite some time.

        1. Seb is better than Nico! Full stop! To use the gap between Nico and Seb at race end to try and determine how much Ferrari may have caught up to Mercedes is not fair to Mercedes. Nico, in my opinion has caused his team points because he lacks the race craft of top tier drivers. Having said that, the better comparison would be Seb to Lewis.

    2. I think 2016 will be much much closer between Mercs and Ferrari, for sure. And if McHonda gets themseves sorted out in winter like Ferrari did last winter, we could hope for a decent championship.

  2. Here’s to Alonso leading the GP2 championship!

  3. Even if Ros wins the remaining races, Ham no longer needs to finish in second place, in fact he would take the title with 4 3rd places and 1 second.

  4. And Constructor’s Championship is likely to be decided in 2 weeks.

  5. Ferrari now have to consider getting to 2nd in the WDC to be a reasonable goal. Perhaps a bit better strategy would have cut the margin to 3 today. thst would be s huge victory for Ferrari. And a huge blow to Rosberg. Already he has only the same number of wins as vettel, which is absurd at this point.

  6. Haven’t done this for a while and felt more exciting than anything during the race after lap 20 or so; I once again compared the standings this year after 14 rounds to last year’s standings.

    1 Lewis Hamilton 250 (=) -27
    2 Nico Rosberg 248 (=) +19
    3 Daniel Ricciardo 161 (+4) +92
    4 Sebastian Vettel 143 (-1) -75
    5 Kimi Raikkonen 136 (-1) +17
    6 Max Verstappen 121 (+6) +89
    7 Valtteri Bottas 70 (-2) -41
    8 Sergio Perez 62 (+2) +23
    9 Nico Hulkenberg 46 (+2) +8
    10 Felipe Massa 41 (-4) -56
    11 Fernando Alonso 30 (+6) +19
    11 Carlos Sainz Jnr 30 (+3) +18
    13 Romain Grosjean 28 (-4) -16
    14 Daniil Kvyat 23 (-6) -43
    15 Jenson Button 17 (+3) +11


    1 Mercedes 498 (=) -8
    2 Red Bull 290 (+2) +151
    3 Ferrari 279 (-1) -48
    4 Williams 111 (-1) -97
    5 Force India 108 (=) +31
    6 McLaren 48 (+3) +31
    7 Toro Rosso 45 (=) +1
    8 Haas 28
    9 Renault 6 (-3) -54
    10 Manor 1 (=) +1
    11 Sauber 0 (-2) -26

    1. Crickey, I could at least post it in the 2016 comment section!

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