Hamilton cruises to Suzuka win

2015 Japanese Grand Prix summary

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Lewis Hamilton claimed his eighth victory of the year in the Japanese Grand Prix after passing his team mate at the start.

Hamilton brushed Nico Rosberg aside as they went side-by-side through the first corners, leaving Rosberg to fall back to fourth place.

Rosberg reclaimed second place at the finish after passing Valtteri Bottas at the chicane and jumping ahead of Sebastian Vettel via the pits. Bottas subsequently lost fourth place to the other Ferrari of Kimi Raikkonen.

Lotus took their second two-car points finish of the year, Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado following Nico Hulkenberg home.

The two Toro Rosso drivers took the final two points places. Fernando Alonso, who repeatedly complained about his engine’s lack of straight-line speed, came within 13 seconds of scoring a point at Honda’s home race.

2015 Japanese Grand Prix

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17 comments on “Hamilton cruises to Suzuka win”

  1. yesterday I said Nico is right of the track … I am sorry Lewis was … and he used Nico`s weak start … congratulation to Lewis.

    1. Didn’t Nico have a heartache or something

      1. LOL it wasn’t a heartache! It was a headache. Now he might have both :D

  2. Cruises is right.

    2 things that impressed – consistent 2.2sec stops for Ferrari and Maldonado in the points

  3. And Not a single track limits problem was had. Grass, everbody.

    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      27th September 2015, 9:44


  4. Hamilton forces teammate off track to win*

    1. @hsvdt15 2 wheelsoff track isn’t off track (just like VET’s overtake at the Curva Grande in 2011).

      1. He still stuffed Rosberg up

        1. Heaven forbid that a driver slows down his rival as he overtakes on the inside of a corner

          1. +1 not even a racing incident, just racing.

      2. That was beautiful. Curva Grande, 2011.

  5. Business as usual for Mercedes.
    Why is the diva so aloof when he’s winning and surely will bag the WDC. Vettel is all smiles and chirpy with Rosberg knowing his slim chance to fight for the championship.

    Consolation for both McLaren completing the race though 1 lap down.

    Overall race was kinda borefest.

  6. Rosberg really are a disappointment. He can’t justified his annoyed feeling on press conference of he don’t give a fight in the first place. Lewis really did push him out and looks a bit uneasy when Brundle show first turn replay on Sky.
    Maybe is just a simple case of Nature vs Nurture. Keke should start to threatened to kick Rosberg’s nuts from now on.

    1. :D Last part is hilarious. Now I remember Keke’s reaction to Schumacher at Monaco, 2006 too.

      1. Ha! Keke should told his daughter-in law to cut off Rosberg’s supply of sex too then…

  7. Great but risky move by Lewis at T2 which i’d describe as firm but fair, if they had been the other way round I think Rosberg would have backed out though as he doesn’t have that “win at any cost” attitude that Hamilton has which you really need to win a title.

    Nico this season is a man who I feel now know’s he just isn’t good enough to challenge his team mate over a season, he is slowly becoming the Mark Webber of Mercedes.

    I do get annoyed at the Senna comparisons and feel Lewis has been baited into it by the media, he has never even mentioned it or made a big deal out of it until the media started hyping it up leading up to Singapore, he rolled his eyes about it when getting asked on Sky by brundle and co.

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