Sponsor watch: 2015 Singapore and Japanese Grands Prix

2015 Japanese Grand Prix

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Singapore and Japan are two races where F1 teams often pick up regional sponsors as a one-off. But there was little sign of it happening this year – most of the teams had completely unchanged liveries for this Asian leg of the championship.

The prominence of sponsors’ logos was a talking point at Suzuka, where Bernie Ecclestone was reported to have objected to the branding teams used in their garages. It wasn’t just Mercedes who got the cold shoulder from FOM in Japan – we didn’t see much of the teams’ garages either.


Lotus also varied its branding at Monza
Amid increasing financial concerns, Lotus nonetheless featured several changes in branding in Singapore. The Four Seasons Hotel was advertised on the E23’s sidepod alongside SG-50, a special logo designed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s independence.

The logo of games console and Microsoft owned brand Xbox appeared to mark the release of Forza 6, a racing game published by Microsoft Studios which features the team’s car.

Regular sponsor Saxo Bank advertised its online trading platform Saxo Trader Go on the side of the car during the Italian Grand Prix.


McLaren announced a new sponsor for 2016

McLaren finally announced a new sponsor after the Japanese Grand Prix, revealing a partnership with sparkling wine producer Chandon, commencing from the 2016 season. Images released show its logo will replace the current Johnnie Walker logo on the side of the car next year.

As usual McLaren rotated its Segafredo Zanetti logo on its rear wing endplate with local brand Boncafe at the Singapore Grand Prix.


Mercedes’ fuel supplier has been credited for the team’s success

Mercedes title sponsor Petronas advertised their unleaded fuel brand Primax on the car’s sidepod at Monza.


Ferrari marked 900 races

Ferrari, F1’s longest-running team, started its 900th race in the Belgium. The team marked the milestone with a commemorative logo on the nose of the SF15-T.

Force India

Former FMSCI president Bharath Raj died in August

Force India paid tribute to Bharath Raj, the late President of the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India during the Belgian Grand Prix weekend with a logo on the side of the car.

2015 Japanese Grand Prix

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  1. This will continue to go on for years to come as the FOM stays behind the ridiculously priced pay-walls and fails to embrace the internet as a valid way of distributing its content. Sponsors are not stupid and will know about the falling viewing figures worldwide, the lack of commercial insight of Bernie with regards to the internet, and the overall competitive shambles that is F1 which are all pushing away true fans. The fact that F1 gets more coverage because Bernie payed off a court case in Germany or that Silverstone might not be a venue in 2016 says enough. If governments have to jump in to help keep venues on the calendar, you can be damn sure sponsors are not lining up either. Just consider that FOM does not even allow classic races or clips to be shown on YouTube for fans to enjoy and for sponsors to be seen, limiting the exposure of the sport itself and thus its brands. Moreover it will show sponsors that the only ones benefiting from their investment, is the FOM itself and the teams which are on the brink of collapse due to the FOM’s policy.

  2. So that’s why the Hype logo is a bit skewed. I never saw on the TV it was supposed to be a tin can.

  3. Duncan Snowden
    7th October 2015, 0:00

    I love that local newspaper style Ferrari photo.

    Motorists Sue Council Over Potholes ‘It’s costing my boss a fortune in repairs’, says Kimi Raikkonen, 35. But others, such as Sebastian Vettel, 28, can see the funny side. ‘It’s like driving over a rollercoaster every time I go out,’ he quips.”

  4. GB (@bgp001ruled)
    7th October 2015, 3:38

    most pictures dont show all the logos that are indicates in the text! every new logo should appear in at least one picture, shouldnt it?

  5. @bgp001ruled which logos are not present in the pictures?

    1. GB (@bgp001ruled)
      7th October 2015, 16:38

      @viscountviktor for example the four seasons on the lotus. or I didnt recognize it. but couldnt find it. and with others was the same. so my thought is the article shows some, but it is not the intention to present every single one.

  6. @bgp001ruled Four seasons + sg50 + xbox are all on the first picture, above the title.

  7. GB (@bgp001ruled)
    8th October 2015, 0:13

    thanks @viscountviktor! didnt look at the title-picture!

  8. Eric rocheteau
    8th October 2015, 6:05

    Chandon is not owned by Diageo it is owned by LVMH the French luxury goods company, which had been rumored to be a backer of the potential new Renault team

    1. Thanks Eric I’ve amended that part of the article.

  9. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
    8th October 2015, 15:38

    “Mercedes title sponsor Petronas advertised their unleaded fuel brand Primax on the car’s sidepod at Monza.”
    It’s actually Syntium.

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