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Wet start to Russian Grand Prix weekend

2015 Russian Grand Prix weather

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Drivers are likely to get their first experience of the Sochi Autodrom in wet conditions during practice for the Russian Grand Prix tomorrow.

Rain is forecast at the circuit and is expected to arrive early enough to affect the second practice session. As the Sochi circuit offers so little grip, and the rest of the weekend is forecast to remain dry, it may leave teams with little incentive to send their cars out on the track.

The rain will persist into the night on Friday but by Saturday the conditions will clear up and sunny skies are expected – more like the kind of conditions we saw throughout last year’s grand prix. Temperatures will fall slightly and are unlikely to get out of the mid-teens.

After qualifying finishes on Saturday the cloud will return, lifting air temperatures to around 18C. Further rain is expected late on Sunday, but will be well after the chequered flag has fallen on the second Russian Grand Prix.

For more updates on the track conditions during each session keep an eye on F1 Fanatic Live and the F1 Fanatic Twitter account.

Location of Sochi Autodrom

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2015 Russian Grand Prix

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    11 comments on “Wet start to Russian Grand Prix weekend”

    1. It is very difficult to predict what effect a washed out Friday means for the race. For Suzuka I thought it would enliven the race, but it appeared not the case. Rain also means that grip levels are lower. Last year in Sochi that may caused a dreadful race, when the first race at COTA actually benefitted from a slippery surface.

      1. @matthijs It was also uncharacteristically cold that year and the tires were too hard.

    2. We seem to get a lot of wet starts to the weekend. Can we have wet end to one, please?

    3. ColdFly F1 (@)
      8th October 2015, 12:40

      Nothing to do with the weather!
      What annoys me is that on the small Google Map Crimea is made part of Russia with no border-line between Russia and Crimea and a ‘disputed’ borderline between Crimea and the rest of Ukraine!

      1. Google Maps doesn’t put on borders that are across the sea FYI.

      2. Because there is a sea. Look at Denmark and Sweden for example. City names are still written in ukrainian, which is good.

    4. I see Baku in the map..

    5. I had no idea that Sochi was so close (essentially at the border) of Georgia and pretty close to Armenia and Azerbaijan as well.

      1. @kingshark Same here, I knew Sochi was as far south as they could go, but I didn’t realise that the track is literally a stone’s throw from the border with Abkhazia, which is still disputed between Russia & Georgia.

    6. well, the race is already shaping up to be a borefest

    7. the title fight is probably over!
      but vettel winning will really provide a great fight for second!
      cause i think vettel might possibly edge out rosberg, who knows?
      if rosberg ends the season third it would be quite embarrasing and doubt he would deserve to remain with mercedes.
      but for vettel it would a great first ferrari season (a stepping stone for winning next years title)

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