Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, Sochi Autodrom, 2015

2015 Russian Grand Prix championship points

2015 Russian Grand Prix

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Updated following Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso’s penalties

2015 Russian Grand Prix

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    42 comments on “2015 Russian Grand Prix championship points”

    1. Points standings make Rosberg look much worse than the reality of the season.

      1. @kingshark Kind of the opposite of last year, really!

        1. @keithcollantine Well, not really by the end of it. Losing 50 points in the last race pretty much put the standing how they were supposed to be: with Hamilton 67 points ahead.

      2. @keithcollantine
        Reliability evened out between them in the end though, especially with Abu Double. I doubt it will even out this year.

        1. I think this race has just marked the end of the road for Nico Rosberg’s championship hopes. Rosberg now has to win at least three of the four remaining races, probably all four and that is a stretch given how rarely he has had the beating of Hamilton this year. I think Hamilton will now probably have the title wrapped up by Mexico if not in Austin.

          I don’t think there’s much excitement in the Constructors’ championship, Williams I think are now secure in third ahead of Red Bull, and Force India in fifth are comfortably ahead of Lotus, who probably don’t have enough opportunities to make up the points gap. The main interest is probably Toro Rosso, who could overhaul Lotus to take sixth with a couple of big helpings of points (in a wet or chaotic race) but likewise could drop to eighth if Sauber did likewise and they didn’t.

          1. Lol, and there was I thinking Nico still had a shot. Lewis finishes 9th or better in any of the next four GPs and Nico will officially no longer be able to win the title. Nico’s title hopes are dead in all but name.
            If Hamilton wins in Austin and Vettel finishes 3rd or lower then Hamilton is champion.

        2. Is there Abu Double this year?

        3. @kingshark not like reliabilty will cost nico it though isit? Not like merc have been like last year. Ham has dominated qually and race. Last year Ham deserved it too. Nico must be sad could have 2 titles if ham was not there. Thank you for unreliable car in 12 Mclaren

      3. What are you talking about, he’s been borderline terrible this season. This is almost Webber-like.

      4. @kingshark

        Actually Rosberg’s position in the standings is reflective of how well he’s driving relative to Vettel and Hamilton. An argument can made who is doing better, but clearly Hamilton and Vettel have been the top two drivers this season by some margin.

        1. @uan
          No, Rosberg has had the most bad luck by some margin. In Monza he was on the backfoot all weekend because of engine problems, and in Russia his throttle failed. Then there’s the racing incident Hungary.

          If the WDC was representative of how well each driver was driving, Vettel would be ahead of Hamilton and Rosberg would be closer.

          1. @kingshark

            If the WDC was representative of how well each driver was driving, Vettel would be ahead of Hamilton and Rosberg would be closer.

            I’m not claiming it’s a perfect analogy, only representative of Rosberg in relationship to Vettel and Hamilton. I’m talking in terms of the quality of driving.

            Without the bad luck of Rosberg, I agree, he’d be closer, but only in terms of points (and Hungary was avoidable from his side, and he also benefitted from Kimi’s problem – and with the late SC, that he could close and pass Vettel was down less to the cars, than the drivers). Considering both he and Hamilton are in the same car, which is dominating the championship, the quality of Rosberg’s driving this year is oddly reflective in the standings.

      5. Not really considering Rosberg was GIVEN Monaco

    2. Massa v Bottas points are so weird. It feels like Bottas is performing all the time, but in the end they have the same amount of points. Good for Williams! 3rd in Construcors’ is almost certain!

      1. ColdFly F1 (@)
        11th October 2015, 14:40

        Actually the whole top 10 seems pretty final! @f1lauri
        The best chance might actually be McLaren gaining 1 position. But the constant PU penalties they collect will make that too much a challenge.

    3. If, or when Hamilton wins in Austin, with Rosberg 2nd, Hamilton mathematically clinches the title.

      1. @david-a yes but hamilton needs to outscore vettel by 11 points and if vettel comes 3rd he only gets 10 points more

        1. @papalotis Hamilton is 66 points ahead now and needs a 75 point margin after Austin to win the title. So it’s 9 points, not 11,

    4. So what’s the deal with the constructors? If raikkonnen loses how many places with a penalty, will merc be champion?

    5. So as things stand Mercedes aren’t constructors’ champions yet but if Raikkonen was relegated from fifth to eighth or lower then they would win, as the best Ferrari could do would be to tie them on points but lose on wins.

      1. What penalty would need to be applied?

        1. 20 seconds would have done it, but actual penalty was 30 seconds (10 second stop-go + 20 second penalty for not being able to serve it in the race – i.e. pit lane entry/exit time.)

    6. Feel bad for Nico this race, but he’s pretty weak this whole season, so I doubt him not retiring would have changed anything.

    7. Incredible how Ricciardo has been unlucky this year.
      He should be at least close to the Williams drivers on the standings but his car keeps failing him.

      1. Ricky has been spanked

    8. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! - @omarr-pepper (@)
      11th October 2015, 14:33

      I know it has happened because of Nico’s retirements, but I said long time ago (around Hungary) that Vettel looked ready to claim second in the WDC. Let’s hope he can keep Rosberg in third until the end of thr season.

    9. I find it really annoying that number 4 team Red Bull is threating to quit and making all this fuzz about engines. Probably the worst losers in the world. Being number 4 of 10 and threatening to quit. Just sad! And lets not forget THEY HAVE a deal with Renault for 2016 – Renault has always said they have and will fulfill their agreements!

      1. They fourth with a budget far bigger than Williams, and comparable to Mercedes and still almost 400 points behind. And there’s nothing they can do because of Renault and the rules.

        You can be annoyed by whatever you want, but your argumentation is bad.

        1. RAI could have been fifth if it were not for the rules. McLaren could lead the championship if it were not for the rules that stop them putting a bigger engine in the car. Rules are rules, and they are the same for everyone.

          1. @ians Uhm… yes? I don’t recall anyone stating the contrary. Kinda missed the point there, champ.

      2. Don’t know about this @f1lauri. Red Bull wrote to Renault saying they wanted to tear up the contract, so it’s questionable whether the contract is still in force, and anyway if Renault don’t positively want to supply engines it can only be disastrous.

        Tho I agree with what your sentiment. For me this race featured Mercedes, Ferrari, Williams and Force India. I think it demonstrated that F1 will be fine if Dietrich takes his ball elsewhere.

        1. For me this race featured Mercedes, Ferrari, Williams and Force India. I think it demonstrated that F1 will be fine if Dietrich takes his ball elsewhere.

          Haha, good one mate.

        2. Well, Ricciardo had to defend well from Bottas and Raikkonen, otherwise they may have caught and passed Perez earlier.

          1. Yes fair comment, I’m not saying Red Bull were irrelevant. The PU is improving. If they get to hang in next year they’ll be a decent midfield team.

            If they want to beat an engine manufacturer’s team though, they have to make their own engine. It was always unrealistic to expect what they expected.

            Then even when Ferrari offered them an engine it was instant bitching about it, which predictably resulted in that door being closed in their entitled faces.

            1. @lockup

              Then even when Ferrari offered them an engine it was instant bitching about it,

              Because Ferrari was offering this year’s engine for next years car. That may work for Toro Rosso, but not for team with championship aspirations.

              It boggles my mind that folks are criticizing Red Bull for not being happy as a mid-field team – not on their own merits, but from something totally out of their control. This is F1, this is racing, and these are competitors. Folks call Red Bull that “drinks company” but it seems many people are “drinks people”.

              Ironically, no one criticized Alonso for leaving Ferrari in pursuit of another championship (or Hamilton moving to Mercedes), or think nothing of a driver like Bottas or Hulk wanting a better drive, and many wouldn’t blame Alonso for leaving F1 until he can get a better car under him. But RB thinking about leaving until they can get a competitive engine? Let’s slate them. Check.

            2. @lockup “bitching”? This isn’t highschool, champ.

            3. not on their own merits, but from something totally out of their control.

              My point @uan is that it’s unrealistic to have championship aspirations, when that entails asking another team to help you to beat them.

              The only reason Ferrari and Mercedes have winning engines is because they want to win. Themselves. Very badly.

              So a 2015 engine was the best offer Red Bull were ever going to get, and they were all kinds of silly and entitled to instantly throw it back in Ferrari’s face bitching about ‘playing games’.

              It would have been a good stopgap while they tried to sort out their own engine, but with that behaviour it just confirmed to Ferrari what Red-Bull-esque negativity they could expect if they went ahead.

              So I don’t see it as being out of Red Bull’s control. They’are in a pickle of their own making, and for me it arises from an unattractive lack of humility, and a long, undistinguished history of bitching about their engine even when they were winning.

            4. @uan Having ambition and demanding the world to kneel to you demands are two different things.
              All teams have ambitions. Do you think the others race with the purpose to finish 10th? They want to win championships and do great too. But they realize that that can’t happen at the moment and continue trying.
              Mclaren want to win championships and now are at the back of the field but they ain’t threatening everyone they see and throwing tantrums.
              So yeah if Red Bull wants to prove they are racers they should take whatever they can get and plan for the future. No one said that they should accept being eternally in the midfield.
              But right now they do not have time and they made a mess of their public relations with others and their provider. They should just accept that all likely they won’t have the best engine next year and do the best they can with what they have until they find a better solution whatever that solution may be(another manufacturer, their own engine, better negotiations with a supplier or whatever).

              This entitlement of the sport having an obligation to keep them in championship fighting position every year is ridiculous. When you are participating in a competition you should accept that not always you will in the best position. Only children think that others should just allow them to win.

    10. @lockup

      The only reason Ferrari and Mercedes have winning engines is because they want to win.

      Eh… you do realize we are not talking about a My Little Pony, right? Things don’t happen in F1 just because “somebody really wants it”.

        1. @lockup Eh? Seems you posted the wrong reply there, star.

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