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Hamilton regrets Rosberg’s early retirement

2015 Russian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton said he was disappointed team mate Nico Rosberg dropped out early in the Russian Grand Prix.

Rosberg was leading Hamilton when a problem with his throttle forced him to stop.

“I was excited because we were quite close together at the beginning and I was thinking ‘OK, we’ve got a race here'”, said Hamilton on the podium after the race.

“It’s a shame for the team to have lost one of the cars and to not have a race. When I knew Sebastian was behind I was thinking to myself ‘I wish that he was right with me so we could be having a race, I think it would be great for the fans’.”

Hamilton took his 42nd career victory, moving him ahead of Ayrton Senna’s career total of 41.

“I don’t take what we have for granted and I think the team have done an amazing job,” Hamilton added. “It’s a special moment for me to surpass Ayrton and carry on to this weekend.”

2015 Russian Grand Prix

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    21 comments on “Hamilton regrets Rosberg’s early retirement”

    1. I wonder if Schumacher, Senna, Clark, Fangio and other greats were ever in a comfortable lead of a grand prix, wishing they had someone for company to provide excitement for the fans.

      1. I think it will always a bit of both. Racing drivers want to win at any cost but by their very nature they also want to race. A win will always feel more satisfying if you have to work and fight for it.

      2. Schumacher always had such pathetic teammates that I bet he wished some challenge in years like 2002 or 2004 , but sadly that never happened

        1. @liongalahad
          Schumacher took Barrichello’s chassis when Rubens looked quicker all weekend at San Marino 2002. That just shows how much he cared about competition.

          1. Yes. Michael always was calculated and cold-blooded.

          2. Lopes da Silva
            12th October 2015, 16:46

            Hamilton deserves huge respect as a driver and a Triple Champion. We never had reports about inequality of equipment at Mercedes, much unlike what always happened with Michael Schumacher, at Benetton and at Ferrari. In ’14 and ’15 we’ve been witnessing a true motorsport battle. Rosberg should have been like Prost, that came back in ’89 to win a title against a winning teammate. But ultimately he hasn’t, like Coulthard and Webber weren’t.

    2. HAM also equals VET in terms of number of race wins.

      1. @davidnotcoulthard
        Half of which (21/42) have been achieved with Mercedes, and he’s done less than 3 seasons with Merc while he did 6 seasons with McLaren.

    3. Oh! What a champion! Really wants to fight with someone instead of romping to victory in the fastest car :)

      1. Every time you see a pack race you see the guys afterwards saying it was funny, and that they like it.

        If the guy can enjoy a good battle and then win the race, what’s the problem?

        If he had said that he would prefer to be in the middle of nowhere racing someone than to win, then it would be strange.

    4. I am a Hammy fan – and am pleased he seems to be romping home to his 3rd title BUT I really doubt that he is sorry Rosberg retired. In my experience people only really enjoy close fights after the fight is finished and they have won. If they had fought a close fight and Rosberg had won I am sure his pleasure in the fight would have beeen
      greatly diminished.

      1. Let’s be honest, history teaches us that in a close fight on-track between Hamilton and Rosberg then there is only one winner, and it’s generally not Rosberg.

      2. Have to disagree. Most people I know like a challenge even if it means losing a few times. That is how you grow. Otherwise imagine the pleasure one would get beating your kids at football and other games. There is no challenge or fun most people would handicap the game against themselves or let the kids win.

        Hamilton is a racer likes being challenged.

      3. Perhaps, but Hamilton obviously assumes he would have won anyway. They all do.

      4. Well, of course he’s happy with the win…and I believe him when he says he enjoys the battles. And obviously he’s not going to enjoy the battles as much if it doesn’t come out in his favor in the end, that’s only natural. I think the same would apply to any of the guys up at the sharp end of the grid. I imagine Lewis can feel a bit bored from time to time on days where there is no one around him whatsoever.

    5. Yeah, sure.

    6. Mark in Florida
      11th October 2015, 18:44

      Hamilton is such a hypocrite, he doesn’t want a teammate that’s a challenge he just wants someone to run off the road so he can feel entitled to his win. Mercedes should just be a one car team that way it can be all about Hamilton all the time. Come on Ferrari.

      1. Bias much? What a ridiculous statement when Hamilton has never been penalised for ruining his teammates race and Rosberg has.

      2. He only runs Rosberg off the road because the latter lets him. Hamilton’s fights with Button were some of the best and almost always fair. Likewise when he sparred with Webber. A good racer doesn’t need excuses.

        1. Mark in Florida
          12th October 2015, 2:12

          The only problem I have with that statement is that when Rosberg did fight for position Hamilton bitched endlessly about it . And when he wouldn’t yield the corner and cut poor Hammys tire down when he ran into Rosberg he, Rosberg was apparently threatened by Toto. So it’s still all about Hamilton.

    7. With the way Hamilton talks, he is racing in the wrong series. If he raced in quasi-spec IndyCar or NASCAR he would always have fights on his hand.

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