Mercedes secure second constructors’ title

2015 Russian Grand Prix

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Interactive Data: Constructors’ Champions
Mercedes has won the Formula One constructors’ championship for the second time.

Kimi Raikkonen’s penalty after the Russian Grand Prix means they now have an unassailable lead over rivals Ferrari.

The team has regained the title it won for the first time last year, also at the Russian Grand Prix.

Mercedes head Dieter Zetsche congratulated his team. “After winning in 2014, we raised the bar again to secure this year’s title, and we needed to because our rivals gave us plenty of headaches as they stepped up their performance,” he said.

“The work by our team is the perfect example of what drives Mercedes-Benz forward: the best technology. The most efficient hybrid petrol engine that our company has ever made, world-beating aerodynamics and intelligent design in every part of the W06 Hybrid racing car.”

“Most importantly, though, we must not forget the human factor: we have two exceptional sportsmen at the wheel, Lewis and Nico, and a fantastic team behind the scenes, who have delivered 12 wins in 15 races so far this year. Their work has made every employee of Mercedes-Benz a world champion and we are very proud of them.”

“A world championship isn’t just about points on a scoreboard,” said executive director Toto Wolff, “it’s about many hours of hard work and sacrifice from every single member of the team, most of whom are away from the limelight and work with incredible dedication six or seven days a week.”

“Well done to every one of them in Brackley, Brixworth and Stuttgart; you have done a sensational job.”

The Brackley-based team also won the constructors’ championship in 2009, when it competed as Brawn.

Formula One constructors’ champions

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2015 Russian Grand Prix

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    38 comments on “Mercedes secure second constructors’ title”

    1. Congratulations to a fantastic team effort by Mercedes. I was disappointed not to be able to see them celebrate

      1. *yawn* — they’ve already won next year’s championship, too, if we’re being even slightly realistic with ourselves. We all knew they were going to win this year, even when we’d barely started 2014’s championship.

        1. Ooh I hope you’re right! Well done Mercedes.

    2. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
      11th October 2015, 15:36

      That visual data looks familiar :D

    3. I am pleased for Mercedes of course, but what a damp squib having a penalty decide the timing of the constructor’s championship.

      1. @lass321 Yes especially considering I’m sure Mercedes wanted to do it in the USA which is a much more fashionable market. I think they laughed it off.

    4. Congrats to them. Fully deserved.
      A 1-2 finish would have been great but nevertheless.

      If they can sort out these silly mech errors and Ferrari fails to be competitive, i expect them to grab the 3rd one even earlier next year :D

    5. What a car they’ve built. And what a PU. Really well done. And thanks to Hugo Boss even the pit crew uniforms are beautiful.

      If Hamilton was a bit less of a tool outside the track I’d be completely in love with the team.

    6. It’s interesting to see that even after all this time, Williams still have the second highest number of WCCs, despite not being at the top of the sport for nearly two decades.

      1. This is one of the reasons I’m not confident McLaren will ever reach the top again. Ferrari has managed to harness the concept of passion and transcending just being a team. Even if they have long periods of poor form, they will always be considered something special and have an allure for people.

        McLaren on the other hand are kind of sterile. If they aren’t performing at the top they are nothing, if they don’t get back to winning soon they will have no appeal and the decline will become irreversible much like Williams who even though they’ve had an upturn in form, still aren’t going to appeal to talent like a top tier team do.

      2. +1 I’ve been completely unaware these days that Williams have been the more successful team of the two. But it seems likely now think last couple of years.

    7. Well deserved just a shame for the team they had to learn about it in the way they did, I’m guessing they will probably do more of a celebration at the US GP in a couple of weeks.

    8. Congratulations to Mercedes, they have built one of the most dominant car and PU packages F1 has ever know.

      1. I think the only comparable domination is McLaren-Honda 1988

        1. Yeah and then Williams-Renault combination of 92 and 93 goes way over that. Sometimes almost 3 seconds per lap faster than anybody else.

          Some big domination going on before the eighties too.

    9. I think the best way to show what a PU Mercedes have build is the fact that every single car powered by a Mercedes engine has been at least once on the podium. W05/W06, FW36/FW37, MP29 (Aussie GP 14), VJM07 (Bahrain GP 14)/VJM08 (let’s not count the B) (Russian GP 15), E23 (Belgian GP 15).

      Truly an amazing piece of engineering

      1. While that’s cool and all, the absolute, crushing dominance of the Mercedes team is a far better indicative.

      2. No pressure on Manor next year, then.

    10. Nice chart…

    11. Even though Mercedes also won it in Sochi last year, this year they’re winning the title earlier.

      Last year Sochi was the 16th race of the season, this is it is the 15th. With both years having 19 races.

      So while fans are feeling that this season is a more competitive one, the dominance of Mercedes is actually greater.

      I guess it’s because we have Ferrari as a constant second runner. So we always feel that Mercedes is under threat. Unlike last year when the last place on the podium is always up for grasp.

      1. Last year Mercedes was the fastest car for every race but threw 3 wins and 1 pole away, this year Ferrari has won 2 races and 1 pole by merit of the car being faster. Mercedes are achieving a better result than last year but they are performing better as a team. On car performance the gap though at times even larger than last year, is on average shrinking.

        But as we saw in 2013 with the Red Bull domination, you don’t need a second and a half a lap to dominate if you have a driver that can consistently get the best out of the car even with someone nipping at their heals.

      2. That s only cuz Kimi is doing an atrocious season and completely unable to score the points that car deserves, while last year Red Bull had an excellent Ricciardo and Vettel doing a so so year that still was miles away better than Kimi now.

      3. I think that is mainly because of better Mercedes reliability. Lewis has had just 1 mechanical failure and Nico has had two.
        Last year, this number was probably 3 and 2 (may be more if we count Canada for Nico too)

    12. All time list is very telling. Mercedes isnt even on a RBR level. Maybe Brawn title should be added.

      Did that factory win more?

      Also Williams, I always thought McLaren was second best. It appears not.

      1. Duncan Snowden
        11th October 2015, 22:47

        The Enstone team’s record is officially considered to be continuous (hence why Lotus carries three stars on its cars, reflecting the two Benetton championships and the one as Renault, rather than the seven of the now defunct Team Lotus), so I don’t see why Brawn’s and Mercedes’ can’t be. Theoretically they could be added to Tyrrell’s, but since BAR basically started from scratch in 1999 with a new factory and very few – if any – Tyrrell staff, I don’t think the FIA see it that way.

        McLaren is second on race wins (a long way ahead of Williams, in fact: 182 to 114).

        1. But Renault wins from 2005-6 are not added to Team Enstone.

    13. Here is an interesting stat. Without Mercedes, Vettel would be champion two races ago… And we complain Mercedes domination is booring.. Vettel would already be looking at 5th star.

      1. :-O He’s dominating that 3rd position well :D

    14. I think Ross Brawn should get a bit more credit from the current incumbents. He was set up really, with the limited budget to start with, and then the MB Board not understanding how long it would take for the bigger money to bring results.

      1. @lockup He got a lot of credit last session, especially when they won the constructors. Maybe the people currently running the team should get the credit this time around.

        1. @woodyd91 Nah. Ross Brawn left a perfectly-functioning team, with a car with a massive advantage. The new team has simply had to let everything run its course.

      2. Oh I see on espn that Lewis mentioned Ross’ contribution, that’s nice.

    15. Congrats to Merc, congrats to Lewis. Job well done at every level within that team.

    16. The nature their repetitive dominance shouldn’t detract from the fact they’ve done a much better job than anyone else. From top to bottom.

      Congratulations to them. Fair play.

    17. Will they bag more points than last season (even accounting for Abu Double silliness)?

      1. Dunno about that. But if Hamilton wants the record for highest points scored for the championship (which belongs to Vettel) he has to win the rest of the races.

    18. While I’m very happy for Mercedes, I feel oddly underwhelmed by their success. It feels as if they have won by default simply by being the only team with a competitive power unit and the resources to develop a good car around it. Have they really won because they’ve done a brilliant job, or are they winning simply because everyone else has done a bad job? I suppose either way it doesn’t really matter – success is success, and you only ever need to do just enough to beat your rivals. I just think I would be more impressed if it felt like they had been challenged in some way by a team with the ability to beat them.

      1. If the others have done a bad job and you’ve done better then you did a brilliant job because you did better than anyone else. We can only measure how good we do compared to others, not some aliens in a galaxy far far away.

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