Sainz will race in Russian Grand Prix after crash

2015 Russian Grand Prix

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Toro Rosso has confirmed Carlos Sainz Jnr will take part in today’s Russian Grand Prix following his crash in practice yesterday.

Sainz passed an FIA medical examination given by the FIA Medical Delegate and Chief Medical Officer following his overnight stay in hospital. He had already been granted permission to start the race despite not having taken part in qualifying.

“I am fine,” said Sainz yesterday. “My back and my neck are just a bit sore from the accident, but I’m totally ready.”

Sainz said he was conscious throughout his crash, which occurred at turn 13 during final practice. “As soon as the accident happened I tried to talk to the team on the radio, but it wasn’t working and those must have been some scary moments.”

“I’d like to thank everyone for their support, it’s really nice to receive all your messages at a moment like this one.”

2015 Russian Grand Prix

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    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      11th October 2015, 10:35

      Very happy Sainz Jr is fine.
      Double happy that he will race.

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