Christian Horner, Daniil Kvyat, Circuit de Catalunya, 2015

Caption Competition 87: Horner vs Kvyat

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After branding his first home race for Toro Rosso 12 months ago “crap”, Daniil Kvyat enjoyed a better weekend the second time around and scored a top five finish for Red Bull.

Here he is pitting his strength against Red Bull team boss Christian Horner. Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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  • 78 comments on “Caption Competition 87: Horner vs Kvyat”

    1. If Kvyat win, he can go to another team.
      If he lose, he’ll stay in Red Bull.

    2. I think this could be stalemate – we’re both powered by Renault.

    3. Horner: “Daniil, you’re as weak as Renault”.

    4. Kvyat finally realises that Christian Horner had been already been pushing as hard as he could; and that was before Kvyat had even started

    5. Both Kvyat and Horner are being told by Rocky to save their “tyres”.

    6. Horner: “Okay, if you win I’ll get you those Spice Girls tickets”

    7. The Red Bull boys do some arm-wrestling to determine who will be the one to approach Cyril for Renault’s 2016 engines

      1. Winner.

    8. Loser tells Marko we will drive Renault in 2016.

      1. This is a good one XD

    9. Kvyat: “Oh wait, you already started?”

    10. Multi TP26 Dani, TP26!!

      1. Haha, good one ;)

    11. After much deliberation, the FIA concluded that Horner had a jump-start, and so consequently punished Maldonado.

    12. Horner: Okay, if you win, you can go out tonight. But if I win, you have to babysit Max like you promised.

    13. Horner and Kvyat in the final of who Red Bull will use as a scapegoat should they get a more competitive engine next year and still lose.

    14. Bored with F1, Horner decides to join the Russian arms race.

    15. More torque than Renault

    16. Remember Christian, you’ve got to let me beat you. Bernie and Putin told you so.

    17. Loser has to kiss Bernie…

    18. With no power unit available, here’s Red Bull boss finding the right driver to pedal the car next year !

    19. Better to play this with a Russian, than playing Russian Roulette with Renault.

    20. Redbull owner states that he’ll take the Renault engine but two big names from the team have to take the blame and be sacked. Kvyat was happy with the method of choice until he was told that horner has already broken riccardo arm….

    21. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      17th October 2015, 14:30

      Winner takes on Bernie, looser gets Putin.

      1. Good one. Putin would destroy the competition.

    22. So Dani we need a democratic, as Bernie would call it, way to choose our second driver for next season. You win, you take the seat.

    23. “Whoever loses has to go ask Renault for our engines back”.

    24. Dietrich Mateschitz’s program to put Reb Bul Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso employees on other projects of his business group has sent former team principal Christian Horner and driver Daniil Kvyat to Red Bull Arm Wrestling team.

    25. After losing to Kvyat on multiple occasions Christian Horner threatens to pull out of armwrestling for good, forcing the russian to concede another victory.

    26. Kvyat’s unconventional negotiating style was learned from watching Putin holding “political talks”.

      1. Kvyat’s unconventional negotiating style was learned from watching Red Bull holding “engine talks”.

    27. DK: “Just because you won 4 arm wrestles in a row once doesn’t give you the right to complain if you lose”.

    28. Horner threatens to quit arm wrestling after losing to Dani Kvyat

      1. lol good one.

    29. “This is a complete joke Daniil I only had those useless French Weetabix for breakfast.”

    30. Danill: ok, if I win it will be Lada diesel engines!

    31. Jeffrey Spencer
      17th October 2015, 19:07

      DK: There’s no place for democracy
      CH: There’s no place for Bernie, or Putin, or Blatter

    32. “Please let me win Daniil, I’m on a different strategy.”

    33. Horner practices arm twisting with the Russians before meeting Ferrari for a negotiations on an engine deal.

    34. Jeffrey Spencer
      17th October 2015, 19:28

      CH: Come on Dani, a real Russian man would take off his shirt (Putin).

    35. “That’s how Vettel lost his RedBull seat.”

      1. * sorry I meant webber:

        “That’s how Webber lost his RedBull seat.”

    36. It was at this point Kvyat regretted not using his tokens to upgrade his right forearm mid season.

    37. Kvyat: If I win, I want number one driver status.
      Horner: Bring it.

    38. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      17th October 2015, 23:20

      “I’ve had enough of this, I’m not playing any more!”

    39. In Soviet Russia, arm wrestles you!

    40. This is how contract negotiations are handled in Russia

    41. Danill: you know holding hands in Russia this way, we could be breaking a law.

    42. DK: I think Bernie is afraid of Putin. I saw the way he stepped aside and scared.
      CH: hold me back I might cry for Bernie, he has no chance with the kremlin.

    43. Loser has to confirm to Mateschitz they’re leaving the team.

    44. Then we join left hands above our heads and that’s the Infiniti logo.

    45. Daniil: Christian, let’s see if your arm is as strong as your mouth!

    46. Some will later say this was how Kvyat got his STR Ferrari seat for 2016.

    47. If you win Daniil, I’ll make RedBull disapear from F1.

    48. Horner and Kvyat making the secret sign requesting engines from VW.

    49. Horner: “Remember no matter who loses, remember to blame Renault”

    50. “Stop whining and focus Christian.”
      “I can’t.”

    51. Kvyat: “so is THIS the new break away series Red Bull proposes? Arm wrestling?”
      Horner: “we’re in the entertainment business.”

    52. (Alternative version):
      Kvyat: “so is THIS the new break away series Red Bull proposes? Arm wrestling?”
      Horner: “it fits perfectly with our demograph”

    53. “Keep smiling, Putin and Ecclestone are watching us!”

    54. If I win then I get to sleep with a Spice Girl

    55. Horner already wearing the 2016 outfit!

    56. Negiotiating with the Russian arm where you Put in Red Bull.

    57. Arm wrestlers can’t even push it to the max these days. It’s better at Le Mans.

    58. horner : “dani you win, you’re out”

    59. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      19th October 2015, 5:17

      Horner already busy at work promoting Red Bull’s new arm wrestling sensation – Dani Kvyat!

      Next photo – Red Bull’s new billiards Sensation Dan “Smile” Ricciardo!

      And last but not least RB’s new product line – Spices of Champions (all recipes tested in wind tunnel by renowned aerodynamicist Adrian Newey)

    60. you let me win to start with, then I’ll let you win at the end

    61. Horner decides that posing for press photographers, no matter how ridiculous the request, is preferable to answering questions about engines.

    62. Horner: If I win, I take all the glory. If you win, I shame you and whine that it wasn’t fair, and I’ll have the regs changed so that I’ll always win.

    63. Dani, this is easy. Next I’m facing Daniel in a smiling competition.

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