Flood warnings in Texas ahead of F1 weekend

2015 United States Grand Prix weather

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The build-up to Sunday’s United States Grand Prix is forecast to be extremely wet, though conditions should improve in time for race day.

A tropical storm south-west of Mexico will send significant amounts of rain north to Texas over the coming days. Forecasts give different views of exactly much rain Austin will experience, but a high volume of rainfall is expected which will peak on Saturday. Conditions for Friday are little better.

By Sunday the forecast improves but a risk of rain showers will remain for the race. That is likely to affect how teams approach practice, and could mean we see very little running indeed. Friday running may be sacrificed to save wet and intermediate tyres for the race, and conditions on Saturday could lead to lengthy red flags.

F1 has not run in heavy rain at the Circuit of the Americas, which opened in 2012, but last year’s World Endurance Championship round at the track was hit by a rainstorm 90 minutes into the event:

For more updates on the track conditions during each session keep an eye on F1 Fanatic Live and the F1 Fanatic Twitter account.

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2015 United States Grand Prix

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33 comments on “Flood warnings in Texas ahead of F1 weekend”

  1. I guess I’m not alone in fearing we’re in for a rather lengthy Saturday evening/night?

    1. Same here but I’ve got to watch the BBC repeat. Does anyone know if that has to be delayed if the 2 versions start getting too close?

      I wish for once the recent weather could be reversed so we get a wet race.

      1. Back to the Future, the BBC will air qualifying before it has happened.

      2. @glynh I would love to see a properly wet race. Not one that’s slightly damp at the start, not one with just a threat throughout the entire race, and not a race where it comes on the last lap.

        A race which is just exciting and the weather delivers.

        So bring on the sprinklers! (Looking back now, this was one of Bernie’s better ideas. That’s saying something.)

    2. yes @bradley13, looks like it might take them a while to get through the program. And I hope the full wets will help them more than the much praised Michelin tyres did for those sportscars shown!

    3. @bradley13 Monday morning (I hope I haven’t got school tests scheduled for that…..if that’s the case bring on Canada 2011…..)

  2. Bring it! There’s nothing better than wet/dry conditions to add a bit of unpredictability to a race

  3. Friday running may be sacrificed to save wet and intermediate tyres for the race, and conditions on Saturday could lead to lengthy red flags.

    Wet Friday runs are sacrified either to keep sets for the race or because no useful data can be gleaned……..

  4. This is incorrect. There are currently NO Flood Warnings for Austin. While flooding is possible, it is too early for any warnings to be issued. Here is the statement from the National Weather Service – http://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&product=SPS&issuedby=EWX

    1. Sorry I should have written Texas instead of Austin – have changed that now.

      1. Keith, the phrase “Warning” means weather is happening and the phrase “Watch” means weather could happen. We’ve had many Oct floods here in central Texas because of weather conditions like we’re going to see this weekend.

        Please, for the fans coming here for F1 weekend, watch the weather and don’t try to drive through what you might think is a safe low water crossing. We value your life and want you to come back so as they say around here, “Turn around, don’t drown”

  5. @keithcollantine I’m trying to make my predictions for the race but it won’t let me select Bernd Mayländer for the winner.

    1. He may not win, but could possibly be the one leading the most laps!

  6. If it’s a Wet race Williams are gassed.

  7. Here’s hoping for a bit of rain at some stage during the weekend (I’d prefer a wet race, but history shows that a wet qualifying can also mix up the grid order nicely). I think a good old fashioned wet race is just what F1 needs right now – two of the most maligned current features would be eliminated (DRS and short lifespan dry tyres) and I think a quick look at F1F’s ‘Rate the Race’ results shows that challenging weather frequently results in thrilling races.

  8. petebaldwin (@)
    22nd October 2015, 16:09

    Let me guess – rain all weekend except Sunday when it’s predicted to brighten up?

  9. Naturally this would be the forecast for the first time ever that I’m attending an F1 race in person. Not even sure what I should do now. Sounds like going to the track on Friday might be a complete waste of a day.

    1. My first race was Montreal 2011. I feel your pain.

    2. I’m in the same boat. Finally going to watch a race in person and there’s a tropical storm, figures.

  10. They’ll run behind the safety car for half the race at the first sign of water.

    1. @f1bobby I’m waiting for someone to pit for inters behind the safety car, unless this is not allowed, as Button did it by following the safety car into the pits in Japan 2014.

  11. I just hope it’s not so wet we just get a bunch of safety car running. I’m finally attending my first race, so I hope to see some racing. I was initially bummed that I’ll only be there on race day, but now it doesn’t look like I’ll miss much. Indeed if the weather is as bad as the forecast suggests we may end up like Suzuka 2010 with qualifying Sunday morning. I’ll be spraying a fresh coat of waterproofing on all my rain gear tonight.

    1. I hope you enjoy it despite the weather (or even due to the weather!) @us_peter

  12. the thought of rain makes me moist

  13. Wet races in f1 used to be great but now wet races consists of a safety car start followed by f1 cars following the safety car around for way too many laps. The Japanese gp last year was a joke 10+ laps following the safety car despite conditions being good enough for racing.

  14. I’m wondering whether me might have a cancelled qualifying. According to Weather.com, the rain will be at its worst from Saturday morning through to midday Sunday. If that is the case then I can’t see them squeezing it in before race time. Wonder how the grid would be set in that situation? Hopefully it’s practice times, so it gives the teams some incentive to do something on Friday…

  15. With this weather forecast for the GP, the Red Bull’s should be battling for the podium spots.

  16. There is chance for that it won’t be race…

  17. Mexico is also getting hammered by the rather huge Hurricane Patricia in a couple of days. Not hitting near Mexico D.F., it’s over on the west coast, but the rain as it moves inland might affect, say, road transport of F1 gear from Austin early next week.

  18. Just checked the latest weather forecasts for Austin at 10 till 12, that’s over period of FP1, 95% chance of heavy thunder storms.

    Drops to 80% for FP2 period.

    Rain for FP3 but back to thunderstorms for Qualifying.

    Should be either fun or no show.

  19. We haven’t had a wet race all season. What are the historical stats on this by the way?

    1. Silverstone was wet.

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