2015 United States Grand Prix Saturday in pictures

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Pictures from qualifying and final practice for the 2015 United States Grand Prix.

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5 comments on “2015 United States Grand Prix Saturday in pictures”

  1. I didn’t watch free practice, but those conditions look just as bad as qualifying from the naked eye.

    1. I didn’t see qualifying, but the pictures here look worse than it did on TV. It was just shallow enough to run at the start, then the cars going around helped keep it clear when the rain started coming down harder again. It was pretty borderline though, there were still plenty of moments where cars were snapping in fast corners.

  2. Best qualy ever.
    Guys from Sauber doing break dance.
    Red Bull giving free pies.
    Carlos Sainz Senior sitting on Junior’s Toro Rosso.
    And Mercedes not taking the pole. Yet. Lol.

  3. comment to the picture at the top of the article.
    kyvat and Ricciardo being told they are not using Renault engines next season.

    1. @kamikaze i was thinking “red bul drivers have started extensive leg exercise seeing as they will be pushing their car around next season”

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