Hamilton cleans up after Rosberg slips up

2015 United States Grand Prix summary

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Lewis Hamilton clinched the world championship in style after a late error by his team mate opened the door for him to win a scintillating United States Grand Prix.

Nico Rosberg was seemingly on his way to victory when he ran wide, letting Hamilton by. Sebastian Vettel finished on Rosberg’s tail in third place, meaning neither of Hamilton’s title rivals had done enough to keep the contest open until the next race.

Hamilton and Rosberg faced off at the start as Hamilton pounced on a slow start by his team mate to take the lead. He forced the number six Mercedes onto the run-off, dropping Rosberg to fifth behind the Red Bulls and Sergio Perez.

A chaotic race followed, including multiple Safety Car and Virtual Safety Car deployments. Daniel Ricciardo briefly took the lead at one stage but limped home tenth after an assault by Nico Hulkenberg left him with a wounded car.

Vettel climbed from 13th on the grid to take the final podium place, passing Max Verstappen at the final restart. The Toro Rosso driver came home fourth, equalling his best result of the season.

With just a dozen cars left running at the end, Jenson Button earned sixth place after being promoted by a five-second penalty for Carlos Sainz Jnr. Pastor Maldonado and Felipe Nasr also picked up points.

Alexander Rossi was classified 12th in his first home race behind Fernando Alonso’s ailing McLaren.

2015 United States Grand Prix

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4 comments on “Hamilton cleans up after Rosberg slips up”

  1. This is one of the best races we had this season so far, at one point we thought Lewis was finished, but this race shows yet again that it’s never finished unless you see the chequered flag and it seems to me that Nico once more that Nico can’t handle Lewis’s pressure, this is a déjà vu from Monza last year anyway.

  2. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
    25th October 2015, 23:03

    Cleans up… well. His race, alongside Nico’s was not so clean.
    They both were suffering with grip. The start… over aggressive again from Hamilton to Rosberg. Then both were having some mistakes. But when the track gets dry the car (The Mercedes car) makes up for their drivers’ mistakes. Today I was impressed by Sainz, Max, Sebastian, even Button. But these 2 guys were not up to their respective 1-2 WDC standings.
    At least Hamilton has won many races in the past having to battle. But today Nico was just awful to see, yet his car lets him get 2nd place.

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      25th October 2015, 23:13

      Agree @omarr-pepper Saint, Vettel, Verstappen, and Button were the best racers today (and Kvyat on the wet track).

      Have to think about DOTW, probably Button or Saint (just need to see how much I’ll deduct for his quali crash).

    2. Hamilton obviously didn’t get the setup right. He had even less laps than most since the team told him he should go out in P2 and then P2 was cancelled.

      Yet he kept fighting and still won the race. That’s the difference.

      BTW I guess you forgot how Vettel was spinning around like a ballerina when the track was a little wet. A lot of driver spun, but 3 times in a single lap?

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